Poems about Losing Grandparents (a Consoling Compilation)

Poems about Losing Grandparents: Grandmothers are famous for their hearty meals and fresh-baked cookies, their abundant hugs and kisses, and their insistent desire to spoil their grandchildren.

Poems about Losing Grandparents

Times spent at grandma’s house are often marked by love, laughter, and contentment. In fact, grandmothers are often responsible for bringing the whole family together.

Because grandmothers are such a source of joy for their grandchildren, they are always sorely missed when they pass away. To lose a grandmother is to lose the most valuable family member.

Many grandchildren find peace and solace after the loss of their grandmother by expressing their feelings through poetry.

1. A Tear for Nana

Grandmother, when I think about you being gone,
My heart is saddened, and I don’t know how I’ll go on.
You always had time to listen to my complaints,
I’ve said so many times, “That woman’s a saint.”

You taught me more about life than anyone at all.
And were always available, anytime I would call.
I shed a tear because my “Nana’s” gone.
Now somehow I’ll find the strength to go on.
– Poem by J. Allen Shaw

2. Light After Dark

As I sat by my window,
Looking out at the grey sky.
Tears rolled down my cheeks,
As its finally time to say goodbye.

Goodbye to a friend
Who was always there.
Goodbye to a family
Who always showed care.

Someone whom I turn to,
I don’t know how to move on.
Someone whom I relate to,
But now you’re gone.

But then a blue bird came,
And sat by my window.
The sun starts shining,
And evaporated all my sorrow.

Good memories came
To wash away the sadness.
Mended my heart
And filled it with gladness.

I wiped away my tears
And now that you’re gone.
I can’t give up now
I have to move on.
– Poem by Nurul Naiimah


3. A Grandmother’s Love Never Fades

The smell of your perfume
your favourite song on the radio
it all brings me back to you.

When my eyes were brand-new
you were keen to show me the world
the sights I would see were more than just images in the periphery
they rooted in my mind as my fondest memory.
I recall them when the world seems too much
or just when I miss your touch
your soft embraces
your love left traces of you inside me.

I wish I could have known you for longer
I wish I could have known you when you were younger
every second with you made me stronger.

Your love is unforgettable
it still grows each day
you live inside of me
even if you’re not around
to take pride in me.
– Poem by Amelia Vandergast

4. She is Gone

You can shed tears that she is gone
Or you can smile because she has lived

You can close your eyes and pray that she will come back
Or you can open your eyes and see all that she has left

Your heart can be empty because you can’t see her
Or you can be full of the love that you shared

You can turn your back on tomorrow and live yesterday
Or you can be happy for tomorrow because of yesterday

You can remember her and only that she is gone
Or you can cherish her memory and let it live on

You can cry and close your mind, be empty and turn your back
Or you can do what she would want: smile, open your eyes, love and go on.
– Poem by David Harkins

5. God Saw You Getting Tired

God saw you getting tired and a cure was not to be
so he put his arms around you and whispered,
“Come to Me”

With tearful eyes we watched you
and saw you pass away
and although we love you dearly
we could not make you stay.

A golden heart stopped beating
hard working hands at rest.
God broke our hearts to prove to us
He only takes the best
– Poem by Unknown Author

6. A Wonderful Grandmother

We had a wonderful grandmother,
One who never really grew old;
Her smile was made of sunshine,
And her heart was solid gold;
Her eyes were as bright as shining stars,
And in her cheeks fair roses you see.

We had a wonderful grandmother,
And that’s the way it will always be.
But take heed, because
She’s still keeping an eye on all of us,
So let’s make sure
She will like what she sees.
– Poem by Unknown Author


7. Missing You, Nan

The years will always roll on by
and time will always pass,
but every memory I have of you
will definitely always last.

I like to smile when I think of you.
I try not to be sad.
It’s pretty easy to do
with all the good times that we’ve had.

But sometimes I can’t help it,
and memories leak out of my eyes,
and I quickly try to brush them away.
I know you wouldn’t want me to cry.

I don’t know how it’s possible,
but I love you more now than I did then,
and I really cannot wait until
the day that I see you again.

Because, Nan, I know I would take hold of you
and never ever let you go.
Every day that passes by
I miss you more and more.
– Poem by Sarah Harrison

8. Gigi

Grandmothers are always here to comfort you,
No matter what you do.
They dry your tears, help you conquer your fears,
And say they will love you for all your years.

Mine always told me to give it my all,
To never give up, even if I fall.
She was always there when I needed a friend
And time with her I loved to spend.

Oh that day, that horrible day,
The day I was informed and I had much dismay.
I didn’t know what to say or do,
I was sad and heartbroken and didn’t know if I could push through.

The funeral was depressing and I couldn’t help but cry.
My tears were like rain, I felt like I could just die.
I miss her so much; I wish she was here,
But even though she’s gone, I still hear her whisper “I love you” in my ear.
– Poem by Derek Chandler

9. Grandma Died

Heavenly Father took Grandma
up to Heaven when she died.
When my Momma told me
I ran to my room and cried.

I asked Heavenly Father
why my grandma had to die.
I cried myself to sleep, and dreamt
that Grandpa told me why.

“Grandchild, I know how you miss
your Grandma’s tender touch.
I know how much you love her,
and she loves you very much.

But I missed her too, sweet child
so Heavenly Father brought her here.
If you could see our happiness
you wouldn’t shed one tear.”

When I awoke from dreaming
the wonderful dream I had
About Grandma being with Grandpa,
I didn’t feel so bad.
– Poem by Ron Trammer

Our grandparents are always kind, loving, caring, and they give us all attention when alive, it is important that we spend quality time and enjoy their presence while they are around.

Losing a grandparent is very painful, these poems are written about just that it can be read during burial or can be shared.

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