Christmas Love Poems

Christmas Love Poems – 15 Poems about Xmas Love and Gratitude

These Christmas love poems portray an ocean of feeling in only a few lines, but certain sentiments call for a poem of epic or classic proportions.

So why not add a touch of romance to your Christmas and charm your special someone with an ‘I love you’ poem?

1. Title: “All I Want for Christmas”

Red roses bloom in seasonal cheer,
Blue violets whisper, drawing near.
This Christmas, my heart rings true,
All I crave and wish for is you.

Blossoms dance in hues so bright,
A palette of love in festive light.
This yuletide, my dearest, it’s clear,
All I seek and hold dear is you.

Amidst the carols and winter’s glow,
Your presence is the greatest show.
In this holiday, simple and true,
All I dream and cherish is you.

A floral chorus in love’s debut,
For Christmas, my darling, just you.
Underneath the mistletoe, we’ll cue,
Our hearts entwined, a love anew.

All I Want for Christmas - Christmas Love Poems

2. Title: “Christmas Fireside Love

Beneath the twinkling lights aglow,
Beside the fire’s warm ember’s throw.
Haste, I’ll be home this Christmas night,
To fulfill desires in love’s sweet light.

In festive cheer, our hearts align,
A love that sparkles, pure and fine.
Under the mistletoe’s gentle attire,
Passion kindles, a holiday fire.

Homebound for Christmas, the joy it brings,
Wrapped in love, our heartstrings sing.
Beside the hearth, where flames aspire,
I’ll quench your longing, sweet desire.

So let the lights and fire conspire,
A love that grows, never to tire.
This Christmas tale, our hearts entire,
Bound together in love’s warm fire.

Christmas Fireside Love - Christmas Love Poems

3. Title: “Christmas Affection in Your Eyes”

In your eyes, love’s truth revealed,
A vivid tale, in every glance sealed.
For Christmas, my heart’s fervor soars,
No wish surpasses the love it stores.

In your gaze, a symphony of affection,
Each look, a testament, a sweet connection.
No greater gift I could implore,
You’re the one I truly adore.

This season’s magic, with you near,
No other joy could be as sincere.
In your embrace, my heart’s encore,
For Christmas, you I adore.

In the quietude of love, our souls align,
A bond unbreakable, pure and divine.
For Christmas, my love, forevermore,
In your eyes, a love to explore.

Christmas Affection in Your Eyes - Christmas Love Poems

4. Title: “Merry Christmas to the One I Love”

Merry Christmas to the one I hold dear,
On this day of love, so pure and clear.
Recalling a love that came with a call,
Redeeming hearts, as love’s essence befalls.

Yet only one love does my spirit know,
Chosen in passion, like a tempest’s blow.
In ecstasy, we stand, proud and tall,
Rejoicing in what our hearts enthrall.

In this love, we venture outdoors,
Drawn to the union of flesh and soul.
Beyond our village green, the story unfolds,
Guided by the tide along our shared shores.

As our love merges with the unseen,
Shining with a dark passion serene.
Christmas joy in this love we glean,
A union profound, forever to convene.

Merry Christmas to the One I Love - Christmas Love Poems

5. Title: “Christmas Joy in Your Gaze”

At Christmastime, gifts surround with cheer,
Delightful treasures that sweetly appear.
Yet, unmatched joy, no gift implies,
Like the sparkle when you gaze in my eyes.

Contemplating Christmas, its essence clear,
Caring, giving, and love sincere.
You’ve granted what I desire most,
Love, touch, kiss, in your warm embrace, close.

The Christmas tree, adorned with lights,
Reflects your thought, setting me alight.
From deep within, you light my heart’s glow,
Cherishing you, my love continues to grow.

With you, every moment feels like Christmas,
A perpetual joy, a constant bliss.
In every hour, your love is in it,
My life fulfilled, with you infinite.

Christmas Joy in Your Gaze - Christmas Love Poems

6. Title: “Christmas Embrace of Love’s Yuletide Wish

Underneath the mistletoe’s embrace,
I wish for your gaze’s warming grace.
With fireplace aglow, a holiday maze,
Together we’ll bask in love’s sweet daze.

Snowflakes dance, a festive parade,
In your arms, a haven carefully laid.
Through yuletide nights, our bond displayed,
Love’s melody, in harmony, played.

Cosy moments, by the fire’s glow,
Wrapped in affection, our spirits aglow.
Amidst the carols and the soft snow,
Christmas with you, my heart does know.

All I want this season, simple and true,
Is the joy of holidays spent with you.
In this Christmas tale we’re about to pursue,
Our love, like ornaments, forever anew.

Christmas Embrace of Love's Yuletide Wish - Christmas Love Poems

7. Title: “Love’s Christmas Redemption”

Born a King, two thousand years past,
Lamb of God, by thorns was cast.
Embrace His words, let judgment not be vast,
In His grace, all souls recast.

Joseph, Mary, their gift bestowed,
A fragrance universal, through time bestowed.
Live the commandments, the debt we owed,
Guided by His love, forever sowed.

Hold Jesus’s gospel in heart and mind,
Not just in joy, but when troubles bind.
Redemption isn’t constant mirth, we find,
Peace on Earth, let goodwill unwind.

Free will granted, our destiny to fulfill,
The choice is ours, a divine quill.
Amidst gift bills and pockets still,
Love for Jesus, the greatest thrill.

Love's Christmas Redemption - Christmas Love Poems

8. Title: “I Really Want to Tell You”

I long to express how dear you are,
Your presence, a radiant star.
In every thought, love flows free,
My heart brimming with sweet esprit.

