One Line Poems
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One Line Poems (Great Monostich Poems for You)

One line poems are also known as monostich. They could also be titled in some cases; read brief but deep and meaningful poetry.

One Line Poems

One Line Poems

The first poet to produce monostich in the modern Western tradition  was Guillaume Apollinaire, since then it has become a convention.

language shares a common tongue

huddled masses with socks

arriving on time and late

wonder where width went

me or it – either way you jump off

just over that hill: the one one wants one

my legs cramp, my head moves its mouth

do get simultaneous animals

strip language of emotion, end up with operate

predicate, pontificate, travel long distances and speak truth

it as do be it he me or

in a short while craft – not much to do about it

turn a single letter – it becomes a bird or later

a string pulled out of a word endlessly, never snaps

disabled and detained, probably dispelled

place it on a stump

fragment detachment

nature speaks to those who disappear into it

all the images my eyes have seen now memory?

dumped ashtray on bed when pulled down covers

limited potential so must rely on hope or help

olfactory workers on break

Benedict knew God loved him

my stupidity, lack of care, laziness, impatience, all endearing to someone

genus, genius, genous, generous, degenerate, disingenuous

how many meals in a lifetime?


Single Line Poems for You

gangrenous tooth defection or flesh encumbrance

acid of sword blade on the road of crushed petals

sound of someone long gone

aware of trauma in room, mild sinking

where there’s sentence there’s attention

violin passion on the derangement of purse

Jabes mentions book, desert, God, Jew, nothing

mentioning blossoms cements poetic mood

insurance reimbursement, worrisome

taxtrick (who’s arbiter of right and wrong)

everyone there is dying – you should think of that

long heat of happiness, stiff eyeball

wires and beams, stray dog

everything brown in the room

imitation of poet no longer warm for life

horticultural tour of parlor

hold onto music: not possible

release pit or point… quite occurring

spent pine needles scattered in cypress tree

stone poem about puddles on step

red sweater of yesteryear, worn, now, worn?

all those books, lamentation, song, punctuation

career dependency//sky diving// careen and float

flat flaot flout finally

self’s impossible, listen to rain

all stopped “ “ some light is bright

beyond the body limit disturbance


Great Single Line Poems

wonderful dilemma, icy decisions open into view

trees above trimmed bushes, sentinels

walking among red leaves looking up

car (mind) break down

long winter’s night: distasteful lamplight

phone: lost and forgot

having a baby, knowing what to do

sex in middle age (nice to know you)

sound of door, voice, wind

our house, our house, our house (another’s)

parts of worlds, words, boxes left unclaimed

record, bow, praise, lament, offer, decide, fade…….

fountain and tree attract duck

heron in field tip-toes silent

music in the way one goes on

where’s blend of folk, rhyme’s reason

one fixed idea broken

one’s fixed idea (one is)

why not gather, determine(contradiction)

who knows interrogative tone, tentative gesture

Mexican people see Mary at night

turning the bad dead over in the coffin

jar in Tennessee (unlikely to be in Memphis)

not going to Paris – see it best (tasting name)

foot at end of ankle, hand at wrist

art an end of rankle, sand in fist

(whew! air in air out)

going slowly one goes further

you and I could refer to same

pages, like beaches, wet

translation: pushing the stone aside

these and those (lips and teeth)

mystery image at life’s end

which; happily family laughter

stormy eruption at civilization’s end

words turning noisy, snarl

sprig snapped, a life, crushed blossom

Benedict’s love, to glide (elision)

my disinclinations, thirsty root

light wanes but sky’s still

one repeat (death makes soil)

hardy (be slow my heart) tidy

which, whither, whether, wither, with, weather, willy-nilly

someone everyone anyone wondered

open mouth, close doors, speak, stay warm


Epic One Line Poems

When they crumble gently as they leaf

The house flutters like the membrane that it is, tentative

Gesture like a lump humping up from the earth then falling back

As the planet continues with its breathing

Is death returning home some way no one imagines

Setting down the spines and fibers of the flexible material

Till all is level and true finally beyond conceptualization and concatenation

Or is there just the ongoing disturbance of more and more life

Blot on the sheer fabric of nothing?

Night occurs dimmer each time with the pieces of light smaller and squarer

A blue anchor grains of grit in a tall sky sewing

The wedding was enchanted everyone was glad to be in it

Four skinheads stand in the streetlight rain chatting under an umbrella.

Taxi ghosts at dusk pass Monoprix in Paris 20 years ago.

Crescent moon, girls chatter at twilight on the bus ride to Ankara.

Put on my tie in a taxi, short of  breath, rushing to meditate.

That grey-haired man in business suit and black turtleneck thinks he’s still young.

Rainy night on Union Square, full moon.  Want more poems? Wait till I’m dead.

White noise carries too many messages.

Night gathers across the river.

Relax. I kept my word, burned the negatives.

Memories of the bomb still mushroom within us.

Somewhere in Texas, farmhouses are burning.

I have climbed inside Siberia, and now await you.

Hours later, the ashes stirring by themselves.

There are more than fourteen stations of the cross.

Ravens outdate us, but we still forget.


It can feel really weird to see one line poems, as such compilation could be amusing, but this is the most easy form of poetry to really enjoy and connect with. Share our post to other communities and help us have more reach.

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