Dark Love Poems

Dark Love Poems (Staying True to Love and Light)

Not all romantic relationships involve gifts and kisses. The darkest side of relationships, when feelings turn into obsessions, is explored in our collection of dark love poems.

Dark Love Poems

Maybe you’ve experienced unrequited love the wrong way or had someone try to get your attention when it was unavailable. It may be a difficult and even frightening experience either way.

Sometimes we lose ourselves, go too far, or get choked by other people’s emotions. We hope that you may relate to these expressions of great, profound passion.

Sipping Sable Symphonies

I read the ripples of your passing moons
In the echoes of dying stars

Vermilion hues taint
The twisted strands
Of my crumbling twilight

Tasting the dust of your kiss
Upon the lips of my purgatory
Feeling every shade of quicksilver suicide
Beating against my ribs

Growling beast in my bones

Like sirens burning through my veins
Silver sonatas bleed into scarlet symphonies

Your flavors burst upon my tongue,
While i die upon the throat of your gloom,
Swallowing your sweet decay
As my eyes sip the savor of your starving orbs

Sable embers swirl,
Black fire blazing across oblivion
Inflaming my marrow

’til shadows cover our horizons
And we rise,
Twin suns immolating
Quickening, disintegrating
Our ashes weaving into stardust
To waltz along the blessed dark



Taste the blood in your mouth
The cut stings and you flood
In the sharp messages exude

Slap deserved
A haul back and release
Such precision and aim

The feeling of fresh hate
Cooked in warm love
The first betrayal

Simmers in the background
A naïve state of disbelief
Both parties make assumptions

Incorrect about human nature
Evolved from animals we
Kill for passions, lust and greed

What dog does that?

An Empty Space

Empty spaces

In the black void of your heart
Love suffocated before it starts
Claustrophobic as you were
Smothered love face down

Can i gasp or breathe?
I thought you cared, was deceived
Something borrowed never returned
Just a possession, barely fought for
Hardly earned

Ice cold kisses now adorn me
Shall i recant my allegiance?
As i gather courage to stray
You threaten to end your misery
Next time not with a dull blade

Shall i pray you gather strength
Find the folly in love under duress
A captive audience is still enslaved
When all it is their freedom they crave

We perform a nightly chore
You mollify my beast for an hour or more
But after a grateful slumber
I break from the spell i am under
Slump back to my glided cage


The Boy Who Would Not Stay

She gilded me into her lair
Smooth almost sublime
Words were unnecessary
Acceptance was in the orbs

As she opened the gift
She yearned for in sighs
In quiet moments before
Joined in union in the night

Slight glances in public
After all, no one must become wise
Tutorials after lessons
Pupils need clear eyes

She rubbed her prize gently
A trophy she would polish
With the finesse of an olympic swimmer
Contortions in the night

Her supple firm body
Would be his lecturing guide
If before had little meaning
A measure, a passing test

Anxiously awaiting to find
Heaven in context of silk sheets
And a teacher’s bed
Exploited, perhaps in hindsight

Willingness to be led
Leaves promises of silence
Of the boy who would not stay
Never longing to

For moments are meant to pass
Like a stray of sunlight before
The coming dusk of night

Your Torrents of Pain

Unravel the tendrils that strangle your heart
Untangle the cables attached to your corpse
For talons of raptors are piercing the dark
And slicing the sky with the cries of your sorrow

Billows are blotted with blood from your tears
That rise to the heavens and stain starry eyes
The universe suffers your stabbing afflictions
That rain down on me with your torrents of pain.

Pretty Young Thing

Flutter away at rapid speed
The winds are blowing can’t you see
It will get too heavy
And you will need the air you breathe

Flutter away now, can’t you see
Lions stir and snort before
One fast strike with his paw
Your freedom stilled with my roar

Flutter away with your brilliance
Keep conversations light and gay
Nothing serious to ever hold you
Keep my jealousy far away

Eminent Pain

Forest floor, washed away dreams
The blood flows red then turns to green
I see the end, eminent pain
Penetrated heart, ponding hard
Yet barely beating
Betraying bullets bludgeoning my body
Sudden silence, surreal clarity

Forgotten memories somehow reveled
The flounce of a girls dress
Sheathes of see through cloth
And the wisp of her hair.
Sharing of skin, sharing of sin

Lying in the moss tasting copper
Dark arks of crimson red
Changing the color of my soft moss bed

Unseen fingers holding my head
I slide deeper and deeper into the moss
Embedded and embody in the earthy edge

I feel her lips kiss my head
Ethereal and ephemeral I’m soon to be dead
Shifting shapes and wordless wails I see her crouching
On my stained moss bed.
Looking down no longer up I feel my self floating higher
Do not worry do not cry as it must be my time to die

Anne Palmer

Anne palmer,
With her teeth so sharp
Her eyes a bliss

Anne palmer,
A million houses
One never fixed

Anne palmer,
She is so sure
She tore..
Tore her only cure

Anne palmer,
With the jerrys
And the fairy lights galore

Anne palmer may you never change,
May you never change who you are
For you are
Who you are


Sable Symphonies

Desolation weaves into the
Spiraling dirge of my veins
While the ghosts of my pleasure
Stalk the silent halls of my crumbling requiem

I no longer feel their gaze,
Feel nothing,
Save the endless hunger and my flesh
Thirsting for the shade of lavender
That once adorned your lips

I hear your name
Whispering across the fleeting dust
Of twilight sands,
Wading the eons,

Centuries distilled into unquenchable desire
With every heartbeat of my savage song

Nightshade calls unto night-blood
Our starless symphony bleeds
Across the planes of time
Singing in every drop of blood
Drunk from the streams of fragile dolls

Yet, i yearn to find you
Within the taste of sweet vermillion
Melting upon my tongue

My pretty little scorpion,
Thy scent betrays you
Be it thee hides behind those hazel eyes?

Would you offer thy throat
To the brand of my bite,
And thy heart to burn
Within the insatiable fire
Of my devious kiss

Drown in the silken depths
Of my darkest seduction
Exhale your pain and fear
With a last breath of dying suns…

… inhale the silver shadows
Of sunlight’s surrender
Inflaming your veins
With the lusts of hunter’s moon

Rise from this chrysalis of death
Spread thy wings of shimmering sable,
The stars hold no fate for the steps of immortals

My love,
My winged darkling
Thy pulse thrums as mine,

This collection of dark love poems reveals that even in darkness, light exists. The light of love should never be undermined no matter the circumstances and this light, this special collection seeks to revive.

Share this with those you love and cherish. Write a comment in the box below. Let love find you!


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