Tyler Knott Gregson Poems

Tyler Knott Gregson Poems (Compilation of Love Poems)

You must have read some of Tyler Knott Gregson Poems if you enjoy poetry and use Instagram and Tumblr. Since 2009, Gregson has gained popularity as a poet on social media sites including Tumblr, Instagram, and Twitter.

Tyler Knott Gregson Poems

Tyler Knott Gregson Poems

He writes on life, love, and a variety of other topics that are difficult for all of us to put into words. While some of his works are succinct and to the point, others are more nuanced and emotional.

Due to a large number of followers he has on Instagram, his poetry is fairly well-liked on social media.

Author, poet, photographer, and Buddhist Tyler Knott Gregson. His work has been adored and shared by so many people and famous people.

1. I would love to say

that you

make me

weak in the knees


to be quite upfront

and completely



make my body


it has knees

at all.”

2. I promise you

I will try harder

to be better.


have battled with things

inside me

for longer than you know;

I do not know

what they are

or why they are there,

I only know

that they feel



when I

am around


3. I believe

in love at first sight

but I will always believe

that the people

we love

we have loved before.

Many, many, many times before

and when we stumble

through grace and circumstance

and that brilliant illusion of choice

to finally meet them again,

we feel it faster

each time through.

The one glance

that set life alight

is two sets of two eyes

staring through the layers

of lifetimes and stolen glances

and first kisses and hands held;

the brace against the weight

and unrelenting tide

of waiting.

I believe

in love at first sight

but am not burdened with the misconception

that it’s a first sight

at all.”

4. Some days I wake up

and all I feel

are the fractures

in the flesh

that covers

the only me

I’ve ever known.

Some days,

it’s those exact


that let the light

hiding inside me

pour out

and cover

in gold


that found enough beauty

in the cracks

to stand


5. I love you,

in ways

you’ve never been


for reasons you’ve never been


for longer than you think you


and with more

than you will ever know existed




6. Oh what we could be

if we stopped

carrying the remains

of who we were.”

7. Sometimes

the only way

to catch

your breath

is to

lose it


8. What if it’s the there

and not the here

that I long for?

The wander

and not the wait,

the magic

in the lost feet

stumbling down

the faraway street

and the way the moon

never hangs

quite the same.”

9. I do not know

if I

will ever be


but I know

whatever I am,


will always be

the rest of


10. Thank You

she whispered soft

like it may

blow away

with anything stronger

than a breathe,

“for fixing me.”


I sputtered out

like the first sound

of morning,

“were never



11. I overheard the man


I am a lover

not a fighter,”

and to myself

I thought


am in fact,


For is it love

at all

if it’s not worth



12. We

are the only

people I have ever


that can

make love

from across




13. I would rather hurt,

and walk through the flames you leave,

than never feel you.”

14. I am yours

and I will whisper it

and shout it

and write it

and carve it into my skin

if only blood

would tell you

the truth you need to see.

I am yours

and I have never

been anyone’s before.”

15. I find you in storms,

I feel you in the lightning,

I miss you in rain.

I’ll never ask you

to be anything other

than exactly you.”


16. Is it possible

for a heart to be exhausted?

Can it still be worn

when locked tight

in its cage?

My heart’s beat

is a drum too loose,

a dull thud

where it once

was triumphant.”

17. You have never

had to steal

my breath,

or take it away,


you have always

managed to convince me

to hand it over


When I’m an old man,

I don’t want to count the years,

we forgot to share.

You were the thing

worth photographing,

the stillness

that begged

for a matte finish

and far off stare.”

18. Be gentle,

always delicate

with every soul

you meet,

for every single morning

you wake up,

there is someone



and secretly,

that they

had not.

You are the habit

that I will spend my lifetime

trying not to break.”

19. I am the empty sound

that fills the space between two

when neither one

knows what to say.

I am the moment before

the faint,

the all black and soundless fall,

I am the echoless dark

of far off space.

I am the way it never needs sound to shine.”

20. We were one, once.

One continent

that floated alone

in a sea of blue.

Time and tide and

forces that exist

without the necessity

of our belief,

pulled us, into two, into many,

Just keep waking up,

dragging yourself out of bed.

It will get better.”

21. I want to know what your skin

feels like after three days

of traveling and no bother

of a shower because what

we see is more and worth

more than how we feel.

There is no difference:

Love is love and love is love.

We are all the same.

If you give me home

I will give you adventure.

It’s both we can have.

You are exactly

Precisely and perfectly

What I waited for.

I promise to plant kisses

like seeds on your body,

so in time you

can grow to love yourself

as I love you.”

22. I stare at your lips

and fall in love with the way

they form what you say.

She is she alone,

and never needs help from me

to be all she is.

And the sound of my smile

will be the alarm clock

to your morning ears.

Tyler Knott Gregson, who is based in Helena, Montana, is a poet, best-selling author, essayist, and skilled photographer. Since 2009, Gregson has gained popularity as a poet on social media sites including Tumblr, Instagram, and Twitter.

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