Shadow of War Poems (Great Poems about War)

The shadow of war poems are a reflection of War which has existed for almost as long as there has been existence. Despite the fact that wars sometimes result in nothing but sorrow, mankind continues to wage them.

Shadow of War Poems

Shadow of War Poems 

There is evil in the world without a doubt, and we should not sit back and claim it is none of our business. We cannot sit idly by and see others being victimized. Humanity has a responsibility to uphold justice.

The Fallen (Shadow of War Poems)

Fragile is a single life the brave so freely give.
Bound for immortality, their souls will surely live.
Death, don’t be proud for what you took, they freely gave away.
Their quest for freedom far outweighed the fear that you convey.

They joined the ranks of warriors, staying vigil day and night.
They often skipped a meal or two, but they never missed a fight.
God bless the men and women whose fighting days are done.
Say a special prayer at night for each and every one.

Rest assured that you will find throughout the coming years
These fallen warriors will return in the hearts of all their peers!
If we forget their sacrifice, their deaths will be in vain.
Let’s stand beside their loved ones as we sing their last refrain:

You’ve come upon our heaven’s gate
You surely won’t have long to wait.
The saints will take good care of you,
But there is still a lot to do.

You’ve joined the ranks of everyone
Who fought so freedom could be won.
Although your job on earth is done,
Your work in heaven’s just begun.

By, Randall W. West


We Honor You Today (Shadow of War Poems)

To all of our veterans
Far and near.
We thank you for your service
For all those years.

You sacrificed your time,
And some gave your life.
You preserved our freedom
By willingly paying the price.

Many of you
Were sent overseas.
You were wounded in battle,
With scars and disease.

But courageous and brave,
You weathered the storm.
You faced every battle
With faith and beyond.

We honor you with joy
For all that you’ve done.
You stood strong for our country,
For our daughters and sons.

So no one stands alone,
We walk hand in hand.
Remember, we are with you.
Together we shall stand.

We salute you today.
Hear what we say.
Let our words speak eloquently
In this special way.

On this day,
Let us express our love and thanks
For the sacrifice you paid.
You served in honor
For many years and days,
And we will never forget
How you were strong and brave.

By, Susan R. Smith


To The Vietnam War (Shadow of War Poems)

Vietnam War
Setting off to Vietnam
Feeling proud, feeling strong
But then I see the fear in another soldier’s eyes
I should turn around, go home

I have made one friend
We both feel the same
The fear inside hurts like hell
Do people think war is a game?

Here we are at Vietnam
Now I feel really sick
To see dead bodies on the ground
The fear has come over me quick

I’ve never been a killing kind of man
Who likes blood and gore
To think of killing someone makes me nervous
I don’t think I like war anymore

I slide on my army suit
Light green, dark green, grey
My daughter’s birthday’s in this month
The beautiful month of May

I touch my army gun
And load it up with bullets
To kill someone would be terrible
I don’t think I can do it

I run out with my troop
My stomach’s going psycho
The guns start firing wildly
My knees are wobbling, I don’t want to go

I pull the trigger
And fire the gun
At some random person
This is not my kind of fun

I hear a loud BOOM
A bomb is near by
Then I hear a BANG
A bullet hit me in the eye…

I fall to the ground
Covered in mud
I clench my eye
My hand’s full of blood.

This wasn’t my choice
To be here today
To leave my family
I’m going to die in this way.

I fall to the ground
I’m going to heaven
I say bye to my wife
And my daughter who’s seven

To this day we remember
The Vietnam War
The soldiers who died
That left us sore
Lest we forget

By, Anna


A Mother’s Tear (Shadow of War Poems)

There’s more to the story,

than what just appears.

A war written story,

from blood and from tears.

My son went to war,

a very proud man.

He fought in Iraq,

on the hot desert sands.

He witnessed his buddies,

his comrades, his men,

bleeding and dying,

he witnessed their end.

Where is Pvt. Tommy?

He’s blown up all around,

his comrades spent hours,

picking him from the ground.

Sleeping in holes,

dug in the sand,

dreaming of home,

but it’s become foreign land.

He can’t tell his enemy,

from family or foe,

as he watches his friends sent out,

with tags on their toe.

He knows his Mama,

is sleepless like him,

and he tries to send word,

whenever he can.

He tries not to worry,

his family at home,

the horror that he faces,

he faces alone.

His mission is over,

he’s sent back to me,

he fought for our freedom,

but he’ll never be free.

He yearns for his buddies,

that died over there.

He’s caught with the living,

in a doubled looped snare.

He screams in the night,

for the battle still roars,

as he lays in his bed,

he re-lives all the horror.

Nobody heard the fight,

he still fights,

except for his Mama,

who comforts him every night.

He never will be,

the son I once knew,

the war killed that part,

for freedom, for you.

Great Nation, Great Leaders,

and all those who will hear,

Freedom began

on a mother’s first tear.

By, Amy Peterson

We don’t know about the negative impact of war or we are not aware of it. Poems about war are always reviling of the reality of the aftermath of war.

However, it is a person’s obligation to fight when called upon to defend his or her country or to keep other helpless people safe. Share our post to other communities for wider reach.

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