Collections of Dark Poems Concerned with the Natural World

Collections of Dark Poems: The dark poems segment is for evil, menacing, worrying, and gloomy poems, including horror and Halloween, themed poetry. Dark poems about death ruin and suffering are predominant.

Collections of Dark Poems Concerned with the Natural World

The word “Poetry” is not all sweetness and light, of course. In fact, much of it is more concerned with the darker parts of the natural world, whether it is the mystery of soberness of night-time darkness or more non-concrete or figurative kind of darkness. You will get to read the following selections and I hope you will like them.

1. Smut

filth in the holiest of holies
nothing but a smut peddler
infatuation, shh legion is speaking
my men know how to do internal damage
riding the waves they spark imaginations

indulge in your darkness
tap into the energy
let explosive feelings plant seeds,
in the weak hearted

guile and malice
such beautiful words if used properly
I hope you’re sick like me
fitted for destruction?

nah I’m just getting started

hell’s dominion screams for more innocent
lambs for the slaughter
infernally damned

echo’s the dawn
evolution of the soul only happens
when pain is injected

the bowels of the Earth vomits
misfits to be born anew
hopefully with an understanding
the dark being here first
is closely watching their progress

true honesty only comes from torture
my soul knows well what I speak of
a dark Queen to be sure

Shake this spell I dare you
I conjure for my men
they ride the waves of discontent
feed the famine
open the door this is freedom

a switchblade pen
cuts deep in your conscious
don’t be afraid it only hurts the first time

By Smackdownraven

2. Flicker

flicker then fade
dream a dream while you can
the fire in me is not what it seems…t burns
warm for the beloved
hot for liars

tending to the skies
I look eastward with lust of the way
beholden to the truth I cast

with pure intentions, I request…justice
blow across my soul and lift me
out to the aether and heavenward

in the hour of my conception
I was set aside to do as bidden
I ride the waves of discontent
to settle this business as a witch does

By crimsin

3. Fallen Pt.4

Hell is on my trail her legions are everywhere
Why kill a succubus if indeed you didn’t care
I made it out of the pit with all powers intact
Cerberus is mine still programmed to attack

The forces of hell has orders to bring back this spawn’s head
What the fuck can they do when I’m already dead
Cerberus is a made bitch, cut his head off and it will grow back on
It is the spawn I Is Me that they really want, and they can bring it on

I saw him at the podium, mouth fucking everyone’s ear
He was gonna clean up this town, he was gonna bring jobs here
He was telling everyone that everything must be above board
But when he gets in office, that’s like striking the mother lode

Cerberus doesn’t like him, my rottweiler can’t stop growling
Cerberus remembers him from the pit and his talent for prowling
We blend into the crowd and made our way from there
Cerberus has to be pacified, he wanted to transform right there

But we have to regroup and come up with a plan
We have to know the opposing force down to the very last man
This is no lower level demon trying to work his way up
He has sat at the head of the council and doesn’t give a fuck

He knew I were there, he could fucking smell us
We saw his hair raise up on end and that look of disgust
He wants to transform and show his true might
He’s heard of I Is Me and he’s prepared for a fight

Cerberus and I engage in the deepest of surveillance
Slowly picking off the lower level demons when given a chance
He knows we’re coming and thinks he’s prepared
He’s told the more powerful demons they had best beware

But my time here has been spent wisely
I searched high and low for, Harpe, the sword that decapitated Medusa nicely
He doesn’t know of Harpe and thinks Cerberus is still in the pit
As I said before Cerberus is made, his signal doesn’t transmit

Slowly but surely we whittled his forces down
It was approaching midnight when me and Harpe hopped the fence of his compound
They knew we were there, they could smell our stench
One by one Harpe sent their asses back to the trench

By the time I entered the house, he was ready to transform
Wings unfolding, from his head was sprouting horns
He voice his pleasure at the chance for my bounty
He said he didn’t think I could best him even with Harpe

