A Mothers Love Poem

Mothers Day Poem for Kids (Lovely Poems for Mothers)

There is no other relationship like the one a mother has with her child. The majority of early care is frequently given to children by their mothers. mothers day poem for kids

Mother’s Day Poem for Lovely Mums

Children can share these heartfelt Mother’s Day poems with their mothers on Mother’s Day to thank them for everything they do.

My Mother (Mothers Day Poem for Kids)

All through my life my Mother was there

All sorts of burdens and worries she happily bared

On my first step she was there to catch me

Or when I fell and hurt my poor knee

Then came school and all the fears that abound

My mother was there she was always around

So often I tried her patience to the end

My Mother was always my very best friend

No question too tough or price too high

My mother was there when I had my first cry

Then came that heartache tears how they flew

My mother just told me you’ll find someone knew

I could be in sports or playing in band

My Mother was always my biggest fan

Mother what I’m saying is through all these years

You’ve always been there through my happiness and tears

From a small boy who has grown to a man

My Mother is the reason I am who I am.

By, James B. Williams


To Mom

I’ve always counted on you to be there for me and you always were.
I’ve counted on you to tell me right from wrong when I wasn’t sure.

I would come to you when I thought I didn’t have a friend in this world.
I guess if I were an oyster you would be my shining pearl.

Whenever I was hurting I could always count on you to ease my pain.
I’ve came to you with so many problems, yet you’ve never complain.

I know times have changed and we talk less and less each day.
But though our mouths don’t speak, our hearts have much to say
I’ve come to you with broken heart, bad dreams and all.
And you made realize that you will always be there to catch me if I fall.

I’m so glad to have you in my life when things go wrong
Because I know when I talk to you that my problem will not last long.

You’ve been a mother to me as well as my best friend throughout the years.
When I had nightmares, you were there beside me to chase away my fears.

When I was sick, you were always there next to my bedside.
You gave me strength to hold on when I thought I was going to die.

I guess I never realized how much having you in my life really meant.
Out of all the moms I could have had, I’m glad it was you who God sent.

By, Alex N. Mayse


mothers day poem for kids

Through The Eyes of a Child (Mothers Day Poem for Kids)

I step out of my door

holding my mom’s hand.

I look straight into her eyes

They look like toasted sand.

To me she’s the most beautiful

person in the world

Her soft golden brown hair

bounces with many curls.

We sit on the step and she

points to the sky.

I look and see many stars shinning

and I ask her why.

She looks down at me

with a soft smile on her face.

With a big grin I crawl onto her lap

I’m so happy, she can feel my heart race.

I put my arms around her

and give her a tight squeeze

She says I love your soft hugs

May I have another one, please?

So I hug her again, kissing

her cheek softly.

Her eyes light up, as if

they’re smiling at me.

I look up and point to the big

white circle in the sky.

She says it’s the moon and

it’s shining beautifully tonight.

With a frown I look into those

all knowing eyes and ask her why?

She softly smiles down at me and

my heart feels as if it can fly.

I sit and think to myself

that she knows everything.

She looks at me and says that

I make her heart just sing.

I look up and say mommy

you’re so beautiful to me.

She smiles and says I wish

everyone could look through your eyes

and see.

By, Debra L. Woodson


I Wish (Mothers Day Poem for Kids)

I wish you were here with me

I wish you were here every day,

To hug me, to ask me if I’m doing okay.

I wish you were here when I got my first doll

So you could join us at the Town Square Ball.

I wish you were here when I played dress up

So I could get into tons of trouble with your make up.

I wish you were here to see me through high school.

Then maybe you would know that I am not a fool.

I know it’s okay that you are not here with me,

Because everywhere I go, there God will be.

It’s okay not to have a mother.

Every day I still go a little further.

One day I will have my own little girl.

We will laugh, dance, run, and twirl.

Into the evening we will drink lemonade on the porch swing.

I will teach her how to be a mother

Because one day she will have her own daughter.

I wish you were here with me

Watching, so you could see what a good mother I will be.

By, Reba N. Mills

Hope you enjoyed reading beautiful mothers day poem for kids who appreciate what their mothers have done for them over the years. This collection of poem will make you feel great empathy for mothers.

You can read these poem aloud to your mother during her birthday or mother’s day celebration and some a great amount of smile on her face.

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