Angry Love Poems – 15 Poems About Anger and Hate

Sometimes, when you have a bad fight with your girlfriend (or even go as far as breaking up with her), your feelings for her stay strong.

And if you still love her, you’ll then do whatever you can to try to get your girl back.

If you want to know how to get your ex back or calm your current girlfriend down, remember that when it comes to sweeping someone back off their feet, it’s more often the smallest things that count.

In fact, sending romantic love poems you picked for her is a great way to let a woman know you’re sorry for messing up and are really, indeed, in love with her.

Best Poems About Anger and Revenge

1. Title: “Beneath the Fire’s Weight”

In shadows deep, where demons reside,
Two potent forces, side by side,
Anger and Hate, a fearsome pair,
Their flames ablaze, in the heart’s despair.

Anger, the tempest, fierce and wild,
A fire that rages, unreconciled,
It burns within, a storm untamed,
In the hearts of men, its fury inflamed.

Hate, the poison, seeping slow,
A darkness where compassion won’t grow,
It festers deep, in the soul’s abyss,
And, like a serpent, it seeks to persist.

Yet, amidst the chaos, a glimmer of light,
A chance to extinguish the ceaseless fight,
For love can quell the angriest storm,
And in its warmth, even hatred can transform.

So, let us strive, to heal and mend,
Break the cycle, let forgiveness ascend,
For in the end, in our hearts’ true state,
We’ll find a way to conquer Anger and Hate.

Beneath the Fire's Weight - Angry Love Poems

2. Title: “Storm of Wrath”

Within the depths of human souls, they dwell,
Fury and Vengeance, in a tumultuous spell.
A tempestuous surge of emotions entwined,
In their intricate dance, passions defined.

Fury, akin to a blazing inferno’s might,
With flames of anger, in the heart’s darkest night.
It ignites a fervor, fierce and unbound,
But in its aftermath, love can be confound.

Vengeance, a murmur, cold and obscure,
A craving for justice, a thirst to endure.
It quests for retribution, a score to redress,
Yet within its grasp, lies a void, no less.

Yet amid their tumultuous and complex play,
A revelation emerges, guiding the way.
That love and compassion, and grace’s embrace,
Can find a refuge even in fury’s fiery space.

So let us strive for hearts reborn,
Where forgiveness and empathy adorn.
For ultimately, as we come to perceive,
It’s love that helps our spirits retrieve

Storm of Wrath - Angry Love Poems

3. Title: “Temperance’s Wisdom”

Hold your temper, don’t let it break,
This path of wisdom we undertake.
Unbridled anger, a harmful way,
Leads to our downfall, come what may.

Passions stir within our fragile hearts,
Conscience guides, playing its vital parts.
When we’re vain, we lose our grace,
Self-control is needed in this life’s race.

With tempered tempers, tongues held tight,
Peace stays with us, day and night.
Unleash anger, friendships may fray,
Judgment’s day looms, as we stray.

Infinite time, life’s fleeting span,
Control your temper, do what you can.
Less fury vented, less to bear,
On that final night, less weight to share.

Though temper’s fire we can’t erase,
Through thought and meditation, we find our place.
With emotions held, our souls release,
In tranquility, we’ll find lasting peace.

Temperance's Wisdom - Angry Love Poems

4. Title: “Lessons from Anger”

I’d lose my temper, tear around, oh what a sight,
My loud voice causing folks to tremble with fright.
Actions in anger, I’d later deeply rue,
Wishing I could undo them, my regrets not few.

From these bitter lessons, wisdom I’ve since gained,
Treading gentler paths, where peace is maintained.
No longer letting anger mar my precious days,
I build mornings into joyful yesterdays.

I strive to keep my temper, my anger well in check,
No longer allowing fury to tarnish life’s deck.
For memories to cherish, free from vain regret,
I steer clear of anger’s deeds, a choice I won’t forget.

With each new dawn, I find a better way,
To keep anger at bay and brighten my day.
No more deeds of anger to mar my life’s set,
I’ve learned from the past, and I’ll never forget.

So, let anger be a shadow of the past,
In serenity’s embrace, my soul steadfast.
I’ve found the path to inner peace, you see,
In each new day, a better version of me.

Lessons from Anger - Angry Love Poems

5. Title: “Breaking Free from Anger’s Grasp”

Anger once consumed my days and nights. It was a tempest that raged within me, a fire that burned unchecked. Anger’s grip on my soul was relentless, and I often found myself lashing out at those around me.

Anger’s destructive power was evident in my actions. I would say hurtful words and engage in reckless behaviors, all driven by the fury that boiled inside me. It was as if I had no control over my own emotions, and anger dictated my every move.

