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Poems about Goodbye – 20 Most Emotional Goodbye and Farewell Poems

Poets are often at their most emotional moment when writing poems about goodbye and farewell to lovers, lost loved ones, or a part of their lives they have left behind.

Here are the 20 Most emotional poems about goodbye and farewell you will ever come across.

They range from the Renaissance to the second half of the twentieth century showing how poets have produced some of the most moving and ingenious poems that say Goodbye or bid farewell to loved ones.

They should blow your mind, and I hope you will enjoy reading them.

1. Title:You Will Be Missed

Saying farewell, an agonizing task,
A chapter closed, an emotional mask.
I never anticipated, not in my view,
Parting ways, especially with you.

Your attentive ears, words so wise,
Guiding me through lows, reaching highs.
Hugs precisely timed, comforting and true,
On dreary days, you knew what to do.

No one could fill the void you leave,
A promise steadfast, I shall believe.
Rare, like you, is a precious bliss,
In my heart, your absence I’ll always miss.

As we part ways, the ache persists,
Your imprint lingers, the memories twist.
In the vast sea of faces, none compare,
Forever, in my heart, you’re cherished there.

You Will Be Missed - Poems about Goodbye

2. Title: “Because She Was My Best Friend”

Together we’d laugh, and together we’d cry,
With each other, never a reason to be shy.
We’d fight, then reconcile without a doubt,
Not raising our voices, that’s what friendship’s about.

When I was with her, a wild spirit I’d display,
Dancing like a silly daisy, come what may.
Unperturbed by others’ opinions, creating a fuss,
She was my best friend, and that was enough for us.

Today, I saw her with someone new,
Years had passed, and I felt the residue.
She ignored me, and tears wanted to pry,
The end of a friendship, I couldn’t deny.

For she was my best friend, it’s true,
Never imagined it would end as it did, too.
A chapter closed, a silent farewell,
In my heart, the memories dwell.

Because She Was My Best Friend - Poems about Goodbyes

3. Title: “Goodbye, My Dearest Friend”

The toughest phase in any friendship’s tale,
Arrives when it’s time to bid farewell.
Despite yearning for you to choose to stay,
I understand you must soar and find your own way.

Life’s journey beckons, a path to traverse,
Confident you’ll overcome every adverse.
Never forget, as you bid adieu,
I’ll carry the memory of you.

Pursue your dreams with unwavering might,
For dreams and wishes, they take flight.
In the realm of time, our paths may intertwine,
Until then, your presence in my thoughts will shine.

So go where your heart leads, never relent,
Know, in my prayers, you are fervently sent.
Though parted by distance, our bond stays true,
Until the day we meet anew.

Goodbye, My Dearest Friend - Poems about Goodbye

4. Title:Goodbye, Best Friend

Things may change from this day on.
Here with us is where you belong.
Someone like you there is no other.
You’re the closest thing I have to a brother.

You gave me confidence, you gave me pride.
Even when you’re gone I’ll be by your side.
For all those fears in which we shared.
To say goodbye, I’m not prepared.

I am so glad that we became friends,
But this isn’t where our journey ends.
The memories we have will last forevermore.
I will always love you, for that I’m sure.

Always in my heart and in my heart you will stay.
I can’t believe today’s the day.
You made me stronger, and that I believe,
But now it’s time to let you leave.

Goodbye, Best Friend - Poems about Goodbye

5. Title: “Farewell Words

Farewell words too often part
And cleave with sorrow to aching hearts.
With a final wave, all disappears
Beneath the hush of silent tears

Why can’t sorrow be so kind
As to hide away and stay confined?
And leave us only thoughts of bliss,
Of joyful things to reminisce.

So focus not on sorrows, born
Where happy times are now forlorn,
But instead on joy and merriment
And delight all felt without relent.

And with all the love to fill our hearts,
Sorrow and pain then soon departs.
And although goodbyes are bittersweet.
We can no longer feel incomplete.

Farewell Words - Poems about Goodbye

6. Title: “Never Part

When I saw you
in the hall,
I knew you would
be the best of all.

I talked to you for
the very first time,
you ended up being
my partner in crime.