Words falter where feelings soar,
Expressing what my heart stores.
Especially for you on this Christmas Day,
Love speaks in its own gentle way.

Emotions fill me, words fall short,
A silent tribute to love’s rapport.
For you, my feelings find a voice,
In this festive season, love’s rejoice.

On Christmas Day, my love unfolds,
A tale of warmth, as love beholds.
In every line that words convey,
I cherish you, especially today.

I Really Want to Tell You - Christmas Love Poems

9. Title: “Love Beyond Gifts”

More than a gift beneath the tree,
My love for you, forever free.
Never to grow cold or old,
You’re my Christmas angel, more than gold.

In your love, my heart finds flight,
A boundless joy, pure and bright.
No present wrapped in festive fold,
Compares to you, my love untold.

Amidst the carols and winter’s cold,
You’re the warmth my heart will hold.
A precious angel to behold,
More precious to me than treasures untold.

With every beat, my love unfolds,
In your arms, a story told.
You’re my Christmas wish, my heart’s stronghold,
More precious to me than all the gold.

Love Beyond Gifts - Christmas Love Poems

10. Title: “Christmas Love Bond”

In your eyes, Christmas’s glow appears,
Love sparkles within, calming fears.
Our connection deepens, steadfast art,
A bond unbroken, never to depart.

The warmth of Christmas in your gaze,
In our hearts, love’s enduring blaze.
Growing deeper, a work of fine arts,
Together forever, never to depart.

Eyes aglow with the spirit so bright,
In our hearts, love takes its flight.
Deeper still, like intricate charts,
A commitment unyielding, never to depart.

Christmas’s radiance in every glance,
In love’s dance, we take our chance.
Deepening ties, like timeless counterparts,
A promise unbroken, never to depart.

Christmas Love Bond - Christmas Love Poems

11. Title: “I Want You to be Here With Me for Christmas”

I wish you’d join me this Christmas Eve,
Even if your heart is tempted to leave.
I sense my love has stirred unrest,
Yet spending this time alone is a difficult test.

My love echoes the Christmas season’s delight,
Joyful, aware it fades with the night.
Yearning for you holds no rhyme or reason,
If not a lover, be my friend this festive season.

Be a friend and share the love and song,
My pillar, my fantasy, where I belong.
You’re my earth and the sky I long to see,
In this season of togetherness and glee.

My need for you is my burden alone,
You’re not obliged, your heart your own.
In this season of open doors,
Hearts respond to needs, love restores.

I Want You to be Here With Me for Christmas - Christmas Love Poems

12. Title: “A Christmas Beginning”

May this Christmas mark the start,
Of joyous times, a love that imparts.
Happiness beyond wealth or strife,
A growing love, enriching our life.

Time flows like an unyielding stream,
Carrying life’s moments in its gleam.
Yet, love stands firm, a constant stay,
Beyond what years can carry away.

In love, there’s a forever moment,
Subtle and sweet, in joy it’s potent.
Feeling at home when we’re side by side,
A reason enduring, love as our guide.

Born of passion, fueled by our will,
Choosing love, our hearts fulfill.
May this commitment our journey fill,
For many years, choosing love still.

A Christmas Beginning - Christmas Love Poems

13. Title: “Winter Love’s Unchanging Embrace”

Snowman’s eyes, coal-black, carrot nose,
An angel’s halo, wings in gentle pose.
Yet in my world, where affection swings,
I have you, unchanged, love’s offerings.

Snowflakes fall in a wintry blend,
Haloed by love, on you depend.
In this tale where emotions sing,
With you, my dear, my heart takes wing.

In the dance of snow and wings,
A love steadfast, as winter clings.
No alteration, joy that it brings,
With you, my constant, love springs.

Snow-kissed moments, each one unique,
In your presence, my heart finds its peak.
No need for change, no altering strings,
With you, my love, my soul springs.

Winter Love's Unchanging Embrace - Christmas Love Poems

14. Title: “Special Christmas for a Special Person”

Sweeter than cocoa, a warming delight,
Hotter than spice, setting hearts alight.
Come close, my dear, in your embrace,
I’ll make everything nice, love’s sweet grace.

Flavors of warmth, a tender sweet blend,
Passion igniting, like spices ascend.
Here beside me, let our hearts entwine,
In this embrace, love’s sweetness we define.

Your presence, a recipe for joy and cheer,
Together we’ll savor, hold each other near.
In your arms, where comfort resides,
I’ll make everything nice, love that abides.

A concoction of love, like a simmering brew,
Each moment with you, a flavor anew.
Let our connection, like spices, enhance,
Creating a symphony of sweet romance.

Special Christmas for a Special Person - Christmas Love Poems

15. Title: “Guiding Star of Love”

Walk among the morning stars so bright,
Eden silent, awaiting the light.
Ready to unravel, a quiet morn,
Restless with the urge to be reborn.

Years of longing fade into beauty,
Christmas, a dream, so hauntingly duty.
Devotion immense, yet the stream
Moves, reminding it’s not just a dream.

In my heart, your crown of glory,
Radiant, making time turn away.
From untold stories, visions rise,
More lovely than what meets the day.

You may not fathom just who you are,
Let my love be your guiding star.

You may not fathom just who you are,
Let my love be your guiding star.
In the realm of dreams and afar,
Forever bright, my eastern star.

Guiding Star of Love - Christmas Love Poems

The collection of Christmas love poems includes epic narrative poems, such as the celebrated four-part Linda trilogy, as well as a few poems appropriate for long-winded serenades to a spouse for those who enjoy their holiday poetry long and languid.

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