Jack Kerouac Poems

Jack Kerouac Poems (Founder of the Beat Generation)

Read the most well-known and effective Jack Kerouac poems: American poet and author Jack Kerouac was born. He is regarded as the founder of the Beat generation and is most known for his use of impromptu prose.

Jack Kerouac Poems

Jack Kerouac Poems

Jack Kerouac’s notion of his writing’s goal was centered on poetry. Except for six previously unpublished poems, all of Kerouac’s significant poetry works are collected in this historic volume for the first time.

Jack Kerouac poems were written in a variety of poetic forms, such as sonnets, odes, psalms, and blues. He writes about how he came across haiku in his book “The Dharma Bums.” He wasn’t the first poet from the United States to be drawn to the haiku aesthetic.

In this article, we have selected the best of Jack Kerouac poems that promise to be both interesting and insightful.

1. 10th Chorus Mexico City Blues by Jack Kerouac

The great hanging weak teat of India

on the map

The Fingernail of Malaya

The Wall of China

The Korea Ti-Pousse Thumb

The Salamander Japan

the Okinawa Moon Spot

The Pacific

The Back of Hawaiian Mountains


Kines, balconies, Ah Tarzan-

And D W Griffith

the great American Director

Strolling down disgruntled

Hollywood Lane

– to toot Nebraska,

Indian Village New York,

Atlantis, Rome,

Peleus and Melisander,


swans of Balls

Spots of foam on the ocean

2. 149th Chorus by Jack Kerouac

I keep falling in love

with my mother,

I dont want to hurt her

-Of all people to hurt.

Every time I see her

she’s grown older

But her uniform always

amazes me

For its Dutch simplicity

And the Doll she is,

The doll-like way

she stands

Bowlegged in my dreams,

Waiting to serve me.

And I am only an Apache

Smoking Hashi

In old Cabashy

By the Lamp.

3. 1st Chorus Mexico City Blues by Jack Kerouac

Butte Magic of Ignorance

Butte Magic

Is the same as no-Butte

All one light

Old Rough Roads

One High Iron


Denver is the same

“The guy I was with his uncle was

the govornor of Wyoming”

“Course he paid me back”

Ten Days

Two Weeks

Stock and Joint

“Was an old crook anyway”

The same voice on the same ship

The Supreme Vehicle

S.S. Excalibur





Mersion of Missy


4. 211th Chorus by Jack Kerouac

The wheel of the quivering meat


Turns in the void expelling human beings,

Pigs, turtles, frogs, insects, nits,

Mice, lice, lizards, rats, roan

Racinghorses, poxy bucolic pigtics,

Horrible unnameable lice of vultures,

Murderous attacking dog-armies

Of Africa, Rhinos roaming in the


Vast boars and huge gigantic bull

Elephants, rams, eagles, condors,

Pones and Porcupines and Pills-

All the endless conception of living


Gnashing everywhere in Consciousness

Throughout the ten directions of space

Occupying all the quarters in & out,

From supermicroscopic no-bug

To huge Galaxy Lightyear Bowell

Illuminating the sky of one Mind-

Poor! I wish I was free

of that slaving meat wheel

and safe in heaven dead.

5. 241st Chorus by Jack Kerouac

And how sweet a story it is

When you hear Charley Parker

tell it,

Either on records or at sessions,

Or at offical bits in clubs,

Shots in the arm for the wallet,

Gleefully he Whistled the



Anyhow, made no difference.