Anger’s consequences were far-reaching. I hurt the people I cared about the most, damaging relationships that had taken years to build. I also realized that anger was taking a toll on my own well-being, both mentally and physically.

Anger’s hold on me was a heavy burden to bear. It was a weight that I carried with me everywhere I went, a constant source of turmoil and distress. I knew I needed to find a way to break free from its grasp and regain control of my life.

Anger’s transformation didn’t happen overnight, but with determination and support, I began to make positive changes. I learned healthier ways to cope with my emotions and channel my energy. Slowly but surely, I started to regain the peace and serenity that anger had stolen from me.

Breaking Free from Anger's Grasp - Angry Love Poems

6. Title: “I’m So Mad I Could Scream

I’m mad, could scream and shout,
Or spit my anger out,
Tables won’t be overturned,
No bears wrestled, lessons learned.

Yelling, tearing at my hair,
Once felt like a tempting dare,
But through these lines, I find release,
My anger’s now at peace.

I won’t leave, I’ll stay right here,
Letting words replace my fear,
In this poem, my anger’s tamed,
Like peaches and cream, I’m no longer inflamed.

For emotions, words can mend,
In verses, my anger finds its end,
Now I’m calmer, like a stream,
In this poem, I let off steam.

With each stanza, I regain control,
Turning anger into words, my goal,
No longer consumed by fiery rage,
On this paper, my emotions engage.

I'm So Mad I Could Scream - Angry Love Poems

7. Title: “Guard Thy Lips”

When harsh words quicken and vexation starts,
As clouds of anger shade gentle hearts,
And sullen frowns upon faces creep,
With poisoned words, our silence must keep.

Lest in an unguarded moment, they fly,
Hurtful words that make others cry,
Leaving scars that time won’t mend,
Once spoken, they’re beyond our amend.

Guard your lips from words unkind,
In anger’s grip, let wisdom bind,
For once spoken, they can’t be retrieved,
So keep your speech gentle, and be relieved.

Remember the power your words possess,
To hurt or heal, to cause distress,
Choose wisely when emotions swell,
In silence, your heart’s secrets, safely dwell.

Let kindness guide your tongue and lips,
Avoid the sting of regret’s eclipse,
For in guarding your words with care,
You’ll find a heart at peace, aware.

Guard Thy Lips - Angry Love Poems

8. Title: “The Power of Words”

Words, though cheap, hold great might,
Spoken swiftly, vanishing from sight,
Yet they linger as witnesses profound,
Before God’s throne, they’re always found.

Our words, both idle and of sin,
Reflect our hearts, where they begin,
Filled with anger, scorn, or pride,
Concealing faults, they cannot hide.

Envious tales and unkind strife,
They breed bitterness in life,
Grant us, Lord, the strength to pray,
That from sinful words, we’ll turn away.

May our lips be instruments of grace,
Spreading love in every place,
Until we learn, in heavens above,
To sing hymns of eternal love.

With words, we shape our destiny,
In their power, let us find unity,
A path of kindness, may we tread,
Until our earthly days have fled.

The Power of Words - Angry Love Poems

9. Title: “Beware the Tempted Lion”

If you faced a lion,
Outside of a cage’s bind,
Would you taunt and test him,
Till his roars unkind?
Would you provoke his anger,
His savage might not spare,
Knowing he could crush you,
With a deadly, feral glare?

Yet I’ve seen some people,
Day and night, persist,
Teasing the lion of their appetites,
In a dangerous, relentless twist.
No matter what afflicts them,
They seem to always fall,
For the false allure of healing,
In the demon’s alcohol.

So, they tease the lion,
Igniting his fierce will,
In his terrible power,
He prepares to kill.

Children, heed my warning,
Don’t follow this perilous way,
Avoid taunting the lion,
Keep temptation at bay.

Don’t trust the doctors
If they prescribe with haste,
Wines or ciders, remember,
There are safer paths to taste,
Better cures that won’t betray,
These drinks, causing death’s dismay,
Claiming lives each passing day.

Beware the Tempted Lion - Angry Love Poems

10. Title: “Hymn Before Action”

The earth with anger’s burning,
Seas engulfed in stormy wrath,
Nations, their armies forming,
Stand against our destined path.
Before we draw the sword,
Jehovah, Thunders’ Lord,
God of Battles, be our aid,
Guide us through this perilous raid.

Inflamed with pride and stubborn heart,
We seek Your mercy to impart,
Forgive the sins that we’ve professed,
Grant us strength as we’re put to the test.
For those who kneel beside our way,
Whose faith may not be as ours today,
Let their devotion stand the line,
May Your grace and love in them shine.

If we erred in our judgment’s call,
By honor, they heeded the trumpet’s call,
May not Your wrath descend on them,
But let us bear the blame, Amen.