When you cry
I’m going to cry too,
because the pain
is shared between me and you.

Miles apart
but friends from the start,
I know in my heart
we will never part.

Never Part - Poems about Goodbye

7. Title:Gone

Emotions ran through my head.
I found myself wishing I was dead
All because you were moving away.
I knew I would never see you another day.

You got in your car and waved goodbye,
And then I was left all alone to cry.
I felt helpless and all alone.
I could only talk to you on the phone.

It’s been almost a year since you moved away,
But it feels like it was only yesterday.
I remember everything you used to do.
It may seem impossible, but it’s true.

You were the best friend I ever had.
Now that you left me, I am beyond sad.
I love and I miss you more than you’ll ever know.
You’ve taught me much, and I want to say thank you.

Gone - Poems about Goodbye

8. Title:Dear Friend

Dear friend, bidding farewell is hard,
Expressing the depth, no simple regard.
In parting words, the ties we sever,
In this goodbye, a bond we treasure.

Thy gentle grace, we’ll dearly miss,
A willing hand, a face that brings bliss.
No other friend can fill your space,
Though absent, your presence we embrace.

God bless the work you’ve undertaken,
Guard you in the years yet to awaken.
When weariness or solitude you face,
Know you’re not alone in life’s vast space.

May your journey be filled with grace,
As you step into a new time and place.
Farewell, dear friend, until we meet again,
Our hearts connected, a timeless chain.

Dear Friend - Poems about Goodbye

9. Title: “The Drifter’s Melody”

The time soon comes for parting,
And our time is at an end.
The rest of your life is starting,
And we have no time at all to spend.

You knew one day you’d have to go,
But thought you’d have more time.
We can’t reverse time’s one-way flow,
But at least you’ll have this rhyme.

You had your shining moments,
Upon this life’s darkened stage,
And in my book of wonderments
You’ll never be just another page.

Like the exploding of a star,
You’ve changed me in and out.
Your light will travel with me far,
Past when all other lights go out.

The Drifter's Melody - Poems about Goodbye

10. Title: “Lucky Soul”

I am such a lucky soul
To have friends as good as you
‘Cause when worries find their way to me
And I’m unsure what to do…

I just think of you and remember
Something you said or a story you told.
It makes me laugh and gives me joy
That you should be so bold.

You’ve taught me many things
That I did not know before,
Brought clarity, enlightenment,
That I must thank you for.

I admire you and that is why
For now it’s hard to part,
But it won’t be long that I’ll be gone,
And you’ll be in my heart.

Lucky Soul - Poems about Goodbye

11. Title: “To My Friend”

I am so glad I met you.
You have made a big impact in my life.
It is thanks to you
That I’ve remained strong.

Your friendship means the world to me.
Believe me, it truly does,
And I just wanted you to know that
From me, you will always find love.

Now we are going our separate ways,
Maybe never to meet again.
As long as our friendship holds true,
Our connection will forever stand.

Yes, I am going to miss you,
And I wish you the very best.
Please always try to remember
That you are truly blessed!

To My Friend - Poems about Goodbye

12. Title: “I Can’t Be”

I can hear your heartache
and the truth you hide
you give me all your secrets
but the rest is locked away inside

I’ve listened to your worries
taken them all as my own
constantly on my mind
my own troubles over thrown

I thought I would always be there
when times got tough
thought I would stand by you
but now it’s got too rough

I’m selfish and cruel
but I have to do this right
I have to face you truthfully
tell you I have given up the fight

I Can't Be - Poems about Goodbye

13. Title: “Forever in My Thoughts”

I always knew that someday
We would have to say goodbye.
We were supposed to have one last year together,
The last year that we would have fun.

But now, I see that you have to go
And leave us behindm
Soon we will grow apart and
We become just a memory

But I just want you to know
That you will always be in my heart.
No matter what happens,
I’ll always love you.

Wipe your tears off your cheek,
And please, for the last time,
Smile your beautiful smile.
We’ll meet again someday.

Forever in My Thoughts - Poems about Goodbye

14. Title: “Goodbye, and I’ll Miss You”

I know with you leaving,
This friendship I’ll never top,
And loving you is like breathing.
There’s no way I can stop.