Charley Parker, forgive me-

Forgive me for not answering your eyes-

For not having made in indication

Of that which you can devise-

Charley Parker, pray for me-

Pray for me and everybody

In the Nirvanas of your brain

Where you hide, indulgent and huge,

No longer Charley Parker

But the secret unsayable name

That carries with it merit

Not to be measured from here

To up, down, east, or west-

-Charley Parker, lay the bane,

off me, and every body

6. 2nd Chorus Mexico City Blues by Jack Kerouac

Man is not worried in the middle

Man in the Middle

Is not Worried

He knows his Karma

Is not buried

But his Karma,

Unknown to him,

May end –

Which is Nirvana

Wild Men

Who Kill

Have Karmas

Of ill

Good Men

Who Love

Have Karmas

Of dove

Snakes are Poor Denizens of Hell

Have come surreptitioning

Through the tall grass

To face the pool of clear frogs


7. 3rd Chorus Mexico City Blues by Jack Kerouac

Describe fires in riverbottom

sand, and the cooking;

the cooking of hot dogs

spitted in whittled sticks

over flames of woodfire

with grease dropping in smoke

to brown and blacken

the salty hotdogs,

and the wine,

and the work on the railroad.

$275,000,000,000.00 in debt

says the Government

Two hundred and seventy five billion

dollars in debt

Like Unending


And Unnumbered Sentient Beings

Who will be admitted –

Not-Numberable –

To the new Pair of Shoes

Of White Guru Fleece

O j o !

The Purple Paradise

8. 4th Chorus Mexico City Blues by Jack Kerouac

Roosevelt was worth 6, 7 million dollars

He was Tight

Frog waits

Till poor fly

Flies by

And then they got him

The pool of clear rocks

Covered with vegetable scum

Covered the rocks

Clear the pool

Covered the warm surface

Covered the lotus

Dusted the watermelon flower

Aerial the Pad

Clean queer the clear

blue water


The Oil of the Olive

Bittersweet taffies

Bittersweet cabbage

Cabbage soup made right

A hunk a grass

Sauerkraut let work

in a big barrel

Stunk but Good

9. Bus East by Jack Kerouac

Society has good intentions Bureaucracy is like a friend


years ago – other furies other losses –


trying to control the uncontrollable Forest fires, Vice


essential smile In the essential sleep Of the children Of the essential mind


all thru playing the American

Now I’m going to live a good quiet life


world should be built for foot walkers


rivers Of spiney Nevady


am Jake Cake


Write like Blake


horse is not pleased Sight of his

gorgeous finery

in the dust Its silken


did disgust


arent kind Kiddies anent sweet


in Nevada – Investigating Dismal Cheyenne Where the war parties

In fields

of straw

Aimed over oxen At Indian Chiefs

In wild headdress Pouring thru

the gap

In Wyoming plain

To make the settlers

Eat more dust than dust

was eaten In the States From East at Seacoast Where wagons made up To dreadful


Of clazer vup



Anxious to masturbate The Mongol Sea (I’m too tired in Cheyenne –

No sleep in 4 nights now, & 2 to go)


10. Daydreams for Ginsberg by Jack Kerouac

I lie on my back at midnight

hearing the marvelous strange chime

of the clocks, and know it’s mid-

night and in that instant the whole

world swims into sight for me

in the form of beautiful swarm-

ing m u t t a worlds-

everything is happening, shining

Buhudda-lands, bhuti

blazing in faith, I know I’m

forever right & all’s I got to

do (as I hear the ordinary

extant voices of ladies talking

in some kitchen at midnight

oilcloth cups of cocoa

cardore to mump the

rinnegain in his

darlin drain-) i will write

it, all the talk of the world

everywhere in this morning, leav-

ing open parentheses sections

for my own accompanying inner

thoughts-with roars of me

all brain-all world

roaring-vibrating-I put

it down, swiftly, 1,000 words

(of pages) compressed into one second

of time-I’ll be long

robed & long gold haired in

the famous Greek afternoon

of some Greek City

Fame Immortal & they’ll

have to find me where they find

the t h n u p f t of my

shroud bags flying

flag yagging Lucien

Midnight back in their

mouths-Gore Vidal’ll

be amazed, annoyed-

my words’ll be writ in gold

& preserved in libraries like

Finnegans Wake & Visions of Neal

The chief representative of the Beat Generation, Jack Kerouac (1922–1969), was born in Lowell, Massachusetts, and passed away in St. Petersburg, Florida, in 1969. On the Road, The Dharma Bums, Big Sur, and Visions of Cody are just a few of his many books.

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