He watched in amazement as I put away the sword
He thought for sure that my life was now void
Both my horn and wings began to retract
Revealing Cerberus behind me ready to attack

He did see Cerberus for what he really was
He called him a mangy mutt, following a lost cause
He laughed with the sounds of hell as I stepped aside
Cerberus transformed right there in front of his eyes

I walked out of the house closing the door behind me
It’s kind of embarrassing to hear a demon supreme plea
His energy is really what Cerberus needed
And as I heard the screams of hell, I knew he had been defeated

Cerberus came out as a rottweiler, licking his chops
I leaned over and scratched behind his ear giving him, his props
Tomorrow we will be moving on, we can’t stay here any more
If we don’t hell will be at our door with demons galore


 4. Manufactured Desert

Living in a wallpaper wonderland
Inside a concrete conundrum
Living life’s not comfortable
But it is comfy to die
A walk to work’s a sequence of squares
Everything’s gray bentonite
I’m a number among numbers
It would be more cozy to die


 5.   I Be

So you want to know what I IS ME is about
Why fire emerge when I open my mouth
Poetry is just words that we learned in the pit
I would sit in front of Baal and get praised for it

Only a young spawn but, I was told the truth
One day I would have to walk the earth, and what I must do
But I was in bewilderment, how did I come to exist
A spawn is supposed to be a blank page, programmed to enlist

But I broke into the files and read the scripts
Of I IS ME the first spawn born already micro-chipped
It said born of a zombie, raped by a demon
He’ll be born at midnight, in a coffin screaming

Made to tear his way out of womb, coffin, and grave
Make sure he’s care for, he’s no one’s slave
There was priest all posted, that calmed me down
The graveyard was on fire with veves all around

My powers were retarded, my destination the pit
There was a lot that I had to learn about killing and shit
Still so very young, we didn’t understand the soul
And of what to do when you first take a hold

But we were allowed to grow, made to learn
Taught one day it would be my fucking turn
To sit on the bench and control the burn
Can you feel me, controlling the fucking burn

Pampered and covered in nothing but slobber
But so many Succubus drooling lava
I didn’t have a soul, but that didn’t bother
My succubus were nothing but grave robbers

Slowly but surely I came of age
Released upon the earth filled with nothing but rage
But rage isn’t enough you need cunning
The kind that keep you free, so that the blood keeps running

I get so excited, I start to shake
Watching your eyes roll back, hearing your neck break
I come back to reality and I’ve nutted on myself
There’s so many lives, can you believe my wealth


6. Truth

Like a drug, so addicting
The rush, the release, the warmth
I thought I could stop as I pleased
Oh, was I wrong
1 turned to 2 which turned to 3, 4
You cannot stop
It burns deep inside you
The most primal, most animalistic, most real
It’s inside everyone, you are just too weak so see
This void inside my body that needs to be filled
Death is life
All I do is assist life by becoming death
Bathing in it
My need to kill
Our need to kill
We all feel it, but you are too scared to act
“Animals” they call us, not even human
But how can such a beautiful, natural, thing be so hated
The weak
The scared
Must be vanquished
Only those worthy
Worthy of the blood

The warmth, the life of one being taken by another
You cannot stop once you start
The hunger grows
The need to bathe
The need to feast
It is true love
It is true life
The love of death and murder
To be covered in blood
Ah, I’m joking I promise
Tags: Psychopath, Murder, Death

By Dillon (Blood Tears)

7. The One That…

Take my hand,
Drips of tears.
Lead me out of here.

Tears continue to pour.
I start to fade away.
What was once Bright,
quickly turns Black.
My heart?
My eye?
Burn with tears.
My wrist?
What wrist?

My hope is gone,
done with.
It left when you did.
Now I’m waiting.
Waiting on something that will never come
someone who will never show.

slowly dying.
Slowly fading.
Bright goes to dark.
Light to black.
Happy to dead.
Smile to frown.

