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Happy Short Poems (A Colletion of Amazing Short Poems)

Allow these happy short poems to motivate and inspire you to live life every day and appreciate the good moments that come your way. Happiness is not a goal; it is experienced every day.

Happy Short Poems

Happy Short Poems

Poetry deals with all parts of the human experience and all emotions – and it’s sometimes lovely to jump into a happy moment and share it with the poet.

Happy short poems may cheer us up when we’re sad and remind us that there’s still good in the world even when things appear dark.

The happy short poems that follow examine what it means to be happy in a variety of ways and for a variety of reasons, whether it’s bursting, bubbling bliss, peaceful contentment, or something a little more nuanced and bittersweet.

1. The Roads of Happiness by Edgar A. Guest

The roads of happiness are not
The selfish roads of pleasure seeking,
Where cheeks are flushed with haste and hot
And none has time for kindly speaking.
But they’re the roads where lovers stray,
Where wives and husbands walk together
And children romp along the way
Whenever it is pleasant weather.

The roads of happiness are trod
By simple folks and tender-hearted,
By gentle folks that worship God
And want to live their days unparted.
There kindly people stop and talk,
Regardless of the chase for money,
There, arm in arm, the grown-ups walk
And every eye you see is sunny.

The roads of happiness are lined,
Not with the friends of royal splendor,
But with the loyal friends and kind
That do the gentle deeds and tender.
There fame has never brought unrest
Nor glory set men’s hearts to aching;
There unabandoned is life’s best
For selfish love and money making.

The roads of happiness are those
That do not lead to pomp and glory
But wind among the joys and woes
That make the humble toiler’s story.
The roads that oft we used to tread
In early days when first we mated,
When hearts were light and cheeks were red,
And days were not with burdens freighted.

2. Happiness Is When by William Arthur Ward

Happiness is our heritage when

Faith becomes our constant companion;

Self-discipline our tireless teacher;

Integrity our competent coach;

Truth our trusted tutor;

Discernment our careful critic;

Optimism our able advisor;

Goodness our gifted guide;

Beauty our infallible inspiration;

And love our blissful benediction.


3. Happiness by Priscilla Leonard

Happiness is like a crystal,
Fair and exquisite and clear,
Broken in a million pieces,
Shattered, scattered far and near.
Now and then along life’s pathway,
Lo! some shining fragments fall;
But there are so many pieces
No one ever finds them all.

You may find a bit of beauty,
Or an honest share of wealth,
While another just beside you
Gathers honor, love or health.
Vain to choose or grasp unduly,
Broken is the perfect ball;
And there are so many pieces
No one finds them all.

Yet the wise as on the journey,
Treasure every fragment clear,
Fit them as they may together,
Imaging the shattered sphere,
Learning ever to be thankful,
Though their share of it is small;
For it has so many pieces
No one ever finds them all.

4. Let Us Do Good by Daniel C. Colesworthy

Let us do good. How sweet the thought,
We have the wretched blest —
Threw smiles upon a clouded brow,
And sunshine in the breast

To know we’ve dried a single tear,
And made one moment bright —
Or struck a feeble spark to cheer
The darkest hour of night —

Will give to us more joy at last
Than Caesar’s triumphs gave;
The memory of such deeds will live
In worlds beyond the grave.

Then in the little sphere we move,
Let kindness touch the heart;
While every word shall lead to love
And happiness impart.


5. What Good Is A by Julie Hebert

I can tell you,
One true thing,
What good is winter,
If there is no spring?

I can tell you,
Another great thing,
What good is a voice,
If you will not sing?

I can tell you,
One more thing,
What good is a swing,
If the children they won’t bring?

There are many things in this world,
That are made better by another.
So next time you are feeling blue,
Find your other, and see it through.

Happy Short Poems

6. The Happy Heart by John Imrie

The happy heart is a fount of joy,
A bubbling spring of pleasure,
‘Tis a source of constant sweet employ,
A  never-failing treasure!
Ready to smile with the flowers of Spring,
Or sing with the birds of air;
In Nature’s praise aye willing to sing,
Finds happiness ev’rywhere.

The happy heart is so full of love
That it speaks in every tone,
And the eyes of love, like stars above.
Hath a glory all their own!
Like a beacon-light, in Grief’s dark night,
We long for the happy heart.
To shed o’er our pathway, calm and bright,
A light that may not depart.

The happy heart is a gift from Heaven
Above all treasure or gold.
Alike to the rich or poor ’tis given.
It cannot be bought or sold!
The happy heart is the home of love,
A solace for every woe;
Let us cherish this gift from above.
As we seek our peace below.


7. Looking For Happiness by Catherine Pulsifer

Many people are looking for
Happiness behind any door
Happiness they want to find
Happiness of any kind.

Happiness is not something outside
It is an attitude you can provide
Your happiness is not down the road
And, it doesn’t mean an easy load.

Happiness is found in you
How you look at life and what you do
You decide each day, you see
How happy you will be

8. Make Your Happiness by Julie Hebert

When you feel,
Life isn’t true.
Keep in mind,
Life’s truth is you.

You make your path,
From here to there.
It’s up to you,
To dream and care.

No one else can,
Make you happy.
So get right on it,
And make it snappy.

Life’s too short,
To waste your day.
I truly hope,
You get out and celebrate today!

9. If You Want To Be Happy by Priscilla Leonard

If you want to be happy,
begin where you are.
Don’t wait for some rapture
that’s future and far.
Begin to be joyous,
Begin to be glad,
And soon you’ll forget that
You were ever sad.

If you want to be happy,
Begin where you are.
Your windows to sunlight
And sweetness unbar;
If dark seems the day,
light a candle of cheer,
Till its steady flame brightens
Each heart that comes near.

If you want to be happy,
begin where you are.
Tune up daily discords
Till out of their jar
New harmony rises
Rejoicing and sweet,
And onward, in music,
Go every your feet.

If you want to be happy,
Begin where you are.
God sets in each sky
Heaven’s joy-bringing star.
Live bravely beneath it,
Through cloud and toward light
And under its radiance your path
Shall be bright.

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