Poems about Losing Grandparents

Poems about Losing Grandparents – 9 Emotional, and Consoling Poems

Grandmothers are famous for their hearty meals and fresh-baked cookies, their abundant hugs and kisses, and their insistent desire to spoil their grandchildren.

Times spent at grandma’s house are often marked by love, laughter, and contentment. Grandmothers are often responsible for bringing the whole family together.

However, since grandmothers are such a source of joy for their grandchildren, they are always sorely missed when they pass away.

That is why many grandchildren find peace and solace after the loss of their grandparents by expressing their feelings through the instrumentality of emotional poetry.

1. Title: “Our Grandfather Kept a Garden

In the fertile soil of our hearts,
He sowed the seeds of goodness,
Nurturing the beginnings of our lives.
Guiding us towards the warmth of sunshine,

He inspired us to envision and believe,
Caring for and cultivating the self-worth.
As storms and showers arrived,
He shielded us just enough,

Knowing we would emerge resilient.
His unwavering model of virtue,
Guided us along the paths of right and wrong,
Signposts for a journey lasting a lifetime.

You are always there for us
In real time and in spirit
We stand flourishing of our Grandfather,
Living testament to his enduring legacy.

Our Grandfather Kept a Garden - Poems about Losing Grandparents

2. Title: “Light After Dark

Beside my window, gazing afar,
Gray sky above, a melancholy star.
Tears trace lines down my cheeks,
Time now to bid farewell, emotions peak.

Farewell to a friend, ever so near,
To a family, whose care was clear.
Someone I leaned on, a pillar so strong,
Now, in their absence, I must find a song.

A bluebird arrives, perched by my side,
Sunshine breaking through, sadness denied.
Good memories wash away the pain,
Healing my heart, joy in its gain.

Wiping away the tears that flowed,
Moving forward, on life’s open road.
Though you’re gone, I won’t resign,
Must press on, let new chapters align.

Light After Dark - Poems about Losing Grandparents

3. Title: “A Grandmother’s Love Never Fades

Your perfume’s scent in the air,
Favorite song on the radio blare,
Each note and aroma a fond cue,
Guiding me back, thoughts of you.

When my eyes were fresh and new,
You unfolded the world’s vivid view.
Sights etched in my mind so clear,
Fondest memories when you were near.

Recalled when life gets tough,
Or when I miss your touch,
Soft embraces and your love’s traces,
Rooted in my heart, time embraces.

Your love, unforgettable, endures,
Growing each day, its essence assures.
Embedded within, though you’re not near,
Pride in me, a sentiment I hold dear.

A Grandmother's Love Never Fades - Poems about Loosing Grandparents

4. Title: “She is Gone

You may shed tears for her departure,
Or smile, grateful for the life she authored.
Close your eyes, yearning for her return,
Or open them to witness the lessons learned.

Your heart might feel empty without her near,
Yet it can be full, embracing love sincere.
Turning from tomorrow, stuck in the past,
Or embracing joy for the memories that last.

Remember her in sorrow for being gone,
Or cherish her memory, a legacy to dawn.
Cry, close your mind, and let emptiness loom,
Or honor her wishes: smile, love, and resume.

She is gone but she is still
In our heart she lies still
We know you are here with us
But we still miss you, wait for us

She is Gone - Poems about Loosing Grandparents

5. Title: “Grandfathers

The love we hold for Grandfather,
Will endure, never to wither away.
In our thoughts, our cherished friend,
His presence lingers with each passing day.

Entering a room, his chair now vacant,
Yet, his restful spirit we’re aware.
Memories echo in the empty space,
A sense of him, still felt in the air.

Recollections of his hearty laughter,
A warm and affectionate smile,
Eyes brimming with pure joy,
A heart akin to that of a child.

Memories, timeless and lasting,
Whether in laughter or through tears.
Treasures we’ll hold dear,
For all the years that lie ahead.

Grandfathers - Poems about Loosing Grandparents

6. Title: “A Poem for Grandpa”

Grandpa, in youth’s embrace,
So many years ago, you faced.
With loves and dreams, a boyhood’s gleam,
Witnessing our journeys unfold, it seems.

You observed us repeat the errors,
Once yours, now ours, life’s terrors.
Yet, you held us close, love galore,
Embraced us tighter than ever before.

We seldom pondered the life you’ve known,
To us, just ‘Grandpa,’ in love deeply sown.
Now we recall, with affection’s art,
Your life’s tale, from the very start.

Grateful for the moments we shared,
As Grandpa and Friend, deeply cared.
In love, we remember, from start to end,
For knowing you, our Grandpa and Friend.

A Poem for Grandpa - Poems about Loosing Grandparents

7. Title: “Missing You, Nan

Years keep rolling, time moves fast,
Yet every memory of you, a steadfast cast.
I choose to smile when thoughts arise,
Not succumb to sadness, a choice I prize.

Easy it is, recalling the joy we’ve known,
The laughter shared, the love we’ve sown.
Sometimes, emotions overflow, I can’t deny,
Memories escape, and tears I try to dry.

Yet, you wouldn’t want me to dwell in sorrow,
In your absence, love only seems to grow.
I love you more now, a mystery profound,
Anticipating the day you and I are bound.

Nan, I envision the day we meet,
Hold you close, never letting go, a feat.
Each passing day, the yearning grows,
Miss you deeply, a sentiment that shows.

Missing You, Nan - Poems about Loosing Grandparents

8. Title: “Gigi

Grandmothers are always here to comfort you,
No matter what you do.
They dry your tears, help conquer your fears,
And say they will love you for all your years.

Mine always told me to give it my all,
To never give up, even if I fall.
She was always there when I needed a friend
And time with her I loved to spend.

Oh that day, that horrible day,
The day I was informed, I had much dismay.
I didn’t know what to say or do,
I was sad and heartbroken.

The funeral was depressing for I cried.
My tears were like rain, I felt like I could die.
I miss her so much; I wish she was here,
even though she’s gone, I still hear her whisper

Gigi - Poems about Loosing Grandparents

9. Title: “Grandma Died

Heavenly Father, in His embrace,
Took Grandma to Heaven, a sacred place.
Learning this, my tears I couldn’t hide,
Ran to my room, emotions untied.

“Why did Grandma have to say goodbye?”
I questioned Heavenly Father in the sky.
Crying myself to sleep that night,
A dream unfolded, bringing insight.

In the dream, Grandpa’s voice so clear,
Shared wisdom, alleviating my fear.
“Sweet child, I know you miss her touch,
But in Heaven, her joy is much.”

Heavenly Father brought her near,
Our happiness apparent, crystal clear.
Upon awakening from that dream so grand,
The sadness lifted, like grains of sand.

Grandma Died - Poems about Loosing Grandparents

Indeed, our grandparents are always kind, loving, and caring, and they give us all attention when alive. As such, we must spend quality time with them and enjoy their presence while they are still around.

Just as painful as losing a grandparent can be, these poems are written with such rare emotions, very painful, and can be read during burial or shared with grieving family members and affected individuals.

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