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Funny Poems – 14 Hilarious Poems that Will Make You Laugh

Like Madeleine L’Engle said, ‘Laughing can make you feel better.’ Laughing is like a special medicine that can help when life is tough and make us see the happy side of things.

Funny poems are like jokes in poems. They can help us smile and find fun in the things that bother us. These poems show us everyday things in a funny way, so they make us laugh and feel better.

1. Title: “Turn Signal Laughter”

My turn signal wasn’t functioning right,
So to a friend, I reached out that night.
“Stand behind my car,” I politely said,
Together, let’s resolve this dread.

“When I activate the blinker’s light,
If it’s working, give a shout with might.”
I switched it on, and the verdict began,
“Yes! No! Yes! No!” in a playful plan.

With each flick of the blinker’s switch,
A comical dance, a humorous pitch.
“Yes! No! Yes! No!” the chorus rang,
We laughed and chuckled as the night sang.

In this simple test of car and friend,
A quirky moment, laughter’s blend.
The blinker ballet, a tale to show,
Even car troubles can bring a glow.

Turn Signal Laughter - Funny Poems

2. Title: “The Cupcake’s Culinary Adventure”

In the oven’s warmth, I began my quest,
A deprived, unhappy cake, put to the test.
As heat enveloped me, I started to swell,
Amidst fellow cakes, I knew my story to tell.

The oven’s door swung wide, my moment to shine,
Frosting and candies, made me feel divine.
Adorned and delightful, I stood head and shoulder,
While my batchmates seemed a bit colder.

Unwrapped by gentle hands, a breeze on my face,
But as her mouth opened, I lost my grace,
Shiny teeth gleamed, my end drew near,
The day this cupcake met its final frontier.

Now my tale is over, my journey complete,
From oven to mouth, my destiny bittersweet.
But in my sweet memory, I’ll forever reside,
The cupcake that lived and finally died.

The Cupcake's Culinary Adventure - Funny Poems

3. Title: “Funny World”

It’s funny how those who claim the light,
Also hold the weight of causing the night,
Most of the pain in this world we’ve seen,
While the loudest whiners dine so keen.

The rich often escape, the poor endure disdain,
Nations with plenty still play the same game,
Supplying weaponry that brings tears and strife,
Killing their children and the sanctity of life.

The world’s odd, justice flipped.
Lawful in-justice, and values often stripped,
Mankind’s best traits slipping through the cracks,
As industry and greed exact heavy tax.

A world indeed quite odd, without much mirth,
A place where laughter seems of little worth.
Yet in this humorless world we’re in,
We must strive for change, and a future begin.

Funny World - Funny Poems

4. Title: “Beautiful Soup”

Beautiful Soup, green and rich in hue,
In a hot tureen, awaiting a taste, it’s true.
Who could resist these delightful bites?
Soup of the evening, what sheer delights!

Beau–ootiful Soo-oop!
Beau–ootiful Soo-oop!
Soo–oop of the e–e–evening,
Beautiful, delightful Soup!

Beautiful Soup! Forget fish or game,
Or any other dish with a known name.
For a mere penny’s worth, we swoop,
Into the magic of this Beautiful Soup.

Beau–ootiful Soo-oop!
Beau–ootiful Soo-oop!
Soo–oop of the e–e–evening,
Beautiful, a culinary marvel to scoop!

Beautiful Soup - Funny Poems

5. Title: “The Little Troublesome Car”

Twinkle, twinkle little car so small,
You make me wonder what’s your thrall.
Leaking oil with every mile,
Testing my patience all the while.

Climbing hills at a sluggish pace,
Each journey feels like a tiresome race.
Twinkle, twinkle little car in my care,
It might be time for a repair.

Struggling on, I’ve had enough,
Your quirks and quirks are rather tough.
Twinkle, twinkle, little car, I say,
Perhaps it’s time to find another way.

For a reliable ride, it’s time to search,
No more watching you lurch and lurch.
Twinkle, twinkle little car, so long,
It’s time to find a ride that’s strong.

The Little Troublesome Car - Funny Poems

6. Title: “Daddy’s Splash of Joy”

Grey sky, all grumbled, a dismal day’s refrain,
No purpose, no words, just boredom’s chain.
Till Daddy’s splash broke the mundane strain,
Bringing mirth, laughter, and pure joy’s reign.

Faces lit up, and Timothy danced with cheer,
“Quick, the camera!” capturing moments clear.
In the midst of the duckweed, he did appear,
A sudden burst of life, a memory to revere.

The gardener chuckled, slapped his knee,
Ducks quacked wildly, it was a jubilee.
As if the old drake laughed with glee,
Daddy’s pond plunge, a moment of esprit.

Laughter echoed, as the ripples spread wide,
In that pond, Daddy’s antics turned the tide.
A day so dull, it suddenly couldn’t hide,
The humor and joy that the splash supplied.

Daddy's Splash of Joy - Funny Poems

7. Title: “Ironic Reflections”

Funny how “hello” and “goodbye” always intertwine,
Good memories sometimes make you pine,
Forever seems elusive, slipping through our grasp,
Losing the past, we might forget what’s clasped.

“Friends” depart when you’re feeling low,
In times of need, they’re often the first to go,
People change, thinking they’re oh so clever,
Love letters filled with lies, the truth they sever.

One night may bear a load of remorse,
Forgiveness granted, yet memories stay their course,
Life’s irony, a twist none can foresee,
And the funniest part? It’s not funny to me.

Funny how the world spins on its axis,
In a tangle of paradoxes, life’s complex practice,
But within these contradictions, yet we find our way,
Navigating the laughter and tears, come what may.

