Poems About Birth of a Child

Poems About Birth of a Child (Motherhood Happiness)

Poems about Birth of a Child are poems that reflect birth as a metaphor or as an event or parenting in general, try the following poems we have compiled in this article.

Poems About Birth of a Child

Poems About Birth of a Child

The arrival of a kid is the greatest source of joy for a family. The anticipation of meeting the newest member of their family fills the hearts of the new parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles.

Each member of the family will undoubtedly be touched by the baby’s first grin, first cry, and first giggle, and its parents will have the most lovely memories ever.

This article on Poems About Birth of a Child is about birth poems from famous poets and the best Poems About Birth of a Child to make you feel good. Most lovely Poems About Birth of a Child ever written, you will find them below.

1. A Boy or a Girl

At first you moved,

only a little.

I could always find you,

right in the middle.

As time went on,

you really started to grow.

It wasn’t a whole lot,

in fact, it was rather slow.

Before I knew it,

you were all over the place.

It kind of felt like

you were running a race.

People would ask me

if you were a boy or a girl.

I would sit and wonder,

if you would have curls.

There are so many things

I really want to know.

But you are hidden inside,

so the answers don’t show.

How much will you weigh?

How tall will you be?

What color is your hair?

Will you even like me?

I hope and pray

you feel like you belong.

I never want you to feel

like you are alone.

Your dad and I

planned you from the start.

You, my dear child,

were made straight from our hearts.

In about a week or so,

I’ll meet you, for the first time.

For you are the product

of your dad’s love and mine.

There will be no one like you,

not any place in the world.

It really doesn’t matter

if you are a boy or a girl.

We are both so happy

that you even exist.

The gender doesn’t matter.

you’ll be hard to resist.

I hope I make you proud,

that I am your mother every day.

Because, you have filled my dreams

in more ways than words can say.

It won’t be long before

I can look you in the eyes.

I can feel the excitement growing,

I know I’m going to cry.

Don’t worry my angel,

those tears will be of joy.

It won’t matter to me

if you are a girl or a boy.

2. A New Father’s Questions

You come to me with sadness in your eyes,

And tell me we have to talk,

Immediately I think the worst,

‘Is it me? Does she want to walk?’

You try to begin, but don’t know how,

And my nerves are standing on end.

You say that you’re pregnant, two times confirmed,

And we may have a new little friend.

I’m speechless and breathless,

I can’t form words to say,

This isn’t what I expected,

Driving home today.

I know this is sudden,

And we haven’t prepared,

But we’ve been through so much already,

Look at all we’ve shared.

Now there’s another life,

Growing inside of you,

And I wonder what kind of dad I’ll be,

Will our child’s dreams come true?

Will I be the kind of father,

Who dotes upon his child?

Who fixes skinned knees,

With a smile, patient and mild?

Will I learn to chase the monsters,

From underneath their bed?

Will I be able to ease the nightmares,

From our child’s tiny head?

Will you shine as a mother?

Will contentment light your face?

Will it bring out even more beauty,

Which the passage of time could never erase?

Will you be the kind of mother,

Who worries each time our child is ill?

Each stuffy nose an emergency,

Or will you have more resolve than I will?

What will it look like?

Will it have your eyes?

Will it love us right away?

Will it look on us with surprise?

Will we learn to adjust to 2am cries?

Can we deal with late night feedings?

Will I cry in front of the Obstetrician,

The First time I hear our child’s heart beating?

Will it be a son or daughter?

Will it grow up to be like us?

Will we learn to deal with the crankiness,

When our baby starts to fuss?

These questions seem so pertinent,

More so now than they ever had,

I hope our child will love their mother,

As much as she’s loved by their Dad.

I’m scared and excited,

Hesitant and yet bold,

We’re going to be a family,

And our baby we’ll soon hold.

Will it be a boy or a girl?

I guess only time will tell!


3. I Loved You from the Start

I loved you from the very start…

You stole my breath, embraced my heart.

Our life together has just begun,

You’re part of me, my little one.

