Spoken Poetry About Love

Spoken Poetry About Love (Making Valentines Day Special)

If you have been researching for Spoken Poetry About Love because you forgot to get something nice for your loved one and you are out of time, you’ve come to the right place.

Spoken Poetry about Love

Spoken Poetry About Love

If you have been researching for a quick Spoken Poetry About Love because you forgot to get something nice for your loved one and you are out of time, we will help you out by telling you upfront that these poems about love are quite dissimilar than the ones you are possibly looking for.

In fact, it’s possible that thoughts of that individual are the only ones that cross your mind, creating a lovely sensation that makes your heart race. When it does, you’ll discover that you’re willing to take any risk and are no longer afraid of being wounded. It is a lovely sensation.

The following spoken poetry about love poems are not inspired by just one poet, it has to do by several writers. We hope you will enjoy reading them.

1. I Love You By Charles Wayne

If I said “I love you” once
I said it a thousand times or more
I said it without comprehension or meaning
I said it without thought or feeling

I wish I had said it once, with awareness
I wish I could say it once, again
I wish I could say it a thousand times more
I wish, I wish I had more days to say

I love you
I never understood love’s vast frontier
Until I no longer could feel you near
Until you no longer were here to hear
Until I hungered to have you appear
And to hear your voice so crystal clear
And feel your breath whisper in my ear

I love you.
Three words masquerading as the universe
That could not hold you
Three words encompassing a world of emotion
Meaningless without you
Three words negated by the reality of your passing,
In my sorrow stripped of significance

I love you.
As if my love legitimized your life
As if my words intensified your illumination
As if there was value in my validation
Or you needed my adoration

As if my devotion ever met your expectation
Or the mere expression could excuse my inaction
As if, as if you could still hear me mention

Love you. Seems self-centered to me now.
I was always so focused on what I preferred.
I paid little attention to what you deserved
Never spending enough pennies for your thoughts
Or treating you as I was taught
Just grateful that you were the unselfish martyr,
The sacrificial lamb I led to the slaughter and
Placed on the altar, while I repeated the mantra

I love you.
Did I say it enough?
How could I know when enough was enough?
How much would suffice to substantiate love,
Does an absolute number exist to speak of?
Can a count quantify my desire for your touch?
I didn’t quite grasp until now just how much

I love you
I didn’t perceive your profound love for me
Or how much your love was a part of my being
Until it was torn from me leaving me broken
Until I no longer could hear the words spoken

I love you.
Can my present love reach past tense?
Does loving the dead make any sense?
Can you sense my love through time and space?
If I hug myself hard, will you feel the embrace?
If I cry me to sleep, will my tears wet your face?
If I scream to the skies, will my pain be erased?
If I fall to my knees will my soul feel your grace?
If I keep on repeating I love you I love you
I love you – will you come back to this place?

I love you more than life itself, I said
Back when my life had a value to be weighed.
That would be a hollow pronouncement today

I would have moved mountains to prove my love true
Would have died for you, taken a bullet for you
That would have been a mercy killing.

I love you.
I didn’t know I really knew love
Until I didn’t know love anymore.
Until I didn’t have you here anymore
Until you couldn’t say “I love you too, sweetie”
Until “Death Do Us Part” became our dark reality
Until we couldn’t be in love, together
Until love was an afterthought
Lost to the hereafter

Until you couldn’t hear me say anymore,
I love you

2. The Pain Game By Jerry T Curtis

Why do people, want to cause
Other people pain
Where is the Love
That will break the chain

Someone says something
Then it’s tit-for-tat
I’ve played this before
We all know the score
Now who’s up at bat

I think it’s time, for us to play
The self healing game
Before there’s no one, left
Around to blame

One that’s more thoughtful
And much less insane
Let’s reach for the Sun
And help everyone
Come out of the rain

All we have, is this fleeting chance
To get this right
No time for jealousies
No time to fight

Don’t say, that you’re sorry
Don’t seek to forgive
Just start here today
And throw it away
And learn how to live

3. Summer of Enchantment By Nicholas windle

Warm evenings have that lazy feel,

As the sun sets upon the day.

An orange ball suspended,

As all cares now swept away.

The exotic smells in the perfumed air,

That lies heavy all around.

Mimosa now that in full bloom,

As its branches drape the ground.

Do you ever look at the sky?

As the stars come out at night.

When you’re held by that someone specials arms,

And don’t want to say goodnight.

Though no spoken word is uttered,

As eyes gaze into eyes

It’s said there windows to the soul,

Mere feelings can’t disguise.

Love can just be fleeting,

With precious thoughts we steal.

And in that brief encounter,

We know that it’s for real.


4. If you love her By Gershon Wolf

Listen to her with all of you
Your fists clenched
Your lips together
Your head moving, slightly, side to side

Perched on the edge of your seat
Tilt your spine forward

Search for the soul deep within her eyes
Gently … Don’t frighten her

Make her feel she is the most important person in the whole world
Nothing else matters except what she is telling you

Hear what is in her voice
Her interests … become yours

Capture her heart
Never let it go

5. Poetry of Your Words By Line Gauthier

it’s the perfection
of your expression
that touches me
in the depths
of my heart

it’s the melody
of your words
that reaches
the inner ear
of my soul

it’s the silences
of what is not said
that delivers
its charm to the roots
of my being


6. Stay Strong By Whitney-Renee Johnson

Don’t do it.

Don’t fall back into that dark hole.

Not again.

You’re strong.

You’re very strong.

You’ve come far and you are able to go further.

Don’t give up.

You got this.

I promise.

Mom is watching.

She’s proud of you.

Just because you made

A few bad decisions

Doesn’t mean you’re a bad person.

She loves you.

But you have to learn

How to love yourself.

You’re not that person who’s trying to take over your body.

Fight against her.

That’s not you.

You’re stronger than your enemy.


Don’t do it.

Don’t fall back into that dark hole.

Not again.

You ARE strong.

Now look in the mirror

And tell that reflection

That she is beautiful.

Because you are.

7. Lines of Love By Joy Nicole

I read about some love today.
I could only smile.
Closed my eyes
to that good feeling,
glad that yearning’s still alive.

I read about some love today.
Put myself in her shoes.
It made me giddy
that it was comforting,
Fell in love with the view.

I read about some love today.
Read the caution ‘tween the lines.
The nervousness
of the unknown,
but it eases over time.

I read about some love today.
Felt peace in what was theirs.
The type of love
so love filled,
that you mention it in prayers.

I read about some love today.
Only shed a single tear.
This isn’t love you just read about,
This is love that you must feel.


8. Being Honest By Rich Rogers

Shocking as it may seem to believe,
I dislike iTunes Christian and gospel genre.
The only explanation I can fathom,
Is that all its songs sound the same to me.

My preference is hip hop and pop,
Lecrae and Andy Mineo are my tops.
I do like Ariana when listening to pop,
Mostly I rock to the Apple’s pop.

I love J. Cole’s “Brackets” so much,
I even wrote about it for my class.
So much truth exposed in the song,
It’s impossible to ignore the message.

My focus effects my reality,
I keep Jesus as my centerpiece.
Without him, a me there wouldn’t be,
Connected like the roots of a tree.

You will never experience any emotion quite like falling in love. You feel absolutely alive and joyous as a result. At the same time, it can make you feel cut off from the outside world as if everything is fleeting and only that one person is important.

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