By Raven Wolff

8. I’m fine – just tired

Suffocating, she can’t catch her breath
Panicking, she grasping for anything to prevent this death
Shrieking, she’s screaming in fear
She’s afraid of everything that is near

Alone, she’s so alone but there are so many people standing in her presence
But amongst them she feels like she’s not in existence
No one understands her depression
On the outside they see a very different perception

They look at her ever so lovely smile
Their knees buckle at her laugh they can hear for a mile
Her beauty so strong it makes others so weak
Her hair, her complexion always so sleek
Her radiance just lightens the room
Her presence always in full bloom

You never would have guessed that underneath it all
Is a girl that stands only two inches tall
Sunken in such miserable pain
Anguished her heart is already slain

Her beauty that she can’t see
Thoughts swirling that she can’t set free
Searching and searching for a way to evade

That’s the first time she picked up the blade
Dragging it across her skin with such precision
A rush of relief in this one incision
Again and again, each time feeling a release

At last, a few precious moments of peace
Unable to explain the joy that she feels
She drags the blade over and over with thrill
Addicted she becomes to the freedom she receives

This is the only way she believes
Motivated by those moments she felt
She found her way to deal with the disease she was dealt
Disapproving eyes judge her scars

Not looking past into her memoirs
She doesn’t care, she will do it again
Despite being told self harm is a sin
She will cut and cut until it ends
Rather it be the pain or her life that suspends

The moral of the story is do not judge
Look deep down inside her and find the trudge
The long path that lead her to this pivotal place
Try understanding the circumstances that put her in this space

Read her, she’s an open book
It’s up to you to open the binding and take a look

What are you afraid of, the story you may find?
Or the backlash for not seeing the warning signs?
Step back, take the time, make it right, help her back
Back to a place she deserves to be
Happy, healthy, and set free

Me to nothing.
You to..
The one that killed me.

By Leigha Redmond

9. Cemetary

Dark fixed at night to fright in deep consciousness flight

Gone in desperation quick fix to hide inside pain
In heated pleasure silenced to a slow pitch
In fetters sought with creatures among lines drawn in features


Dark in dusk who do we trust
Blackened stench in negate trench
A trance sold out advance per chance
In limestone some engrafted in time

A warm encounter with ghost sublime

Fought back the tears to hide the pain
Along lines asunder totally insane filled in dreams slight scream with Summer’s rain
Eyes filled up with coffins chill in brain
Suffering chill down spine through a collapsed dispare

An eagle fly’s above shelter lies dormant amidst the pain
Not some door mat bent on any high healed excursion
In the pit of silence nursed back the tear of ellusive hate

We carry dreams filled with timeless fragmentation in ellusive lines filled in imagination
Carry me further down by the river pilgrims process shelter lieth dormant
Amidst modest apparell to appease the night in sullen asps in seperation into a vile


Chaste impulse that derives an analogy sullen fragments
Cemetary very scarey even if your in the weary
Trampled back its timeless clause by impulse an explosion of applause

Having long hanging viscious fangs that bite in the night to fright
A shout of intense madness filled with sadness

Shadows fixed within timeless clause
A plausible cue toward a viable loss…

By Mario Vitale

10. Ebony Shell

Walking through this dark concrete forest,
Feeling those heavy stones on my chest,
Slowing me down, down and down;
In this dark of night, I’m the only one on the prowl.

The sinners crawl,
As the darkness falls,
“Hello, Hello, Remember me?
I’m everything you can’t control.”

Fallen Angels at my feet,
Whispering voices as my wrists are slit;
She beckons me, shall I give in?
Upon my end, shall I begin?

Death before my eyes,
Those groans you hear, aren’t my lies.
I’m frightened by what I see,
Knowing there’s much more to come to pierce me.

Immobilized by my fears,
And soon to be blinded by tears.
Lost from within; persuing the end,
Fighting for the chance to be lied to again.

Lost in a dying world,
I reach for something more.
And all alone, speaking to the atmosphere,
I fall into myself as noone’s here.

