Loss of a Brother Poem

Loss of a Brother Poem (a Collection Grievance Poems)

Mourning the death of a brother through a loss of a brother poem allows you to express your emotions. Sibling love is unique, and only meaningful lyrics can adequately describe it.

Loss of a Brother Poem

Loss of a Brother Poem

It is very acceptable to use poetry about a brother’s death at funerals, memorial programs, tombstones, or family pictures.

Mourning a brother’s death via poetry might help you comprehend and articulate your own thoughts. Sibling connections with a brother are unique and deserving of thoughtful poetry.

On a funeral program, memorial service program, gravestone, or family memento photo, include a poem about a brother’s death. Choose the poem that best expresses your feelings on the death of your own brother.

1. My Big Brother by Michele Meleen

My big brother you were:
always taller,
always faster,
always braver,
than me.

My big brother when you died:
you loved me,
you left me,
you hurt me.

My big brother now you are:
still braver,
still loving,
still gone.


2. Missing My Little Brother by Michele Meleen

I was supposed to protect him,
to show him this life,
to love him and tease him,
cause and take away strife.

But my baby brother is gone,
now I need him to help me,
because I’m missing my little brother
and need him to set me free.

3. For My Brother, From Your Sister by Michele Meleen

For My Brother,
I will fight through my tears
and tear down my sadness.
I won’t let them stall out my life.

I will fight through my fears
and knock out my anger.
I won’t let them ruin my life.

I will recall our years
and remember you with joy.
I’ll let your death be a part of my life.
Your Sister

4. A Tribute to My Brother on His Death Anniversary by Michele Meleen

Born to be my companion,
Remember my brother today.
On this day he died,
Taking pieces of us too.
His spirit remaining steadfast.
Every year on this day,
Remember my brother’s life.

5. A Message for the Loss of a Brother by Michele Meleen

If you are reading this,
you know.
The empty hole,
the sleepless nights,
the sad holidays.
The missing jokes
the empty place,
the broken family.
If you are reading this,
you know.
How it feels to lose a brother.
If you are reading this,
you know.
This message is for you.
You’ll never be an only child
even if you stand alone.
Your brother is yours
no matter where he roams.

Loss of a Brother Poem

6. Still Looking Up to My Brother by Michele Meleen

When I was little
I looked up to my brother
because he was big and strong.
Today I look up
to my brother
in Heaven where he belongs.


7. My Brother Keeps Looking Out for Me by Michele Meleen

Each day as I cry,
the tears dry up.
I know it’s my brother
looking out for me.

Each day as I mourn,
something makes me smile.
I know it’s my brother
looking out for me.

Each day as I live,
it starts to feel good.
I know it’s my brother
looking out for me.

8. Your Spirit by Tram-Tiara T. Von Reichenbach

I know that no matter what

You will always be with me.

When life separates us

I’ll know it is only your soul

Saying goodbye to your body

But your spirit will be with me always.

When I see a bird chirping on a nearby branch

I will know it is you singing to me.

When a butterfly brushes gently by me so care freely

I will know it is you assuring me you are free from pain.

When the gentle fragrance of a flower catches my attention

I will know it is you reminding me

To appreciate the simple things in life.

When the sun shining through my window awakens me

I will feel the warmth of your love.

When I hear the rain pitter patter against my window sill

I will hear your words of wisdom

And will remember what you taught me so well’

That without rain trees cannot grow

Without rain flowers cannot bloom

Without life’s challenges I cannot grow strong.

When I look out to the sea

I will think of your endless love for your family.

When I think of mountains, their majesty and magnificence

I will think of your courage for your country.

No matter where I am

Your spirit will be beside me

For I know that no matter what

You will always be with me.

9. Death Death by Ndii Musavhii

Dear death why are you so heartless
Why can’t you just like your little brother
Why do you leave hearts broken?
Why do enjoy tears?

Why do Lough while we Cray?,
Why do you kidnapped parents?
Why do you kidnapped our brothers?

Why do you kidnapped our sisters?,
Why do you take them as if you bring them back?
You take them like you at shopping’

You take them like you picking stones
Where ever you enter they is sadness
What hurts me most is that,
even you have left your they still sadness

From Cape to Rio we are afraid of you
Even on your absence we all way afraid,
You never predictedable

You only confirmable
You just come unexpected,
I even doubt if you not related to suprise
Because you looking alike,
I doubt it sleep is your brother

Because you all different
He brings happiness to us
And you bring sadness to us,
I hope you don’t visit us this night
Because you not good at all.


10. Dear Brother Death by Luru

Dear Brother Death,
I see you standing there,
Against that moss covered tree,
Holding the sword of Dread.

What have I done,
To deserve this sentence,
To drift among those souls,
Collected by that sword?

Is it the killing,
With all its blood shed,
Or the beatings,
That came to those that deserved?

I see tears staining your cloak,
Why do you weep,
Is it from the sadness in the air,
Or the fact that nothing shall change this fate?

Dear Brother Death,
Please don’t start this fight,
For you wont walk away from it,
And the souls will find their way to earth.

I love you so,
Yet that wont stay my hand,
If this comes to blows,
For I wish to survive.

Dear Brother Death,
Does this warning bring fear,
Or caution to you,
Maybe second thoughts?

You don’t want to die,
For it is your job to guide,
And have seen what awaits,
For us on the other side.

Dear Brother Death,
I see my warning,
Has fallen on deaf ears,
For here you come.

Sword raised high,
Wings spread wide,
War-cry in the air,
Not a trace of fear.

Yet I still see,
Tears in your eyes,
From what,
I do not know.

Dear Brother Death,
I am sorry to be,
The one that ends you,
For you are dear to me.

Dear Sister Life,
Forgive me this day,
For I must kill,
Our Brother of Death.

My curse laid bare,
Death’s blood in the air,
Scream on my lips,
As the battle ends.

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