Poems About Gods Love

Poems About God’s Love (Describing God’s Awesomeness)

Poetry that will inspire you to remember how much God loves each and every one of us. These poems about god’s love capture the thrill of understanding how much God values and cherishes each and every one of His creations.

Poems About Gods Love

Poems About God’s Love

The depth of God’s love for us cannot be adequately expressed in words. However, we can catch glimpses of it in the affection a parent has for their kid, in romantic relationships, or in the closeness between best friends.

With the help of poetry, music, and art, we have tried to capture it. He truly loves us more than we can even fathom.

You can also witness indications of how we might feel if God’s love was not there for us to run to. Love from God is a wonderful gift to us! I pray that you will find peace and delight in the poems about God’s love that is below and may He protect you.

1. You Are The Music By Marcia A. Newton

You are the music. You are the song.
You are the words of truth and love.
You are the voice that speaks to our heart.
You are the music, the song of our heart.

You are the music we love and adore.
You are the song that we sing evermore.
You are the voice that calls us to pray.
You are the words of goodness and strength.

You are the music that brings us delight.
You are the song that brings hope to our life.
You are the voice that calls us to faith.
You are the words of kindness and grace.

You are the music we sing joyfully.
You are the song that brings light to our day.
You are the voice that calls us to serve.
You are the words of love we have heard.

You are the music that fills us with peace.
You are the song that we sing and believe.
You are the voice that calls us to grace.
You are the words we pray every day.

You are the music that blesses our soul.
You are the love song that makes our lives whole.
You are the voice that calls us to Him.
You are the words of life without end.

2. God, The Great Creator By Debra L. Brown

A crisp, cool autumn evening,
Stars fill the night up high.
God, the great creator,
Decking out the sky.

A garden lit by the moonlight,
A rose kissed by His hand.
The beauty He created,
Even the smallest pieces of sand.

Petals of the roses
Glisten in the night.
The Master of creation,
His colors are pure delight.

From void He created beauty,
From dark He created light.
The Master of creation,
And to man He gave them life.

3. Od Of All Comfort By Edarly Edouard

Our God supplies us everything we need.
When we need help, to Him we reach.
He is always with us when we are lonely.
He loves us so much and takes anger slowly.

Our God comforts us in our tribulation.
Our affliction is for our consolation and salvation.
God has established all of us in Christ’s name,
For in Christ’s name, we will never suffer in shame.

Glory be to God who sent the Holy Spirit.
If it were not for the Spirit, we would never have limits.
Our comfort abounds through Christ, while His suffering abounds us
We are all encouraged to know that Christ is our only trust.

In the name of the Living, there shall be no pain.
Beyond now and forever, our Lord is always the same.
God is on our side, so we don’t need to count on others.
Blessed be the Lord, the God of all comfort.


4. My Personal Prayer By Angie M Flores

God, grant me the strength to handle life’s challenges,

In order to overcome these life long obstacles.

God, grant me the courage to stand up for what I believe in,

In order to express my true opinions without fear.

God, grant me the answers to my questions,

In order to find some understanding.

God, grant me the piece of mind I so desperately need,

In order to remain sane in this inside universe.

God, grant me the patience I thought I once had,

In order to with stand everything thrown to me.

God, grant me the guidance to be able to succeed,

In order to be whatever it is I want to be.

God, I need you now and forever, please help me.

5. Thank You God By Sharon Sewpaul

Every night before I sleep

I look up to the Heavens and try not to weep.

For my heart is full

with the Lord’s will,

My strength, my health, and pockets full.

He has blessed me every day

Since birth till today.

Thank you, Lord

’cause now I can afford,

to testify and praise you

Precious, love, and True-

Thank you.

6. I’m Your Friend No Matter What By Ruthie Willis

I have been with you all your life. . .

I have guided you through all your mountains and valleys.

The times you were crying,

I made you bloom, my flower.

When you thought you were alone,

I was those footprints in the sand.

I gave you wings so you could fly.

I was the one that took you up so high.

When you felt that lift my child,

that was I; that’s why today you feel so free.

I am God, I am your friend no matter what.


7. Feelings Hidden By Miranda Levorson

I’m crushed, I’m broken,
I’m confused by the word you’ve spoken
I run to the shelter of a friend
who truly is a helping hand.

I’m torn, I’m scared,
I fear of what could happen
I grab onto the outstretched arms
Comforting me more than words can tell.

I’m empty, I’m lonely,
I only want a place of belonging
I reach and touch the hymn so vibrant
Healing my broken heart.

I’m hurt, I’m bleeding,
These feelings I hold so dear inside
I reach out yet again to this loving hand
Guiding me to the place of Redemption
No longer were my feelings hidden.

8. Thank You God By Marc Nix

As I awoke this morning and placed my feet upon the floor,

I prayed, “Thank you God, I get to enjoy another day.”

As I recall the precious memories of family and friends

I prayed, “Thank you God, for they are all so dear.”

When I walked into work and begin,

I prayed, “Thank you God, for good health and the ability to provide for my family.”

I live in America, the land of the free and home of the brave,

Thank you God, and keep our country strong, and free.

But most of all, thank you God for sending Jesus to die for me.

9. I Went To The Life Store By Mitchell Browder

I went to the life store,

one I’ve never been before

I wanted a new life

new house, new job, new wife

the Keeper pointed…aisle three

there they were; price…free

they were countless; but no label

I asked the Keeper; how am I able…

He stopped me and said, “here’s the deal,

you have to pick….pick by feel”

so I took one up

and held it tight

Oh! the is the one

it’s full of love, hope, joy and light

I’ll take it, can I open it to see?

The Keeper said “Sure, but no return, no guarantee”

No problem I said….perfectly fine

I looked inside; and it was MINE

“Funny” the Keeper said

“that happens every time”


10. Day By Day By Lenora McWhorter

Day by day, God walks with me,
and my burdens he helps me bear.
Each step I take along the way,
my loving Father is always there.

Day by day, I feel God’s love
encircling me all around.
His grace and mercy cover me
and pick me up when I am down.

Day by day, the Lord keeps me
from danger, hurt and harm.
Safe from the snares of the enemy
and protected from life’s alarms.

Day by day, I rely on the Father
to strengthen me when I am weak.
He comforts me with His love
and to my heart He speaks peace.

Day by day, I feel God’s presence,
and my spirit is always revived.
God is faithful to watch over me
as a father does his own child.

God imparts his grace to me
minute by minute, day by day.
By faith, I walk in step with him
as He guides me on life’s way.

We need to have confidence and trust that He is holding us and hasn’t left us during these trying times. He has told us to love one another as much as he loves us, therefore let’s show one another love and support with these poems about God’s love.

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