Nayyirah Waheed Poems

Nayyirah Waheed Poems (A Collection of Love Poems)

Nayyirah Waheed poems are now taught in colleges and classrooms all around the world. For a writer who pours their heart into their writing in an effort to connect with readers, there is nothing greater than that.

Nayyirah Waheed Poems

Nayyirah Waheed Poems

African-American poet and author Nayyirah Waheed have two books that have been released. She values her privacy, therefore little about her personal life is known outside of what may be seen in her poetry.

Her poetry deals with problems of feminism, love, passion, and race and identity. The reader is prompted to consider the depth of her meaning by the author’s concise language, use of punctuation, and usage of lowercase characters. Through its beauty, suffering, and spirit, it enthralls every reader.

Ten Nayyirah Waheed poems have been collected here, and each of them contributes in some manner to the phenomena of self-love.

1. Fresh

There are

feelings you haven’t felt yet.

give them time.

they are almost here.

2. Heal

In our own ways we break.

it is okay to hold your heart outside your body for days.

months. years. at a time.

3. Name

You are a story.

do not become a word.

one word.

because you want to be loved.

love does not ask you to be nothing for something.

4. What does love look like

She asked,

‘you are in love what does it look like’

to which i replied

‘like everything i’ve ever lost come back to me.’

5. I look for you

I look for you in the middle of the light.

in the west of the day.

in the warm memory of the water.


6. Home

There is you and you.

this is a relationship.

this is the most important relationship.

7. Lighthouse

I am your friend.

a soul for soul.

a place for your life.

home. know this.

sun or water.

here or away.

we are a lighthouse.

we leave and we stay.

8. When we choose fear

I lied.

i told you i was not afraid to love you.

then i walked away. and i loved you.

– i have spent my whole life alone. loving you.

9. The work

Your soul stained my shoulders.

my whole life smells like you.

this will take time.

undoing you from my blood.

10. This is how you know

Some people when they hear you story.


others upon hearing your story.


and that is how you know.


Similar Short Love Poems

1. When I say I love you, please believe that it’s true,

When you hear my heart beat, know that it’s just for you.

When I say we’re forever, please know there will never be,

Another person in this world who worships you like me

2. You stare at me like I’m the only girl on Earth,

You make me feel important and show me my true worth.

You’re always there for me, you never let me down,

You make me feel like a princess wearing a golden crown.

You’ve shown me how to live, how to smile, how to play,

And forever I will love you, each and every single day.

3. Sitting on my porch, looking up at the sky,

I gaze at the stars shining bright like your eyes.

How I wish you were close and next to me here,

You’d wrap your arms around me and pull me so near.

I would feel your heart beating deep into my chest,

And sinking in your arms, my soul could finally have a rest.

4. I love the way you make me feel, like there is a reason that I am here,

You mean so much to me, you’re the reason behind everything I do,

I close my eyes now and remember our first kiss,

And my heart skips a beat, and a shiver goes down my spine,

The way you held me so close, your hands tightly on my back,

I can’t help but smile and remember your embrace,

Each time I close my eyes I see your gorgeous face.

5. When I close my eyes, all I can see is you dear,

Lying on my bed, your face becomes so very clear.

I hold my pillow tight wishing that it’s you,

I imagine we’re together, only us two.

I’m waiting and longing just to be with your wife,

And I will love you forever, because you are my life.


6. My heart was wounded as if stabbed with a knife,

But it healed and became whole when you came into my life.

When you are with me I can let my light shine,

Being near you I know that all will be fine.

Your eyes are so bright they can light up the sky,

Your love gives me wings, you’ve taught me to fly.

Before you my life was so dark and so grey,

But you brought the sunshine to brighten my day.

All pain and struggle slides out of my world,

And all is so perfect because I’m your girl.

7. The wind whispers of passion,

A red rose breathes of true love,

Flying on the wings of a falcon,

As pure white as a dove,

Dew drops sparkle on the grass,

And fade away at the tips,

I reach down in paradise,

And kiss your sweet lips.

8. Please tell me you love me,

Please let me know that it’s true,

That all of my lifetime,

I will be here with you.

9. I tried to write cute love poems just for you,

I also tried writing funny love poems too.

But in the end the only thing I could create,

Was this simple short love poem, but isn’t it great?

10. You came to my life and the sun began to shine,

I was so giddy and happy to know that you’re mine.

I still can’t believe that you choose to be here,

I still have goosebumps every time you draw near.

You tickle my soul and make my heart race,

Forever and always I will picture your face.

This message I’m sending is only for you,

And now I hope you know my love is so true.

11. I was so very young the first time we met,

I was not able to realize your beauty just yet.

But then I got older and began to feel things,

It was as if you had learned how to pluck my heart strings.

And I’d giggle and try to make you look at me,

Because something in your eyes made me feel so free.

Then one day it happened a moment so fine,

We realized that I’m yours and that you are mine.

And now I look back and know that it’s true,

That from the beginning, I was meant only for you.

Nayyirah Waheed’s followers are the only ones who are aware of how exquisitely and wonderfully she has been able to weave words together; the rest of the world is unaware of anything about her appearance or personality.

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