Poems about Cheating
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Poems about Cheating – 10 Poem Collection about Unfaithfulness

For a negative word such as cheating, there is some positivity, and Poems about Cheating can show that.

Many people don’t understand how severe the implications of cheating are.

You feel embarrassed, tricked, irritated, and deceived by the person you once considered to be your best friend when you are cheated on.

Your view on love is changed forever, your ability to trust others is shaken, your inner peace is broken, and all your future relationships are impacted. The truth of cheating is disgusting.

Cheaters might win temporarily at their game of unfaithfulness, but eventually, they will get caught and lose their faithful partner for a lifetime.

1. Title: “Alone in My Head”

In the solitude of my thoughts,
I’m sinking so low.
Incomprehensible to you,
A private anguish none can know.

My eyes bear the weight of fatigue,
Sleep eludes me each night.
Your image haunts my dreams,
As darkness falls, obscuring the light.

Weeks have silently slipped away,
Harboring secrets, uttering lies.
Facing them, I lack the strength,
Avoiding the truth in their eyes.

Occasionally, thoughts of you linger,
As I lay in solitude and bed.
Still alone, within my mind,
Echoes of your presence, unwed.

Alone in My Head - Poems about Cheating

2. Title: “A Cheater Caught”

You took off with him
Seeking something new
Little did you know
The things that he would do to you

While he was cheating
On his girlfreind with you
He was cheating on you
With someone that you knew

While his girlfriend sat at home
He ran around with you
When you weren’t with him
He was off with the woman you knew

But one day his adventures
Were all found out about
He hurt you so very much
That you wanted to scream and shout

A Cheater Caught - Poems about Cheating

3. Title: “False Though She Be”

False to me and love’s sweet vow,
Revenge I shun, I disallow.
The charmer, though changed, I hold dear,
Acknowledging the shift, yet without fear.

In blissful hours, our hearts entwined,
Yet such ecstasy couldn’t eternally bind.
Regret for the present lingers, true,
Yet grateful for the past, the moments we knew.

Though she may stray, love’s flame once burned,
No vindictive flames, no lessons unlearned.
The enchantress, in my heart, still resides,
A dance of memories, where love abides.

In the ebb of change, our paths divert,
Yet, the essence of love, I won’t desert.
For in the tapestry of time, memories cast,
A bittersweet blend of present and past.

False Though She Be - Poems about Cheating

4. Title: “Forgiveness”

As dusk embraced the window’s pane,
Gray shadows cloaked the world’s terrain.
The dim, silver threads of day’s decline,
Barely shimmered in the small confines.

Confessions spilled from lips unsound,
Shared with her, innocence unbound.
A throbbing ache within my head,
Fevered thoughts, a tumult bred.

In need of love, unspoken and pure,
She gently drew me close, demure.
Resting my head upon her chair,
Cool hands caressed my tangled hair.

Seated with an air of sacred grace,
Her gaze bore depths of ancient space.
A gentle priestess, wise and kind,
In tranquil quietness, solace I find.

Forgiveness - Poems about Cheating

5. Title: “He’ll Never Know”

I yearn to escape, to find a place to hide,
Shielding myself from the pain deep inside.
A desire to scream, to let out a cry,
Yet, saying goodbye, I can’t fathom why.

Moving forward, a task hard to embrace,
Love lingers, refusing to leave its space.
Yearning for a fresh start, to feel truly free,
Yet, the persistent pain clings to me.

The wounds run deep, the hurt is profound,
Broken promises scattered all around.
Lies echo in my mind, refusing to fade,
A haunting presence that won’t be swayed.

How do I erase him, let go of the past,
Wipe memories away, make them the last?
His love remains elusive, a distant thrill,
Unmoved by how deeply I still feel.

He’ll Never Know - Poems about Cheating

6. Title: “The Silence of Love”

I praised you once with words so sweet,
Before you came, love’s fiery feat.
A song could lure my bird from afar,
Yet, in shared silence, peace, like a star.

In the realm of hushed serenity, winds lie,
Life quietly grows beneath the cloudy sky.
I won’t stir the passion that in hearts sleeps,
For winds that united us may someday cease.

Embrace the stillness; doubt shall cease,
Guided by gentle voices into peace.
Through golden gates, dreams unfold,
In Quiet’s arms, the flock safely strolled.

As we tread through silence, hand in hand,
The echoes of love in whispers stand.
In the quietude, a bond remains,
Unseen strength in silent refrains.

The Silence of Love - Poems about Cheating

7. Title: “Heartbroken”

When I hold his hand, I become invincible.
Nothing could ever go wrong.
When I hear his voice, it makes my day.
His voice is a beautiful song.

When I look at him, my legs turn to jelly
His eyes sparkle like stars.
When I kiss him, you can feel the love
From as far away as Mars.

You protected me, you held me,
From the day that we did meet.
When you’re around, my heart thumps
A fast and loving beat.

But the love I thought would never end
Vanished into the night.
The love I thought we’d always share
Had taken away my sight.

Heartbroken - Poems about Cheting

8. Title: “Forgiven”

I might have faced his anger with a smile,
Set my heart to play a deceitful wile.
Masking with guile, saving tears that start,
Deception’s art, tearing us apart.

Could have worn a crown of thorns, a prize,
Gladly borne, despite the bitter ties.
More bitter than his rage or scorn,
Forgiveness in his eyes, a grace reborn.

A smile concealing a deceitful part,
Playing a role that breaks the heart.
Unmasked now, tears begin to start,
Guilt wears a crown of thorns, a heavy chart.

Proudly worn, a thorny crown’s disguise,
Bitter rage and scorn, harsh reprisals rise.
Yet forgiveness, profound in his eyes,
Leaves a lingering ache where remorse lies.

Forgiven - Poems about Cheting

9. Title: “Sin”

A haunting melody, a distant strain,
Morning’s rise echoes it back again.
Carried by the spring wind, the ancient sea,
Bid me recall its memory.

Gazing into the eyes of Love, a poignant look,
The old shame rekindles, an ache it took.
Love’s eyes won’t seek the truth within,
Yet, I remember the shadow of that sin.

This heavenly dream, I dare not embrace,
In your familiar paths and lofty space.
While you and God erase, and I,
Fail to recollect, in the vast sky.

Yet in the silence, where memories play,
Whispers linger, in the light of day.
A dream unspoken, too tender to voice,
Lost in echoes, where time has a choice.

Sin - Poems about Cheating

10. Title: “Love’s Secret”

Never strive to share thy love,
A love untold remains free;
As the gentle wind may move,
Silent, veiled invisibly.

I spoke my love, I bared my heart,
Revealed all, every part.
Trembling, cold, in fears amassed,
She departed, a love miscast.

As she vanished from my sight,
A traveler passed with quiet might.
Silent, invisible, no deny,
Oh, a presence passing by.

In the void of her absence, I stand,
Hollow echoes, an unheld hand.
Yet, the gentle wind still whispers near,
Love unspoken, lingering here.

Love’s Secret - Poems about Cheating

When a love relationship is made, a bond of trust is formed. There is an unspoken understanding that you two are committed to each other and that other people will not be seen by you.

If one of the members of this sacred bond chooses to be intimate with another person, they not only cheat their lover but also cheat themselves.

They are breaking a bond of faith of their own. In most cases, it is not due to affection for a new partner when a person cheats. Rather in his present relationship, he might be looking for what is missing.

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