Ironic Reflections - Funny Poems

8. Title: “My Playful Little Shadow”

I have a little shadow that goes in and out with me,
And his purpose exceeds my understanding.
He closely resembles me from head to toe;
I see him jump ahead when I jump into bed.

The funniest thing is how he enjoys growing.
Unlike typical children, who are usually quite slow;
He can grow taller, like a rubber ball,
And at times, he shrinks until he’s nothing at all.

He has no idea about how kids should play.
And only fools me in countless ways.
He clings so closely, he’s a visible coward;
I’d be embarrassed to cling like that to my nurse!

One morning, very early, before the sun was up,
I stood and discovered dew on each buttercup.
My sluggish shadow, like a complete slumberer,
Had stayed at home behind me fast asleep in bed.

My Playful Little Shadow - Funny Poems

9. Title: “Whimsical Wonders of Nature”

Have you glimpsed a sheet on a river’s flow?
A single hair from a hammer’s hefty blow?
Do mountains have toes, is that the case?
And garden hoses, can they embrace?

Does the needle ever wink or sigh?
Why won’t the building’s wing take to the sky?
Can you tickle the parasol, so tall?
Or unlock a tree’s trunk, if at all?

Will the rake’s teeth ever snap and bite?
Do clock hands choose left or right?
Can a garden plot be deep and dark?
What’s the sound of the birch’s bark?

These questions linger, a whimsical spree,
A riddle of nature’s oddity.
In the mysteries of the world, we embark,
Exploring the wonders of the curious spark.

Whimsical Wonders of Nature - Funny Poems

10. Title: “Beauty Beyond Appearance”

Born at the hospital, strange from my birth,
No customary rump whack, that’s my first.
Not handsome, they’d say, it’s plain to see,
My face, like onions, brought tears to me.

Dad took me to the zoo, a girl’s remark,
Said, “The man brought the monkey back.”
Sick with flu, the doc’s not humanitarian,
Suggested I see a vet, no sensation.

Truthfully frank, but college I did pursue,
Degrees earned, my achievements grew.
I’m now a company’s owner, you see,
What you know matters more than how you be.

So if you’re feeling down about your own looks,
Remember, life’s full of diverse nooks.
Embrace your knowledge, your unique hook,
In the end, it’s what’s inside that you took.

Beauty Beyond Appearance - Funny Poems

11. Title: “Eating Habits Unveiled”

Tomato sauce, a puzzling cause,
It rarely leaves a trace.
On an old tie, it just won’t try,
A stain it can’t embrace.

But in something new, silk and blue,
Gravy’s a messy friend.
It clings and sticks, creating tricks,
On fancy clothes, it tends to offend.

In plain attire, it won’t conspire,
Mustard and custard play nice.
Old clothes repel spills, with no frills,
Stains there come at a lower price.

So, if in new pants, your chance,
Of spills is high indeed.
Melted cheese, it’s bound to tease,
In old clothes, you’re safe from this need.

Eating Habits Unveiled - Funny Poems

12. Title: “Room of Cluttered Discovery”

The room’s a mess, a cluttered space,
With clothes and things all out of place.
His underwear on the lamp does drape,
While the raincoat on the chair takes shape.

In the window, the workbook’s stashed,
On the floor, his sweater’s been trashed.
Beneath the TV, the scarf and ski lay,
Pants on the door in a disarray.

Books are crammed inside the closet’s keep,
In the hall, his vest’s in a messy heap.
A lizard named Ed rests in his bed’s zone,
And a smelly old sock clings to the wall alone.

This room, a mystery, the owner unnamed,
Is it Donald or Robert or Willie, to be blamed?
Oh, what’s that you say? It’s mine, quite clear,
I should have known, my own room, I fear!

Room of Cluttered Discovery - Funny Poems

13. Title: “A Chili Pepper Bite”

I bit into a chili pepper bold,
At lunch, a dare that took its hold.
Sandy warned, “Your mouth will burn!”
Yet, I shrugged, it was my turn.

Devoured that pepper, not a seed to spare,
I won the bet with a brazen flair.
But as the heat consumed my taste,
A fiery loss, in the end, I faced.

My mouth was ablaze, a blazing sun,
Taste buds in revolt, oh what had I done?
A victory sweet, but my senses were lost,
In the spicy inferno, at a hefty cost.

Though I triumphed in that fiery test,
A scorched palate left me less than blessed.
So remember the tale of that daring bite,
Sometimes it’s wise to avoid the spice’s might.

A Chili Pepper Bite - Funny Poems

14. Title: “The Ning Nang Nong”

In the Ning Nang Nong,
Cows go Bong,
Monkeys shout BOO,
And the tea pots jitter and coo.

In the Nong Nang Ning,
Trees go Ping,
With a curious ring,
Where wild and strange creatures sing.

On the Nong Ning Nang,
Mice go Clang,
In a cacophonous throng,
A place where they all belong.

With a noisy cheer, a joyful song,
In the Ning Nang Ning Nang Nong!
A world so absurd and wonderfully strong,
Where oddity thrives all day long.

The Ning Nang Nong - Funny Poems

Never forget that ‘Funny poems’ are like a treasure chest of happiness. They’re like little jokes in words that can make us giggle and be happy.

You can read them alone or with your friends, and they’ll make you feel good. These silly poems make us see familiar things in new and wonderful ways, making us smile the whole time.

Don’t fail to show these poems to your friends and tell us which one you like the most! Let’s keep enjoying these funny poems and the laughter they bring.

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