the measure of a man poem

The Measure of a Man’s Poem (a Compilation of Poems)

As a result, the famous poem “the measure of a man’s poem” reflects a significant and pervasive error in the collective consciousness. Man is either a divine or a noble being. It is not our place to assess, evaluate, or pass judgment on divine or noble beings.

The Measure of a Man's Poem

The Measure of a Man’s Poem

That mistake has been with us for a long time. Are we just now recognizing it? Perhaps it is time to stop measuring man’s performance and instead value him for who he is.

Perhaps it’s time to recognize the double standard that (until we reclaim our minds from our birth culture) makes us feel justified in judging men but not women, entitled to demand performance from men while appreciating women for their state of being.

This unacknowledged double standard of consciousness, appreciating one for being while judging another despite efforts to perform, has had a huge impact on humanity.

Below is a collection of the measure of a man’s poem. Keep reading as it promises to be enlightening.

1. The Measure of a Man by Grady Poulard

The measure of a man is not determined
By his show of outward strength
Or the volume of his voice
Or the thunder of his actions
Or of his intellect or academic abilities

It is seen rather in terms of the love that he has
For his family and for everyone
The strength of his commitments
The genuineness of his friendships
The sincerity of his purpose
The quiet courage of his convictions

The fun, laughter,
joy and happiness he gives to his
family and to others

His love of life
His patience and his honesty
And his contentment with what he has


2. The Measure of a Man Poem by Traquita Thomas

What is the measure of a man?

Is it strength?


Or fearlessness?

The ability to lead others down the right path?

The ability to inspire the seed of greatness in those who need encouragement?

If the aforementioned are measuring tools,

Then many live life as men.

Do you wear your love for God like shining armor?

Is the love of God resting upon and guiding you?

No one can question your strength, intelligence or leadership.

There are plaques, and championships to prove the ability to lead.

Measuring sticks the world uses to define a man.

What can’t be measured is the soul of a man.

A man’s soul is the inward interpretation of his outer shell.

May your soul catch fire.

The flames of decency, honor and integrity burning bright.

Bright enough to light the way

For hundreds of young men in the dark.

Bright enough to bring honor

To a world forever changed by your presence.

Bright enough to heat the souls of younger men you leave behind.

The true measure of a man is the legacy he leaves.

Be you husband, father, brother or friend,

Leave your torch burning brightly,

And we will never allow the flame to die.

As we are all warmed by the fire of a true Man.


3. The Measure of a Man 

The Measure of a Man's Poem

The measure of a man is meticulously defined.
A tapestry crafted and skillfully designed.
Each action a layer that builds on the last.
Carefully constructing and weaving his past.

Conviction of spirit and honesty combine,
where integrity, truth, and honor entwine.
Compassion for others, not afraid to console,
with passion and drive to stretch for the goal.

God’s in the center of decisions he makes,
seeking counsel for every direction he takes.
His principles strong, with no compromise.
No hidden agendas, masquerades, or disguise.

A firm guiding hand at the opportune time.
A shoulder to cry on, a poetic rhyme.
With loyalty and trust, ambition, and pride,
He stands on his faith, committed to his bride.

The same around others as he is all alone.
He prospers in the Word as his soul has grown.
He courageously stands when most simply ran.
These are the qualities that measure a man.


4. The Measure of a Man

How do you know the measure of a man?
Is it through the life he leads?
Is it through his path of integrity,
That he never would concede?

Do you know the measure of a man
When he stares into your eyes?
When his love and kindness fills you
And his spirit you can’t disguise.

Can you see the measure of a man?
Who smiles throughout his pain.
Who always embraced the sunshine
And laughed through all the rain.

I have seen the measure of a man
Whose family hold him dear,
Who’s strength was inspirational
And intent always sincere.

I have known the measure of a man.
One who touched your heart,
Who the angels softly spoke to and who
From us now must part.

Remember that the measure of this
Man shall never fade or be lost
And the love he brought into our
Lives will never be forgot.

Softly we will speak of him
To chase pain away
And the love we share between us
Will unite us again someday.

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