As mother with child, each day I knew

My mind would be filled with thoughts of you.

I’m daydreaming of the things we’ll share,

Like late-night bottles and teddy bears.

Like first steps and skinned knees,

Like bedtime stories and ABC’s.

I’m thinking of things you’ll want to know,

Like how birds fly and flowers grow.

I’ve thought of lessons I’ll need to share,

Like standing tall and playing fair.

When I first see your precious face,

I’ll pray your life be touched with grace.

I’ll thank the angels from above,

And promise you unending love.

Each night I’ll lay you down to sleep,

I’ll gently kiss your head and cheek.

I’ll count your little fingers and toes,

I’ll memorize your eyes and nose.

I will linger at your nursery door,

Awed each day that I love you more.

Through misty eyes, I’ll dim the light,

And whisper “ love you” every night.

As mother with child our journey’s begun,

My heart’s yours forever, little one.

I loved you from the very start…

You stole my breath, embraced my heart.

4. Finally- Hope Conceived

Quickly, quietly to the upstairs bath

I retreat to prepare

Open the shiny package

In there lies my future, my hope

Will I be, will you be?

The sample is produced

Now it is time to wait

Minutes seem like hours

I listen to my breath

Not daring to consider what might be

So much power in that little plastic stick

After an eternity, steal a furtive glance

Dare to check the future

What might be



Swallow hard, manage a smile

Soon it will happen

My belly will fill with baby

Happiness will fill our home

Blink back tears


Like magic, a thin line appears.

Wipe the tears, blink twice

A new life has begun


5. Finally We’ll Meet

I love you, little baby

You’re such a part of me.

Can’t wait to hold you in my arms,

And hug you tenderly.

No matter what you look like,

You’re beautiful, my love,

A precious gift bequeathed to me,

From heaven far above.

Each time I feel you moving,

My heart is filled with joy,

To think that very soon I’ll hold

My little girl or boy,

I’m counting every moment,

Til you’re mine at last, my sweet

It won’t be long until your birth,

Then finally we’ll meet.

6. Mother

I held her in my arms,

and she was perfectly beautiful.

My body shook, cold,

like I was pulled from an icy river,

somehow she warmed me.

Did she know she would change me


Pain unrivaled, hour upon hour,

trudging up this mountain,

one step forward, one back,

not quite reaching the peak,

my initiation was not yet complete.

Would I pass

the test?

It was almost more than he could bear

Pacing the floor,

worry lines creasing his forehead.

Helplessness written on his face.

He was my knight,

always rescuing me, but

that night I became

his hero.

After eternity, she found me worthy.

I’d fought hard,

this woman-child body,

just twenty-one, old enough to drink,

yet still full of childhood illusions

of playing house.

I had earned my rank,

won the prize.

That first night she cried so much,

had she changed her mind

and found me wanting?

Was she as afraid as I, of my

falling short, not measuring up?

There was no turning back now.

Laying in my arms, she must have

felt my fear, her little smile

spoke volumes.

‘You’ll do just fine,



7. Cravings

Uh oh, here they come,

Those cravings are setting in.

You can try to resist them,

But you know they’re going to win.

First you want a pickle,

Then you need some ice cream.

How about some pizza, yes,

Let’s make it a supreme.

Some grapes and chocolate chip cookies,

Now that would be quite nice,

And then back to that pizza

For just one more slice.

And then comes the heartburn,

Some antacid will make that end.

An hour or so to digest,

Then time to do it all again!

8. Surprise

Surprise, you’re pregnant!

Life will never be the same.

Once that baby arrives,

It’s an entirely new game.

You’ll quickly find out

That the baby is the boss,

And oh how he can cry

When he’s feeling quite cross.

You’ll live on his schedule,

And you’ll sleep when he sleeps.

You’ll keep on changing diapers

As they pile up in heaps.

Yes, you didn’t exactly plan this,

You’ll make the best of it,

And one day you’ll realize

That this baby is the perfect fit.

While on this lovely journey, maybe you can try writing some poems about pregnancy, and share them with your bundle of happiness someday after childbirth.

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