Poems to Cheer Her Up
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Poems to Cheer Her Up – 10 Poems to Uplift the Spirit During Down Times

There are poems to cheer her up and uplift her during down times. Stop trying to talk her out of it especially if it isn’t working.

Sometimes we just really need a few supportive, optimistic, or comforting words that say it’s all going to be all right.

Often to understand their suffering, individuals only need others. If they realize that someone listens or takes the time to listen to them then that’s always at least half the treatment.

Let’s check out some poems that can lift her spirit.

1. Title: “Your Twilight Years”

As you approach the twilight of your years,
Nurture an active mind, cast aside fears.
Let go of resentments, bid regrets farewell,
A future unburdened, a serene story to tell.

Avoid dwelling on life’s minor annoyances,
Seek the positives, embrace the advances.
Stand firm for beliefs that your heart holds,
Sidestep pettiness, let harmony unfold.

Remember, this life is yours to live,
Resist the urge to others’ paths to give.
Embrace the joy in serving others’ needs,
For blessings multiply in kindhearted deeds.

Banish needless worry, release the strife,
Avoid entanglements that steal your life.
Take your time, no need for undue haste,
Find solace in rocking chairs, a calming embrace.

Your Twilight Years - Poems to cheer her up

2. Title: “My Special Friend”

God blessed me one sunny day.
He sent me an angel from so far away
To love and help me though all my woes,
To guide and stand by me when I face my foes.

Then one day God called her back
I missed my angel, so I followed her tracks.
Now in heaven all safe and sound,
I see my angel flying around.

Now it’s my turn to do a good deed.
I’m sent back to earth to help people in need,
So when life’s lessons are getting you down,
Don’t sit there sulking and wearing a frown.

Sit back and reflect all the good times you’ve seen,
Like weddings, birthdays and places you’ve been.
Think yourselves lucky because we are still here
To hold the memories of loved ones so dear.

My Special Friend - Poems to Cheer Her Up

3. Title: “Treat Yourself”

I extend an invitation to let loose,
To laugh until your sides feel the boost.
Play with the abandon of a child,
Let raindrops quench your spirit, run wild.

Ignite a fire with wood’s simple grace,
Or mold castles in the sandy space.
Pluck berries that tantalize your taste,
Explore the nearby land with eager haste.

Wade in the creek, bare feet in the flow,
Chasing fish that swiftly go.
Track imaginary monsters in the summer heat,
Defeat them in your own brave feat.

Watch clouds billow, drift on high,
Sailing away across the sky.
Indulge in a delightful ice cream pie,
Make today brim with joy, oh my!

Treat Yourself - Poems to Cheer Her Up

4. Title: “Smile”

In the realm of trials and suffering,
Recall the times of youth’s soft wing.
Swinging high, so carefree,
Playing with balls, pure jubilee.

Let smiles blossom from within,
Don’t let sorrow linger, begin.
No need for tears, let them go,
Embrace the joy from long ago.

Remember the laughter of a child,
In your heart, let it run wild.
For a moment, cast away the guile,
Find solace in a fleeting smile.

In the tapestry of memory’s file,
Chase away the shadows, beguile.
No need to weep, even for a mile,
Just smile, for a while.

Smile - Poems to Cheer Her Up

5. Title: “It’s True”

Sometimes we’re lonely,
sometimes we’re down,
Our feelings are obvious,
they’re right in our frown.

We don’t want to talk,
or sit and explain,
Nobody would like it,
if they felt the same pain.

But just remember that you’re
intelligent and kind,
A person like you,
is so hard to find.

Please remember,
I’m right here for you,
I care for you dearly,
forever it’s true.

It’s True - Poems to Cheer Her Up

6. Title: “We Will Win”

My head throbs, whispers deceit,
So, I seek solace in the sky’s vast seat.
What I behold, you and I,
Enduring beyond the last goodbye.

Believing alone won’t suffice,
Against the notion, we both entice.
Challenges assail, attempt to disperse,
But we defy, won’t ride in a hearse.

In the battle, they may strive,
Yet victory is ours, as we survive.
For our kin, I’ll fiercely defend,
Baby girl, with you, love won’t end.

In the vastness of you and I,
Beyond the horizon, we soar high.
Boundless love, an embrace from above,
No words compare, it’s pure, true love.

We Will Win - Poems to Cheer Her Up

7. Title: “Girlfriend”

In the tapestry of life’s discourse,
You’re my vital, driving force.
A dynamo along my course,
Destiny’s mate, with unwavering force.

In the dance of ions, a cosmic sign,
Temperature rises in a radiant line.
Acidic cries, my condition weeps,
Yet pressure dissolves, tranquility seeps.

You’re the rhythm in my life’s song,
Guiding me where I belong.
With every beat, you resonate,
An essential force, my destined mate.

As atoms intertwine, a dance complete,
Our connection strong, love’s heartbeat.
In the symphony of life, a harmonious feat,
With you, my love, my journey’s sweet.

Girlfriend - Poems to Cheer Her Up

8. Title: “Thank You, Friend”

Thank you, friend, for all the things
That mean so much to me
For concern and understanding
You give abundantly.

Thanks for listening with your heart;
For cheering me when I’m blue;
For bringing out the best in me;
And just for being you.

Thanks for in-depth conversation
That stimulates my brain;
For silly times we laugh out loud;
For things I can’t explain.

For looking past my flaws and faults;
For all the time you spend;
For all the kind things that you do,
Thank you; thank you, friend.

Thank You, Friend - Poem to Cheer Her Up

9. Title: “My Everything Friend”

In moments of pure joy, you shine so bright,
Magnifying my happiness with your light;
When gladness fills my heart, you’re by my side,
A beacon of joy, in you, I confide.

Through the shadows, you extend your hand,
Healing my heart, like a comforting strand;
In moments of sadness, you’re my soothing balm,
A true friend’s touch, a gentle, healing psalm.

A pleasure woven into the fabric of my days,
In your friendship’s warmth, my spirit sways;
Meaningful connections, so rare and true,
You’re a treasure, a joy, forever in view.

Reflecting on the bond that binds us tight,
Your friendship’s value, a guiding light;
In the tapestry of life, you’re a vibrant part,
A total joy to me, a masterpiece of heart.

My Everything Friend - Poems to Cheer Her Up

10. Title: “A Friend I Can Count On

When troubles come a callin’
As those gremlins often do,
And my spirit keeps on fallin’
Till I feel low down and blue…

When I look around for comfort,
Someone quickly jumps to mind,
One who always will support me,
And whose words are always kind.

Who will make my mood feel lighter,
Who’ll help beat my troubles back,
He/She makes the sun shine brighter
And gets my spirit back on track.

Who helps the road seem straighter,
And helps me get around each bend,
Who makes each day seem greater,
And that someone is you, my friend.

A Friend I Can Count On - Poems to Cheer Her Up

So if you mix an uplifting poem like the one above and take the time to listen to the person who feels down, it’s certainly going to help a lot. Just try it.

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