I have grown so weary of this lie I live,
Hoping somewhere beyond the pain there must be a way to believe.
I’m standing on the edge; embracing my fate,
Death is near and it won’t be too late.
Till then I’ll haunt through this fiery road of hell,
Spreading darkness through my ebony shell.

By Afrin Farhana

11. Tombstones for Eyes

We search for solace amidst the crowd to appease
One day we shall all bow humbly to our knees
The land is dark without the sun to light
When this life is over there is no double feature

Shades of black decorated the plate of mast
Silence etched it’s beckoning call asunder
Tombstones for eyes does this come at a big surprise
Can’t we ever see through the devil’s lies

We live in a land where cash is king
No chance at heart to let the freedom ring
In silence we get a glimpse of what it is to come
Blackened hearts of evil that plug destruction

We used to live in freedom’s realm
That was so long ago another theatre with a lost film
Rather there is glue on the stick that is nothing new
A borrowed pew to offer sacrifices to the Lord

The faces with tombstones for eyes having long fangs that bite
They search for blood in the dead of night
Walking zombies seeking self to please
They cry for peace yet their hearts are frozen

Living in their fake mechanical world of temporary
You search for blood out on the street exchange love for lust
Two hearts that soar out to the sky a happy passerby
They are amng us yet they are not of us
Having seared their hearts to what’s torn apart

By Mario Vitale

12. Gothic Darkness

Pillars in light fashionable decorum sets the standard
Those high rise structures with heavenly interior
The holy oblation lead to the ultimate construction
In matters of trust we can maintain a humane aura

A heart that devised the good of humanities stake & claim
An old lady named Grier used to live in it’s dwelling
A structure well kept yet needs a fix up with the plumbing
Grier used to frequent her yard with it’s barbed wire fence

Tragedy had claimed her late husband’s life that left her alone
She carries on with a smile in her lone desolation
A mere place for rest like a long awaited vacation
With sincere love in her heart she would often sing

Letting in the sunshine inside her brilliant dwelling
A noted poet herself used to write to her hearts content

The fashion of her study was filled with perfume & appeal
Stacks of books lined the way the went to her parlor

She made music in her head as she was getting ready to sleep
A sincere whisper of gratitude would always be nestled at her feet
For Grier was living smooth to the natural eye
Sought back the pain from within with a simple sigh

She dedicates her home to the loving hands of almighty God
Enough to give her courage amidst a darkened cloud
Silently awaits the true love to come through the door
A beacon of light to a much hurting world in need

Soft lace now decorates the rug with plush moderation
A sip of tea will bring forth a new year’s resolution
She has gained yet also has lost humanities heaviest cost
With four walls of gothic revival in her unique quest

By Mario Vitale

13. Deadly Bean-site Coffee

How she sucked every last bean
the blackest meanest Goth.
She froze with terror the color spilled deep Darth.
And next to her was a big burly Football player.

Sipping her erotically boiling coffee.
He’s the slayer.
Her body deadly slim he played her
She kept to herself not wanting to speak to him.
She could have blasted his balls within.
These guys did horrible things to those girls.

Mixing your blood a whirl and a dead Girl
twirl deep red swirl.
What Coffee sin’s he possessed them?
Likewise the “Dark Reaper”.
He spilled her coffee beans.
He black fishnets smelled like liquor
How it melted her like Lava
meeting her “Dead Man” waiter
How it spread through his pants.

He’s monstrous creature loud vulgar grunts.
He became faceless every hell under feature.
Went dark and dead she felt her coffee smoking

on his weed head wicked bean inside his pants
The movies creepy dark eyes fall out stunts
More grunts face boiling so hot darkest of hours?
The steam got sickly stuffy.

Her computer and coffee he came like hard taffy.
On the window sill, she took another deadly pill.

So waiting and anticipating the field what’s next?
She saw the test sign it said Help Coffee screwball.
He was still with his football blinded by her love
Other men came forward all exposed in Darkness
Came out of hiding no shield.

