Religious Easter Poems

Religious Easter Poems (Celebrating Christ’s Resurrection)

Let these religious Easter poems serve as a reminder of the biblical significance of Christ’s resurrection. A day to rejoice and express gratitude!

Religious Easter Poems

Religious Easter Poems

We would not have any hope of Easter and the resurrection had not occurred. Fill your heart with joy and exult in God’s love, who so deeply cares for you that He offered His one and only Son to atone for your sins.

Whatever you plan to do on Easter, take a moment to read one of these lovely Religious Easter Poems to celebrate everything the season has to offer.

These religious Easter poems are sure to uplift you throughout the day with their brief rhymes that you can simply write to a friend in an Easter letter, as well as their kid-friendly poems featuring bunnies and church-friendly phrases.

1. Easter Day by Christina Rossetti

Words cannot utter
Christ His returning:
Mankind, keep jubilee,
Strip off your mourning,
Crown you with garlands,
Set your lamps burning.

Speech is left speechless;
Set you to singing,
Fling your hearts open wide.
Set your bells ringing:
Christ the Chief Reaper
Comes, His sheaf bringing.

Earth wakes her song-birds,
Puts on her flowers.
Leads out her lambkins.
Builds up her bowers:
This is man’s spousal day,
Christ’s day and ours.

2. All Hail To Easter Day by C. D. Bradlee

All hail to Easter Day now here;
Away at once our doubt and fear,
For Christ has risen!
Our hearts shall rise in sacred love,
Our eyes shall turn to thee above,
God of Heaven!

We feel the reign of time has fled,
No longer can the seeming dead
In sleep repose!
The soul will find another home,
And hear the Saviour’s solemn “Come,”
When breath shall close!

We know this life will speed away,
And short will be our mortal day,
And flesh must fade!
But still beyond there is a rest
For all the holy and the blest
Who’ve Christ obeyed!

Thanks be to God for Easter Day,
To Jesus, too, who led the way
To grace and peace!
And may we all receive a crown
When we our earthly work lay down,
And faith ne’er cease!

3. Easter by Eloise A. Skimings

The clouds break -light thro’ the darkness

Penetrates the gloom with its effulgence,

And from on high soft Alleluias float

Like angels’ whisperings -full of hope

To the hopeless mortal, whose web of life,

Both warp and weft, are spun of sin;

But now the God man, who died to save

And bring sinners to repentance.

Is risen to-day, as he said,

And lo, their faces are illumin’d

And their souls once more purified.

The old leaven is purg’d away

And the tarnish on their armor

Is removed— may it keep burnish’d

With constant use in God’s armory,

This world, which Satan strives to rule;

And at the final resurrection

May we all swell the grand chorus,

“Resurrexit Sicut Dixit” – Alleluia”


he is risen alleluia!


4. He Is Risen by Ellwood Haines Stokes

He is risen! Christ the holy,
He the Christ who once was slain;
He the earth-born, lone and lowly,
Bursts the tomb and lives again.
Grace divine to men abounded.
Grave, sin, hell, are all confounded.

He is risen! Men despising,
Truths of God revealed in time;
Risen! to His foes surprising,
To His friends a joy sublime;
Risen? yes, alive forever,
Christ, of endless life the giver.

Risen! risen! every nation
Join the universal joy;
Let the song fill all creation.
Men and angels’ tongues employ,
Sadden’d hell and gladden’d heaven.
Death is conquered, Christ is risen!

Risen! risen! joy forever,
Christ is victor, death in chains.
Grave shall gain dominion never,
Jesus lives, Messiah reigns!
Thrill the earth with the glad story.
We shall reign with Him in glory!

5. Awakening by Margaret Elizabeth Munson Sangster

Never yet was a spring-time,
Late though lingered the snow,
That the sap stirred not at the whisper
Of the south wind, sweet and low;
Never yet was a spring-time
When the buds forgot to blow.

Ever the wings of the summer
Are folded under the mould;
Life, that has known no dying,
Is Love’s, to have and to hold,
Till sudden, the bourgeoning Easter!
The song! the green and the gold!

6. An Easter Offering by Caris Brooke

Dear Lord I have no Easter flowers to bring,
No roses fresh, nor lilies dewy sweet,
Yet still one offering I may gladly bear
And lay rejoicing at Thy dearest feet.

Enfold my weary love in Thy sweet will,
And keep it closely to Thy pierced side,
So shall I rest, nor sad and helpless mourn.
While safe in Thee my love and I abide.


7. Victory by Jennie Harrison

Out of the shadow of death and the grave,
Jesus our Saviour hath come,
Bright in His glory, and mighty to save,
Free from the taint of the tomb!
Robes of humanity, sanctified so,
Worn in His pitying love.
Drop all their weight of earth-weakness and woe,
Jesus ascendeth above.

Victory! Victory! won for us all!
Let the glad tidings resound;
Jesus is risen! His trumpet shall call.
Life and salvation are found.

Out of the shadow of winter’s long night.
Earth comes in gladness to-day!
Clad in the garments of spring-time and light,
Scattering doubt and dismay.
Beautiful story, that never grows old,
Pledge from our conquering Lord,
Earth is redeemed from its darkness and cold,
Easter hath come at His word.

Out of the shadow of weakness and fear,
Let us arise, then, to-day!
Jesus hath called us; our Easter is here!
Why should we doubt and delay?
Here is the path that our Conqueror trod,
Bright with His blessing of peace;
These are His blossoms that spring from the sod,
Telling of hope and release.

8. Passion Flowers and Easter Lilies by Mary Bissell Waterman

In this brief changing life of ours,
Mingling with sweet and fragrant flowers,
The Passion Flowers entwine;
They speak of pain and bitter tears,
Of buried hopes, and fruitless years.
Of sweat of Blood Divine.

But when the purple clusters droop,
Behold the flowers that whisper Hope,
E’en by the stone sealed tomb;
For what in Life can bring despair
If close beside each grief and care
The Easter Lilies bloom?

he is risen indeed

9. Risen by Hezekiah Butterworth

Risen, Christ is risen!
Hear the angel say;
Never word so glorious,
Burst upon the day!
Risen, Christ is risen!
Hear the church repeat,
As her bannered armies
Follow Jesus’ feet.

Risen, Christ is risen,
Let our anthems say;
For our sake the Saviour
Rose this wondrous day.
Ours the hopes eternal
Of his empty tomb;
Ours regained the Eden
Of immortal bloom.

Tenants for a moment
Of abodes of clay,
Heirs of habitations
That shall ne’er decay,
In his resurrection
Life is but a breath,
We his feel shall follow
Through the gates of death.

Shines the wondrous morning
On the ages long!
Hail it, halls of Zion,
Glorious now with song!
Perish, mortal bodies;
Vanish, empty breath.
Hail him, — Jesus! Jesus!
Conqueror of death!

Risen, Christ is risen!
Hail the morning bright,
Children of the promise,
Children of the light.


10. Easter Morning by Jennie Harrison

Far o’er the distant mountain-tops,

A radiant light unfolds;

The tiniest flower-cup nestling there,

Its tinge of glory holds.

The watcher thro’ the weary night,

Looks up, with prayerful eyes; —

And, lo ! the shadows roll away,

Neath Resurrection skies!

It’s a period when there are particular spiritual opportunities that can be had. Others celebrate holidays simply to spend time with their families. Since the majority of individuals do not work, there is a chance to strengthen family ties.

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