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Poems About Growing Up (Bring Back Good Memories)

– Poems About Growing Up –

Being an adult is challenging. A youngster has a plethora of difficulties during their whole lifespan. Here are poems about growing up to guide them through their growth.

Poems About Growing Up

As they develop, children must contend with many physical, emotional, and psychological changes.

A handbook for growing up doesn’t exist. Children in western culture are offered so many alternatives that they frequently feel lost and bewildered.

Poems About Growing Up

If we don’t give our kids advice, we aren’t doing them any favors. Parents are there to guide their kids through this complex environment.

Let’s not put off doing our jobs.

Can I Carry You? by Brad Anderson

In this heartwarming poetry, a father enjoys his time with his child while realizing how soon he will grow up and go.

I guess that I can hold you
one more time before you grow
and tell you that I love you
so that you will always know.

Please let me tie your shoe again.
One day you’ll tie your own.
And when you think back to this time,
I hope it’s love I’ve shown.

Can I help you put your coat on?
Can I please cut up your meat?
Can I pull you in the wagon?
Can I pick you out a treat?

One day you might just care for me,
So let me care for you.
I want to be a part
of every little thing you do.

Tonight could I please wash your hair?
Can I put toys in the bath?
Can I help you count your small ten toes?
before I teach you math?


Before you join a baseball team
Can I pitch you one more ball?
And one more time can I stand near
to make sure you don’t fall?

Let’s take another space-ship ride
Up to the Planet Zoor.
Before our Cardboard Rocket
doesn’t fit us anymore.

Please let me help you up the hill
while you’re still too small to climb.
And let me read you stories
while you’re young and have the time.

I know the day will come
when you will do these things alone.
Will you recall the shoulder rides
and all the balls we’ve thrown?

I want you to grow stronger
than your Dad could ever be.
And when you find success,
There will be no soul more proud than me.

So will you let me carry you?
One day you’ll walk alone.
I cannot bear to miss one day
from now until you’ve grown.

I Remember by Abundance Nwosu

Poems About Growing Up

Everyone’s childhood is a significant time in their lives. It’s at this time that we begin to grow, pick up new skills, and learn more about the world we live in.

We begin to dream about the future and consider all the opportunities available to us. I created this poem because I thought it was crucial to emphasize the positive aspects of childhood.

Although not every word is exactly as it happened, I would never want to forget my childhood since it will always be ingrained in my memory.

I remember-
of days so long in the past
when I wished I would grow up so fast.

I remember-
endless races we had to school.
Coming first ensured you were cool.

I remember-
the sudden hot summer’s rain,
dancing ’round and ’round again.

I remember-
playing in the luscious grass
with all my friends in my class.

I remember-
the spooky monsters under my bed;
Mum and Dad said it was all in my head.

I remember-
When I grew to be as old as ten,
My dad made me a tree-house as my den.

I remember-
hide-and-seek was the best game,
But as we grew up it became so lame.

I remember-
Haribos were as good as gold.
I will have as many as I want when I am old.

I remember-
when I wanted to be a king
with a large throne and a diamond ring.

I remember-
my first camping trip
or my first time on a ship.

I remember-
when I broke my wrist
All the fun is what I missed.

I remember-
Mr. Cuddles, my first teddy bear.
I loved him so much and took him everywhere.

Now that I am grey and old,
My childhood memories I have told.


Suddenly with the Blink of an Eye by Kathy J. Parenteau

Poems About Growing Up

“Several years ago, when my eldest kid started school for the first time, I penned this poem. Now 29 years old, he has made me incredibly proud of his life’s accomplishments.

Having children is a gift from God. The time passes by so quickly, so cherish every minute!”

The sun was brilliantly shining.
It was a picture of a day,
when I stared outside my window
and watched my son at play.
Funny how quickly time passes.

Suddenly with a blink of an eye,
My little boy is all grown up.
There’s no more need for lullabies.

I remember when he was an infant
How I wished that he’d turn one,
for my sleepless nights were endless
and my chores were never done.

At two, I wished that he’d turn three
so I could put the diapers away.
I never dreamed that by wishing
He’d be all grown up today.

This is the year he goes to school.
How I wish he were a baby once more.
Maybe I’d learn to let little things go
like dust on the furniture or dirt on the floor.

Oh, how I’d treasure each moment
If given a second chance,
But life just isn’t that simple,
And this is a wish that no one can grant.


Why is it we never learn before the
clock ticks away the time
to celebrate each new day
in our hearts and in our minds,
Instead of looking back and asking ourselves why,
Our children are all grown up
suddenly with the blink of an eye.

Golden Days by Olivia

“I was just missing my childhood days, so this was the outcome!”

Those were the days…

When I used to get up late,
Never cared about the day and date.
All I ever did was play
With building blocks and molding clay.
Now I keep stumbling to find a way
To bring back my childhood days.

Used to write the alphabet
With white chalks on a slate,
Waved a silly goodbye every day
To the dog roaming in front of my gate.
Now I keep stumbling to find a way
To bring back my childhood days.

Near the corner of the park, at the end,
We fought tiny wars with our friends,
Were so carefree, never had to pretend,
Had all the food in lunches our mothers would send.
Now I keep stumbling to find a way
To bring back my childhood days.

Though it’s impossible, I’d like to try
To press a button and go back in time.
Far from the business of loss and gain,
Away from the feelings of grief and pain,
To be that naughty girl once again,
To live that good life once again.

We hope this poems escorts your child in his/her growth. Do well to share this with your parent community and with your children.

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