That bad to the bone coffee what a stinger epilepsy.
So drugged the coffee she’s tipsy.
Her headbanging in the field more was hanging.
Such uncontrollable head convulsions.
The darkest of hell persuasions.
She was sucked into his game. Going home she could sense

“Dead Sugar Mummy” dearest.

Her Black cracked tricky porn Full lips
Humanitarian she was the black coffee psycho sips of the
She charged out he was blackmailed.
Goth fucking system failed.
Her black Coffee erotica-creepy 4 1 chosen

deadly sip.
Bad spell instinctual cup ritual black rose.
Barista hot Vampire pose
Whose the fuck who is doing this?
let’s be realistic?
Leaving people sadistically flying.

How she was weaving, though, his tattoo skin.
Such boiling bean “Tied up Web”
Creeping into his coffee way down in hell wake up!
I’m darkness and you are becoming so deadly
ass worthless.

She was tumbling spatted out like a dead black cat.
The paint was dripping splat coffee
“Hell-Demented Coach”
Her darkness sleeping well in your fucking cave.

Like a Kangaroo pouch
Never to be saved. He left you crawling
Killing you softly cockroaches.

Remaining of his ashes she left in her
Goth boiling pot mansion.
But the ritual’s dark scheming cults
bite me hard fashion.
They were lovers of the darkness, erotically
touched by the demon.
Can you handle my torture just die hard?
He covered me Goth nailed gloves.
Burning incense of poison cloves.

The black jacket sympathetic hearts of mates
She the Lady of darkness open spilled
blood sucked into her mouth.
He circled her smoke turned into a blackout.
She’s on to me devil made me screw it.

Her bean lover blew it
She was stuck in “Vampire Transylvania”

His Blood what a hell-raiser crime
She was the Coffee neck biter.
How he sucked on her deadly bean
eyes are drawn in

Those coffee beans kept slaved in 7 deadly sins.
He’s bringing my last deadly coffee black cat
Thirteen wicked chat’s Grunge on.
A thrust deadly weight of a hard on

She sipped her dark iced coffee deadly awake.
looking at his nails of fangs the chill
He called her the phone rang.Popping more pills.
How the “Coffee international Vampire bars

M for Master and W for Widow. B-M-W
This is B for bean boiling. At the end his knife?
The star of Porn coffee brutal life.
Falling into Vampirism stake?
There was nothing of realism to make.
That black muddy coffee whose to blame.

Whoa! her chosen dead bean’s what a high rise
This is her”Sticky Buns” Just roast up and run.
This was not getting better two I deadly rings.
The dark spider Apple tunes. Crawling
Their resting in the coffin house Babes crib.
Adam and Eve tainted terror my coffee beans.
So deep in the grind, he smashed her in the tub.
This is the Vampires Pub

By Robin Carretti

14. Prisoner

In this dark cage of Lies,
I’m dangerously trapped inside.
The butterflies have flown away,
No longer does this soul sway.

Anger, Pains, Hatred,
Now my heart is left damaged.
Deception, Betrayal, Lies were thrust upon,
Still a mask of happiness I put on.

Agony, Depression, Insanity I try to hide,
All the blames are killing me inside.
Lying dead I stare at the gleaming stars,
Trapped inside my mind’s prison bars.

By the chains of failure I’m suffocating,
Yet trying to cope up with pains so excruciating.
Do you know what happens when I’m insane ?
The Demon takes over my body and eats up my brain.

A Demon so vicious and crazy,
Harms this body till my soul gets hazy.
Trapped inside this body that doesn’t reel,
Imprisoned here against my will.

No choice my own,
I see people they frown.
Drowning in a darkness of deep despair,
Believing the lies I hear,

And seeing truths not there.
Bring me to the surface,
Give me air to breathe so solace.
Let me see the morrow,
Upon my broken dreams so sorrow.

By Afrin Farhana

Dark poems as the name implies may not be sounding as scary as one would think. I hope you enjoyed reading them and also you will share them with your friends.

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