Teen Pregnancy Poems

Teen Pregnancy Poems (Strengthening Young Mothers)

Young teen mothers may learn from teen pregnancy poems that having a child does not spell the end of the world. It just presents a completely different future, one that you had never anticipated.

Teen Pregnancy Poems

Teen Pregnancy Poems

More often than not, teen parents face criticism from everyone around them. They are viewed with a jaundiced eye and considered too irresponsible and too young to raise a child.

Teen moms, especially, have to go through an emotional struggle. What will their parents say? How will they graduate from school? Should they abort the child? What if the father ditches her? Trapped in the sea of all these doubts, most teen moms are unsure and nervous about the future.

Teen Pregnancy Poems can make young teen mothers realize that having a child does not mean the end of the world. It just offers an entirely different future, a future that you had never planned before.

1. Why Another Miscarriage by Roxane Faulkner

All you can do is just sit there and cry,
Why did you just let it die?
To you it’s just another miscarriage,
just like the other times at your younger ages.

Did you ever think maybe,
that you could have really loved this baby?
You should have stopped all the bad stuff,
and shown the baby all your love.

I know that it really hurt you,
but it also hurt other people too.
We all know the pain you go through,
but we feel it too because we love you.

I know it’s not the first,
and you feel like your heart might burst.
I know it all happens so fast,
But can you please make this one the last?

In your heart I find a big tear,
but I know how much you really care.
I really wish that I could be there,
so I can help you when life’s not being fair.

So how does it feel,
does it seem fake, or all too real?
It could be possibly, maybe,
you’re just not ready for another baby.

Well it’s all real alright,
so love your daughter you have now, and hold her tight.
You never know when her life will end,
Too many times, its already happened.

2. Unwed Teen Mothers and Poverty by Carolyn Devonshire

At internet dating sites secrets are hidden
On his roller coaster of lies, Pam had ridden
Though she agreed to meet Joe in a public park
The sun had already set; it was growing dark

No families or lovers were strolling around
When Jim came from behind and pushed Pam to the ground
Pam went home and was afraid to tell her parents
In four months there was a change in her appearance

Pam left home and started living on the streets
Turning away from every stranger she’d meet
‘Neath neon lights on a cardboard box she lay
Night after night, visiting soup kitchens by day

In her eighth month she found a home for pregnant teens
As her mom endured the torment of fearful dreams
Time neared and Pam called home crying, “Mom, I’ve done wrong!”
Grateful mom said, “Dear, I’d have been there all along”

Lifting Pam up from the grasp of dire poverty
Her parents welcomed the newborn to their family
If she hadn’t made that call, Pam would not have known
The comfort she’d receive in her parents’ fine home


3. Going To Be A Mother by Ruwaida Van Doorsen

I face the future
Already planned for me
No nothing for me to expect
There’s nothing to wait and see

For my destiny has been mapped out
I shall have no more youthful days
I shall never feel the thrill again
Of raucous, rebellious ways

I shall rear a child for eighteen years
Maybe even longer
For although I’m still a child myself
I’m going to be a mother

4. A Teenage Pregnancy by Agustin Antonio

Why should my fun have to end?
I thought that this was just the beginning.
I see my friends go out to have fun.
And all I can do is watch as they drive by.
As they set forth to discover their youth,
I’m well on my way towards ending my own.

They call me irresponsible.
They think that now my life’s impossible.
But when they look at me,
They only see the pregnancy.
But do they see the pain that only I know?

I thought I had life figured out,
And that freedom would last forever.
Now I’m hungry and hormonal,
And mom and dad are disappointed.
I think that I can make this work,
With the boy I think I’m in love with.
But my life wasn’t built for perfection,
And I see that now.

They know that I’m much too young for this.
Does it seem like I’m the one to be blame?
And they say that they know better than me.
Does it seem like I don’t feel ashamed?
But they truly don’t understand my pain.
So can they tell me what to do?
Because I don’t know.
I’m underaged, and pregnant.


5. New Mother by Kwena Mahlatse

When I was still in the morning of my life,
fresh from the bakers’ oven,
you came with your influencing tongue,
declaring to be your ALFA and OMEGA.

“I LOVE YOU” was the daily song in my ears,
until I lost my virginity to you,
after all the action you said, “it was good”,
telling me that’s how lovers should do.

when the word “PREGNANCY” was mentioned,
words where thrown at me like stones,
left me alone,
my last thought was to visit the LIMBO.

6. Just A Kid Having A Kid by Gabrielle

I gave it up…
to the boy of my dreams…
never treated me wrong once…
now we are going to have a baby to support…
All it took was once….
and now there is a little one in my belly…
only 14 yrs old and gonna have a kid…
never thought it would be me…
never really even thought I would give it up…
I went to the beach today and I got in the water and the baby moved all around…
and at that time soo many things ran through my mind…
but I know it will all be ok because I have fell in love with this baby….


7. It’s Going To Be All Worth It by Aubrey

I walk through the doors.
12 years old.
Everybody stares, because I’m starting to show.
I hear what you are saying it’s all around the school.

I cry at night, because I know I’m a fool.
I thought you were going to be here for me and your baby.
I know you can’t because right now you’re in jail.

The people at school still talk I know they don’t care.
Right now my depression is not being fair I cry at night.
Just wishing you would stop saying all the mean things and killing me inside.

I’m still putting up with it because one day I will have my baby a boy or a girl.
Only 6 months away we will make it I swear.

Teenage pregnancy can be one of the hardest stages of life for any teenage female If she happens to be pregnant. She has to face “shame and rejection” from most of her friends and family, but the reality is that it is not the end of the world, that child can turn out to be someone very great and a blessing.

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