I became close with your family.
Some great times we had,
Like watching Twilight with your mom
And then explaining it to your dad.

Your walking out of my life
Gives me a very sad emotion,
But I will continue loving you
Until they find my tear that I dropped in the ocean.

It’s hard for me when I think
That our chapter is now done,
So I say goodbye, and I’ll miss you
Like a flower would the sun.

Goodbye, and I'll Miss You - Poems about Goodbye

15. Title: “Moving Day”

Today, I come to bid goodbye,
A truth I can’t deny, oh, how time does fly.
Moving on to a distant town,
Leaving you behind, it brings a frown.

I’ll stay connected, that I vow,
Calls and chats, we’ll manage somehow.
It won’t be the same, this I see,
But hellos can bridge the gap between you and me.

So, it’s not goodbye, just a brief so long,
Our friendship enduring, ever strong.
The bonds we share won’t easily break,
we’ll stay united, no matter the distance we make.

As paths diverge, a new chapter unfolds,
In our hearts, the connection holds.
Though miles apart, our spirits entwine,
A friendship lasting, transcending the confines.

Moving Day - Poems about Goodbye

16. Title: “Goodbye To You My Friend”

We said we would be friends together,
You said you would always be my best friend,
Then you stabbed me in the back,
Now we’ve lost everything we had.

I thought of you as my friend,
I treated you as my sister,
Then I come to find,
You are one big disaster.

I hid my pain from everyone,
Trying to fake everything was fine,
I guess this was a sign,
That we should break our line.

Now our friendship has come to an end,
I don’t think I’m ever going to mend,
But I’ll find someone to befriend,
Goodbye to you my ex-friend.

Goodbye To You My Friend - Poems about Goodbye

17. Title: “My Friend”

No farewells, just greetings anew,
A brief pause, a rendezvous in view.
Cherishing the moments, my dear friend,
Your absence, I’ll feel, this I comprehend.

I’d rather not utter words of farewell,
As if our connection could dwindle or quell.
Our time together was never in need,
Of fixes or repairs, it was built on a sturdy creed.

Parting ways brings a touch of sorrow,
Admitting I’ll miss you today and tomorrow.
Goodbye sparks a hint of ire,
Yet our committed friendship, never will tire.

So let’s refrain from goodbyes, just hellos,
Connected through messages and letters that flows.
Our paths will cross, no need to complain,
In details of life, we’ll share, once again.

My Friend - Poems about Goodbye

18. Title: “I Will Meet You There”

We all go through life with the love of friends
Even though we know they’ll all leave us eventually
Never knowing where the future might lead you
No worries though, there is a future for them too.

That being said, friend, you will always be with me
And when my time has come, I will meet you there
I know you are looking down on me now and then
Up in a place we like to call heaven.

Make sure there is room for me when I get there
Just so that I know that you still care
I don’t know how long it will be before it is my time
So I’m letting you know with this little rhyme.

That I will always be here, no matter where you are
You won’t even have to reach out to me
Don’t ever fear because my love will forever send
And I will be there when my life comes to an end.

I Will Meet You There - Poems about Goodbye

19. Title: “Through The Years”

You helped me laugh
You dried my tears
Because of you
I have no fears.

Together we live
Together we grow
Teaching each other
what we must know.

You came in my life
and I was blessed
I love you, friend
You are the best.

I promise you this
it’s not the end
‘Cause like I said
you’re my friend.

Through The Years - Poems about Goodbye

20. Title: “The Heart of Friendship”

The bond of friendship, forever in bloom,
True friends never part, dispelling the gloom.
Pure truth unites us, an unbreakable tie,
Defying distance, it will never die.

Though miles may challenge, rough and tough,
Carry the memories, that’s enough.
Friendship’s power, a guiding light,
Will navigate you through the darkest night.

Never forget, always follow your heart,
True friends, never to drift apart.
Soon, we’ll reunite, the waiting will end,
Our Lord’s strength, our faithful friend.

Deep within my heart, your place,
Prayers ascend for a swift embrace.
The Lord’s comfort, a balm for the ache,
See you soon, not goodbye, for heaven’s sake.

The Heart of Friendship - Poems about Goodbye

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