Shadow of War Ithildin Door Poem

Shadow of War Ithildin Door Poem (Emotional War Themed Poems)

Shadow of war ithildin door poem are sort of collectible and when you finish them, you can unlock the Bright Lord Armor Set.

Shadow of War Ithildin Door Poem

Shadow of War Poems (Shadow of War Ithildin Door Poem)

Below are heavy-themed war poems that will get you emotional, reminding you of the ills of war and why war isn’t advisable, the poets  paints a picture of the travails of war in these poems

A Mother’s Tear (Shadow of War Ithildin Door Poem)

There’s more to the story,

than what just appears.

A war written story,

from blood and from tears.

My son went to war,

a very proud man.

He fought in Iraq,

on the hot desert sands.

He witnessed his buddies,

his comrades, his men,

bleeding and dying,

he witnessed their end.

Where is Pvt. Tommy?

He’s blown up all around,

his comrades spent hours,

picking him from the ground.

Sleeping in holes,

dug in the sand,

dreaming of home,

but it’s become foreign land.

He can’t tell his enemy,

from family or foe,

as he watches his friends sent out,

with tags on their toe.

He knows his Mama,

is sleepless like him,

and he tries to send word,

whenever he can.

He tries not to worry,

his family at home,

the horror that he faces,

he faces alone.

His mission is over,

he’s sent back to me,

he fought for our freedom,

but he’ll never be free.

He yearns for his buddies,

that died over there.

He’s caught with the living,

in a doubled looped snare.

He screams in the night,

for the battle still roars,

as he lays in his bed,

he re-lives all the horror.

Nobody heard the fight,

he still fights,

except for his Mama,

who comforts him every night.

He never will be,

the son I once knew,

the war killed that part,

for freedom, for you.

Great Nation, Great Leaders,

and all those who will hear,

Freedom began

on a mother’s first tear.

By, Amy Peterson


For a Soldier (Shadow of War Ithildin Door Poem)

When you wake up in the morning or stay up nights on end,

Know that your sister is here till the very end.

When you gather your equipment and grasp your gun,

Know that you’re loved, brother, uncle, son.


When you think of the memories we all shared before,

Think of the future and know that there’ll be more.

When you look at pictures and see your wife,

I want you to smile brother because she is your life.


When you’re hurting inside ’cause you think you’ve done wrong,

Lift your head up and remember you’re strong.

When you fire your weapon and see injuries dead,

Please hold on tight; don’t let it go to your head


When you leave from there and you’re packed for home,

I want you to think back and know you weren’t alone.

When you see us and we hold you tight,

I will smile and tell you that you held up a fight.

Be strong; I know you can do this.

Because when this is over, your life will be full of bliss.

By, Alisha



There’s a little boy standing by the fence with a flag in his hand.

He’s sad and confused; he doesn’t understand.

He watches his daddy turn and head up on the bus.

He watches him go and doesn’t even fuss.

“Why does it have to be my daddy?” he thinks to himself.

Then he thinks back to the pictures on the shelf

Of his dad dressed in a suit with a white cap,

But he doesn’t know why daddy’s going to Iraq.

He sees his daddy wave at him from the bus’s window.

His heart is aching with every sinew.

“Daddy, come back!” he wants to yell,

Because even on the home-front, war is hell.


He stands at the front of class talking loud

About how his daddy is making the nation proud.

He still plays on the playground with all the other kids.

Some stop and ask where his daddy is.

He says he misses him and wants him back

From the clutches of Iraq.


He stands by the mess hall with a SATCOM phone,

Making a call to his family back at home.

His wife picks up and tells him her love and asks how he’s been,

And then he hears a little voice chime in.

“Daddy, when are you coming home?”

There was a pause on the phone.

A mortar came in and landed near the Mess.

He knew he had to cover up the phone his best.

“Daddy, what was that sound?”

He couldn’t tell him there were bombs landing around.

He said, “I love you,” and played it off well,

Because when you’re in it, war is he’ll.


He stands with his buddies talking loud

About his little son and how he makes him proud.

He still patrols around the war zone with all the other men.

Some stop and ask how the family’s been.

He says he misses them and wants to get back

From the clutches of Iraq.

There’s a little boy standing in a crowd with a flag in his hand.

His daddy’s coming back from a foreign land.

The sound of horns blaze through the air

As the crowd erupts into fanfare.

He saw a line of soldiers get out.

He saw him and ran with a loud shout

And ran into his arms.

He was safe from all harms.

He got his daddy back

From the clutches of Iraq.

By, Hunter J. Fowler


Shadow of War Ithildin Door Poem

My Brother (Shadow of War Ithildin Door Poem)

You’ve been there for me

Through it all.

You’re always there to catch me

When I start to take a fall.


If I do something bad,

You’ll take the blame,

And for all of that,

I am feeling shame.


I never did tell you

All the things I felt,

Like how I really love you

And in my heart you’ll dwell.


You protected me from the world

That left the bruises on your face.

All the tears and scrapes,

I wish I could erase.


When my life fell apart,

You patched things up.

You took care of my heart

When times got rough.


With just the warmth of your touch,

You saved me from the world.

You loved me so much,

But my love for you was not said.


If you knew what I knew,

Maybe you’d stay home.

If you heard what I didn’t say,

Maybe I wouldn’t be alone.


If you could see the part of me I hid away,

Maybe you could see

How much I want you to stay

Here at home with me.


You may think I don’t care

Because I never show it,

But I’ll always be here,

And I hope you know it.


Wish we could go back.

We can start over again.

I don’t want to be alone.

I need a brother; I need a friend.


If you think of me

While you’re protecting the country,

Think of how much you mean to me

And how proud I am of you, Donny.


Remember I will be here

When you’re at the battlefield.

I’ll be here for you

As your love shield.


Do not leave this world

While you’re overseas.

Do not leave this little girl.

Do not leave me.


If you do have to go

Before I say goodbye,

Remember I love you so

As you begin to fly.


Remember I will be here

Through and through.

Remember I will always care

Just as much as you do.


You’ve done so much for me,

And yet I not for you.

I hope you will forgive me

For all the things I didn’t do.

By, Amanda L. Thurnherr

Poems about war are always very emotional, sometimes we read these poems out loud to remind our consciousness of the things and people we can lose during the war.

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