Metaphorical Poems that will open up Your Mindset to the beauty of poetry.

Metaphorical Poems that will open up Your Mindset to the Beauty of Poetry. People have used metaphors since the birth of mankind. Metaphors are a way to get around censorship as well as to help us see truths that we may not be able to face if they were stated plainly.

Metaphorical Poems

Metaphorical Poems

Metaphors hold very deep representations in poetry, some scholars call it the art of description, if you want to know how description works learn about metaphors.

1. Mighty Oak

Stand tall, oh mighty oak, for all the world to see.

Your strength and undying beauty forever amazes me.

Though storm clouds hover above you,

Your branches span the sky

In search of the radiant sunlight you

Count on to survive.

When the winds are high and restless and

You lose a limb or two,

It only makes you stronger.

We could learn so much from you.

Though generations have come and gone

And brought about such change,

Quietly you’ve watched them all,

Yet still remained the same.

I only pray God gives to me

The strength he’s given you

To face each day with hope,

Whether skies are black or blue.

Life on earth is truly a gift.

Every moment we must treasure.

It’s the simple things we take for granted

That becomes our ultimate pleasures.

By, Kathy J Parenteau

2. Love Is A Mirror

A sharpened dagger stabbed in his heart,
Ripping in two, ripping apart.
It took only a few words, but her words cut him deep,
Stealing emotions, making him weak.
A two-sided mirror true in reflection,
A double edged knife cutting connections,
A place in his heart forever reserved
For the one that he loved but didn’t deserve.
She twisted the dagger; it tore him apart.
She stole what was left; she stole a broken heart.

By, Quinn

3. Note To Self (Metaphorical Poems)

Be like the willow that bends,
shade that it sends,
peace that it lends.

During the breeze
its leaves will appease
and shift with ease.

Enduring, alluring, maturing.
Be like the willow that bends.

By, Donna Marie

4. An Ocean Of Memories

My family is the ocean around us.

My father is the hurricane,
knocking anything and everybody out of his path.

My mother is the sunshine after the storm (my father),
clearing and calming everything else.

My oldest brother is the sand,
kicked and blown away by my dad,
but warmed with care by my mom.

My oldest sister is the breeze in the wind,
cool, quiet, and there when you need her.

My other two brothers are the stingrays,
but also willing to fight anyone who comes along.

And I,
I am an old ship at the bottom of the sea,
lost, abandoned, but full of memories.

By, Kimberly L. Briones

5. My Boat (Metaphorical Poems)

You were my boat, sleek by design.

I was your jetty, one of a kind.

We were deeply in love and made for each other,

And I promised I’d never harbour another.

We endured many storms, some big, and some small,

And I stood firm for you through them all.

And no matter how fierce those winter winds blew,

I’d withstand the force and keep hold of you.

Your delicate nudge when the weather was fine,

Your smooth polished body, pressing up against mine.

I was the happiest jetty in all of the sea,

And I couldn’t believe that you’d chosen me,

But over the years I watched our rope fray,

And I could see you were slowly slipping away.

The knots that we’d fastened were no longer tight,

But I tried to hold on with all of my might

I couldn’t survive without you by my side.

I never gave up, oh how I tried.

Then came an angry, tempestuous storm,

And the minute it passed, you were suddenly gone.

That day you left me was painfully bleak.

I stood there, heartbroken and structurally weak.

I had braved the conditions for so many years.

Now my timber was heavy, sodden with tears,

My pylons gave way, the wood didn’t float,

And slowly I drowned still in love with my boat.

By, Darren A. Mccallum

6. The Grandfather Clock

In a dusty, dark corner of a very old house,
sits the tall, wooden worn out clock.
It has seen its share of memories and pain,
keeping perfect time with a tick and a tock.

From weddings to funerals, losses and gains,
sorrows and days filled with fun.
What once was brand new, through the passing of days,
has wrinkled and faded by sun.

With busy days past, the clock sits at its post
as it has done for years before.
The breezes from the front door, infrequent at best,
cease moving across the wood floor.

Tired now from its lifetime of work
watching over the house, was this clock.
As the sun now sets on another arduous day,
the peaceful clock gives its last tick and last tock.

By, James Sielschott

7. Stout Sprout (Metaphorical Poems)

A sunflower will grow
With much beauty to show,
But the wind must blow,
Which brings the rain and the snow.

Shivering from the cold,
Waiting for her leaves to unfold.
Much too tender to hold,
Although all her petals are gold.

With roots in the ground,
She won’t make a sound.
She feels she could drown,
‘Til the sun comes around.

Standing strong with much height
And a little darkness from night,
She finds clarity in the light.
Growing taller, for that she will fight.

By, Hannah R. Soummers

Poems are beautiful when you get to understand the real meaning or the intention of the writer that wrote the poem. Metaphorical poems are such poems that have deep meanings that are hidden.

And these poems are just few of such poems that have those kinda meanings. Thank You for going through the poems. We do hope you enjoyed your read. Join community by sharing this post.

Good Time Poems.

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