Don't Cry for Me Poem

Fire Walk with Me Poem (Sad After Life Poems)

The fire walk with me poem; Life’s biggest mystery is death. The most significant issue facing humanity is what happens to our spirit after it departs from our body.

Fire Walk with Me Poem (Fire Walk With Me Poem)

What happens next is a question that plagues the entire world. We are shocked with loss when a friend or family member passes away.

If You See My Mom in Heaven

If you see my mom in heaven,
She won’t be hard to find.
She’s God’s masterpiece of
She’s unique and one of a kind.

She’ll be the one with the prettiest
Her angel wings she wears with pride,
And as she reaches out to greet you,
You’ll see the twinkle in her eyes.

She’ll be digging in God’s flower beds,
Gathering flowers as she goes.
She’ll pick a single flower bouquet:
The beauty of God’s red rose.

She’ll be playing with the smallest angels,
Singing joyful games upon her knee,
Or maybe writing words of wisdom,
Or reciting a poem or three.

She’s with her mom and dad now,
Embracing them lovingly or
Visiting with her long-lost friends,
Chatting so happily.

She’ll be God’s strongest angel.
No more burdens will she bear.
She’ll stroll about with strength and grace,
Kneeling with God in prayer.

So if you see my mom in heaven,
Will you take care of her for me?
Place a kiss upon her cheek,
And hug her just for me.

You see, she was my special mom,
The truest friend she was to me.
She taught me all about our God
And the love he had for me.

She’s my royal queen of mothers.
She’ll wear her very own crown.
She’ll sit and share God’s golden
Throne in God’s beautiful
Heavenly home.

By, Jac Judy A. Campbell


Fire Walk with Me Poem (Sad After Life Poems)

To Our Ellis (Fire Walk With Me Poem)

How does a loving mother explain

Heaven to her dying child?

Please give me the words, O Lord, and

let me say them with a smile…

There is a place called heaven, Son,

beyond the skies above,

It is the place where GOD is watching,

His heart so full of love.

He watches all His children, Son,

He watches you and me,

He wants to know we love Him, and

hopes that we will be…

Always strong and healthy, always

kind and free!

But sometimes things do happen, Son,

and sickness takes a hold,

It might be something serious, it

might be just a cold.

GOD sends His special angels,

to watch over us and pray,

And by our side they linger, they

are never far away.

They lift us up on angels’ wings when

we are all too weak,

And, oh!, they pray so softly, Son,

with gentle whispers do they speak.

So, have no fear, my darling, should

GOD come to take you home,

For it is up there in that heaven,

Son, where you will run and laugh

and roam!

You will hear that angel choir rejoice

in praises to the LORD,

And my darling precious child, you

never will be sick again…

No, never, anymore!!

But, most of all, you will meet the

King, our Saviour, your Best Friend,

oh my!,

If I could see him take your hand, I

know that I would cry!!

You have fought so long, you gave your

all. GOD says it’s time to rest,

We will always love and miss you, Ellis,

but GOD…He knows what’s best!

By, Pamela A. Snow


Fire Walk with Me Poem (Sad After Life Poems)

Life Beyond (Fire Walk With Me Poem)

Warmth upon my face as I enter the land of God’s good grace,
Friends and loved ones gone before, waiting here beyond the door.
With open arms they welcome me, amazement in my eyes they see.
They look so well and at their best, beauty beholds them now they rest.

I walk across the grass so green, the greenest grass I’ve ever seen,
I jump and skip and bounce on air, it’s almost like there’s nothing there.
A sky of blue, not a cloud in sight, perpetual day no darkest night.
Every flower is in full bloom, undefined colours of every hue.

The streams and rivers crystal clear, no rubbish or decay found here.
The sea is calm and turquoise blue, I long to test it, wouldn’t you?
The softest sand beneath my feet, at the water’s edge where they both meet.
The warmest waters gently flow, bathing me from head to toe.

A city built of alabaster walls, where translucent light illuminates the halls.
Theatres of music and concerts too, magnificent galleries for all to view.
Amazing sights for me to see, I just wander in, there’s no entrance fee.
Libraries stacked with books galore, history, science and many more.

The celestial sun does forever shine, it’s a perfect temperature all the time.
Orchards here overflow with fruit, a taste in itself that is quite exquisite.
I’m told it will help my soul to restore, pick what I like, there is plenty more.
This ethereal plain is a pure delight, it’s my new home, my God given right.

There is nothing here to cause me fear, the Lord protects within his sphere.
An infinity of perfect peace, from the toils of earth I am now released.
I have landed on a higher realm, in perfect harmony to forever dwell.
So believe when I tell you my dear friends, you cannot die, life never ends.

By, Susan C Walkinshaw-Kelly


Don’t Cry For Me (Fire Walk With Me Poem)

Don’t cry for me.
I will be okay.
Heaven is my home now,
and this is where I’ll stay.

Don’t cry for me.
I’m where I belong.
I want you to be happy
and try to stay strong.

Don’t cry for me.
It was just my time,
but I will see you someday
on the other side.

Don’t cry for me.
I am not alone.
The angels are with me
to welcome me home.

Don’t cry for me,
for I have no fear.
All my pain is gone,
and Jesus took my tears.

Don’t cry for me.
This is not the end.
I’ll be waiting here for you
when we meet again.

By, Deborah Garcia Gaitan

Poems like these ones should be read in a really subtle and solemn manner to enable the reader assume total spiritual dispositions to connect with this very collection of fire walk with me poem .

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