With courage, we’ll march into the fight,
With Your guidance, we’ll do what’s right,
May peace and justice be our aim,
As we rise to honor Your name.

In unity, we’ll face the fray,
And for Your guidance, we humbly pray,
Let wisdom and compassion lead,
As we strive for justice and plant the seed.

Hymn Before Action - Angry Love Poems

11. Title: “Keeping Your Temper”

It won’t improve, and never will,
Though roads are rough, and hills are steep,
Flying into rage, it brings no thrill,
Instead, our troubles deeper we’ll keep.

Trials, shaped by how we respond,
Turn mole-hills to mountains, you’ll find,
Keeping your temper, wisdom to bond,
Strength and reason, combined.

In fiery rage, you’re but a fool,
Reason and strength, you’ll lose your grasp,
Steady minds, in trials, rule,
Leaving fiery passions in the past.

Conquer anger, don’t let it thrive,
Quiet resolve makes a hero’s name,
Facing the world, alive and alive,
In silence, he finds his fame.

Do your best, brave and wise,
Regardless of storms that blow,
Leave the rest to God, reprise,
That wisdom is worth the know.

Keeping Your Temper - Angry Love Poems

12. Title: “The Three Laws”

Love, a golden law so pure and dear,
Radiates warmth, bringing hearts near;
Justice, silver’s touch, calm and clear,
Impartial and steady, without fear.

Anger, the iron law, harsh and severe,
A piercing lance, causing strife and tear;
Justice, the silver scale, remains sincere,
Balancing wrongs with an even peer.

Love, a golden ring, forever to bind,
Uniting souls, heart and mind;
In the harmony of these three laws,
Life finds balance, in every cause.

In love’s embrace, we find our grace,
A gentle touch in a tender space;
Justice guides with an even hand,
In this world where we all stand.

Let anger’s blade be dulled and worn,
For in its wake, hearts are torn;
In the balance of love and justice, see,
The path to harmony and unity.

The Three Laws - Angry Love Poems

13. Title: “Righteous Wrath”

Hatred takes many forms, like flames that sear,
Some with murderous intent, others fueled by fear,
Yet there’s a hatred, pure and true,
Righteous wrath against what’s unjust and cruel.

O cleansing indignation, a flame so bright,
Ignite my soul, lead me in the fight,
From hollow virtues, set me apart,
Give me strength to champion the just heart.

Against falsehood, wickedness, and tyranny’s reign,
I’ll stand strong, unyielding in the face of pain,
This noble anger, my guiding light,
To uphold what’s right, day and night.

In the shadow of darkness, I’ll hold the flame,
For justice and truth, I’ll bear the name,
With unwavering resolve, I’ll play my part,
Guided by the fire of a just and noble heart.

With passion for justice, my heart ablaze,
I’ll challenge the darkness, seek brighter days,
For in this righteous anger, I find my might,
A beacon of hope, shining through the night.

Righteous Wrath - Angry Love Poems

14. Title: “Taming the Tongue”

Our tongues are meant for blessings, not disdain,
To uplift others, not cause them pain.
When others utter hurtful words, we find,
It’s best to respond with a gentle mind.

Names and insults should not take flight,
For judging others isn’t right.
He who calls a brother “fool” in jest,
Shall face judgment with his soul distressed.

Mocking holy things or sacred men,
Invites the Lord’s judgment now and then.
For profane words and actions shown,
Will reap consequences not easily atoned.

In their playful jest, children did offend,
Old Elisha, leading to a dreadful end.
God’s wrath descended with a fearsome roar,
As bears emerged, a lesson to restore.

Dear God, grant me the grace to see,
The importance of taming my tongue to be,
Kind and respectful in every way,
In thought, in word, in what I say.

Taming the Tongue - Angry Love Poems

15. Title: “The Nature of Anger”

Anger, in its proper place,
May sometimes reveal a trace
Of purpose, but it should not dwell
Beyond the moment, where it swells.

When anger’s flame grows out of hand,
It morphs into malice, hard to withstand.
This contrast is stark and true,
Between a serpent and a bee in view.

Provoke the bee, it swiftly strikes,
Inflicting pain, then takes to the skies,
But never stings again, you find,
Leaving you free, your peace unlined.

The serpent, lurking in the gloom,
Nurtures wrath, in silent room.
In the cold or warmth, day or night,
It strikes with venom, seeking to bite.

So, whether kindness or harm you send,
The vile serpent will wound, a deadly end.
Understanding anger, it’s wise to concede,
When to let it go and when to take heed.

The Nature of Anger - Angry Love Poems

Even though we feel really mad, we remember the good times we had. Love was like a special treasure, a memory that makes us measure.

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