twin flame poem

Twin Flame Poems (Amazing Bonding and Passionate Poems)

You might have fallen in love with someone who is impossible to meet or you might have met. In this instance, we’ve gathered some lovely twin flame poems to ease your pain.

twin flame poems

Twin Flame Poems

Below are amazing twin flame poem you can always read to your soul mate to get them addicted to you.

Twin flame (Twin Flame Poems)

The love I gave was not enough to make you stay
With fear of commitment and pressure on yourself
A clear response to leave long-term talking stage
Relationship at the wrong time with the right person—
Rather a splash of cold water of trauma to uncover

Separation is a necessity to be our own better version
A hope that we both know could possibly happen
Let everything go as it is and trust divine timing
If the universe says we are destined for one another—
our love will last for a lifetime without definition

For now, I know my love it must have been tough
Someday you will hear me say to you dearly—
The moon is beautiful isn’t it?”

By, Trish


Union Vow (Twin Flame Poems)

One of these days,
I’ll get to speak my vow
to whomsoever the great love of my life is.

“I’m so grateful that we cross paths in this very lifetime.
Through the fire and through it all,
never really thought we’d make it this far.

With all the time we have left,
may it be filled with blessings, joy and peace;
not just for ourselves but also for others.

Because I know we are here to be the light for the world,
that our encounter was fated,
that it has always been written in the stars
ever since the dawn of time.

With all the time we have left,
I’d encourage us to create all the memories we’ll carry
to the end of time in the afterlife.

Having our souls united as one in a harmonious union
truly means the whole universe to me
and it’s something I sincerely cherish with my all.

I will always fight for us, for our lives
And I will never give up on us,
For as long as we both shall live.

Thus, I vow—
However long we’re privileged to be each other’s counterparts,
However long we’re privileged to be each other’s wives,
to fill the world
with all the love and the joy you deserve;

‘til the end of time,
to the ends of the world,
‘til death do us part,
‘til death we do art.

As above, so below,
As within, so without.
As the universe, so the soul;
And so it is.”

Thus, we tied the knot.
I love you, my Counterpart…
’til the end of time.
See you when I see you, or…
See you in the afterlife, maybe.

By, Shannon Soeganda


Vanilla Curls (Twin Flame Poems)

I have always been weary
of putting names in my poems
in fear that I will never be able to take
my confessions back
but when is a good day to tell you
that I have loved you in every lifetime

In the past we were entangled in each other

One life we were shooting stars
another we laid lazily in fields of wildflowers
a love too strong to explain through words
so we didn’t speak
instead you embodied the beauty of spring
a way to remind us of those April days
when nothing existed outside of each other

We hid our love behind buttercups and daisies
maybe that’s why I love to bring you flowers
to feel the flicker of a spark we shared
in a lifetime so long ago

In another lifetime we read quietly together
over coffee in smoky French cafe’s
we underlined passages
that we would read each other in secret
our love withstanding a time
when it was criminal to look at one another
with the type of love we shared

I don’t know if I have ever loved you loudly
there are no muscle memories
of me shouting your name from rooftops
or unapologetically holding your hand
without fear of repercussions
—even now I don’t know how to form the words
“I love you”
without looking around to see who’s listening
even after all this time I love you in secret
I still can’t put your name in my poems
but i promise in one of our lifetimes
I’ll write your name in every poem
and tell you that I’m in love with you out loud
someday the words
won’t feel stuck in my throat
but I hope that’s in a lifetime sooner than later

By, Lyss Brianne


Past Life (Twin Flame Poems)

I must’ve known you in a past life

You feel so familiar

Even when I didn’t know that I knew you

I knew

There was something in the way

The warmth radiated from your skin

Caramel macchiato I drank you in

The baritone of your laugh

You were so familiar

Yet we had just met

Your silhouette

Was one I had seen before

But not in this lifetime

Were you mine in another one?

Slipping through my fingers like silk

Always one grasp away

But you’re never gone

The way you remain like the rain

Soaking grass in spring

And I’m thirsty for you

For endless nights talking in darkness

Till light came in again

And never running out of words

But even as we spoke it felt so deja vu

Don’t I already know you?

How do you know me so well?

Like your code is written into my cells,

I feel you on a molecular level

Your soul intertwined in mine

But never fully actualized in this timeline

Years and years come and go

But your “aww” and chuckle never fade,

I hear it like you smiled that way you do

Like it was yesterday

Time a construction that doesn’t function

In the realities in which I know you

I have known you

You’ve been mine and I yours

In lifetimes before

In present, eyes closed I manifest

My me’s and your you’s

Subconscious whispers traveling

Through time and space

Dimensions unknown

But I know

It’s you and you know

It’s me too.

By, Meg B

Love is magical and poetry is the element that makes that magic complete. You can bring the world to a standstill by reading out authentic poetry, it is like an enchantment that seduces and weakens a lover. Hope you had an amazing read, we are one of the largest poetry community, join us by sharing our work to your audience.

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