Apology Poems for You Partner in Your Relationship

Apology Poems for You Partner in Your Relationship.

Apology Poems – To forgive is divine. It is a trait that we learn from our creator. He has shown us that is possible to repent from our sins and that we can forgive others as well. Forgiveness is more than saying the words, “I forgive you”.

If you still harbor hatred in your heart this is not true forgiveness. In order to truly forgive you must put yourself in the other person’s place.

You must try to understand how they could do such a thing to you. When you understand what has led them to that act, you may be able to truly forgive them.

These Poems talk about forgiveness in relationships.

Apology Poems

1. Sorry, I’m So Sorry

Sorry for making you mad
Sorry for everything I said
Sorry for lying to you
Sorry, I’m so sorry

Sorry if I disappointed you
Sorry if I hurt you
Sorry for everything
Sorry, I’m so sorry

Sorry that I liked you
Sorry that you did
Sorry for turning in to a which
Sorry, I’m so sorry

Sorry that I loved you
Sorry that you didn’t
Sorry that we had to fight
Sorry, I’m so sorry

Sorry for still loving you
Sorry you don’t love me
Sorry for ever loving you
Sorry, I’m so sorry
– Poem by kalista mccart

2. I’m Sorry

Sometimes I wonder what my world would be like
If I didn’t have someone like you in my life.

I come back to reality only to see
That I wouldn’t be myself without you and me.

I am looking forward to the future, hoping you’ll be with me,
Growing old together and being happy as can be.

I want to spend the rest of my life making it up to you.
I know all of the hell I’ve been putting you through.

I am so sorry, and I can’t say that enough,
But I hope that’s the last time it will ever be rough.

I love you completely, with all of my heart,
I will love you forever, ’til death do us part.
– Poem by Rebecca H.

3. One Last Chance

I’m sorry you can’t trust me
And won’t ever let me in.
I’m sorry you don’t believe in me
And that I could not win.

I’m sorry for not being perfect
And for not being able to break your fears.
I’m sorry for messing up
And causing all your tears.

I’m sorry I can’t fix it
And make you want to stay.
I’m sorry I wasn’t good enough
And now I have to pay.

I’m sorry I ever doubted it
And made you second guess.
I’m sorry I was so stupid.
You haven’t seen my best.
– Poem by Jacob Greenberg

4. I Still Love You

Of all the things I’ve ever said,
Of all the tears I’ve ever shed,
Of all the things I did to you,
I want you to know that I still love you.

Of all the days we fought and cried,
Of all the days I wished I’d died,
Of all the things you did to pull me through,
I don’t believe it, but I still love you.
– Poem by Leilani Hermosa Petersen

Apology Poems

5. Shallow Sorry

If my words were like a nail
Your feelings were the board
No matter how many times I say I’m sorry
Deep down you still are scored

I never meant to hurt you
I’ll never understand
We’ve been through so much together
What I’d give to take your hand!

You know you are my best friend
My soul is empty and lost
I was so hurt and angry
Not knowing what it cost

Darling, don’t give up yet
Please believe in me
I will show you what love is
Give me time and you will see
– Poem by Sean O’Brien

6. How Could He Forgive Me?

He rode in a cold winter day
His eyes a mysterious shade of gray
He got off the horse and came right in
He was personified sin

He held out his arms so big and strong
And I knew what I had done to him was wrong
My secret lover in the back of my mind
The tears that pricked my eyes made me blind

I couldn’t take it anymore
I collapsed in a pile on the floor
He rushed to my side to help me to my feet
I wish he had thrown me out on the street

I had betrayed him and he didn’t know it
How could he? I didn’t show it

Finally, the guilt ate my soul
I told him, those eyes almost coal
He hugged me tight, said it’s alright
I really do love him
I’m sorry
– Poem by Katarina Ogletree

7. That Someone

I’m sorry
Although I know what the pain feels like, I still chose to hide
And although I look back and see, I ask myself if I could do it again,
Would I have tried?
The answer you probably don’t want to hear,
And I know that your heart is set on tomorrow’s fear.
Like the dream you dreamed when I walked out
I know this second chance gives you much doubt
But I decided that I want to repent
And set my heart back to the day I went….

Beginning the story now I see that your feelings were real,
But since when do boys really feel?
I didn’t believe you and I know it was wrong
I’m sorry…
Although you’ve forgiven me and are loving me now
I know deep inside I hurt you
Trying for the fourth year
Am I truly worth it?
– Poem by Blair Andrews

Apology Poems

8. After Time

He looks at her like it’s the first time.
Her smile, her laugh, her smell;
It’s been a while.
Nervousness, butterflies,
He doesn’t know what to do.
Walks up to her, holds her tight,
Feels like something new.

Staring into each other’s eyes,
She feels the same, quite a surprise.
He holds her close, lips touch, almost.
He whispers, “I’ve missed you.”
He won’t let her go.

She feels safe, like this is right.
They both lean in.
It made their night.
– Poem by CC Devine

We all make mistakes and sometimes hurt the people in our lives that we care about. One of the best ways to fix things is by simply apologizing from our hearts. We hope that these poems did exactly just that.

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