21 Captivating Haiku Poems Everyone Should Read

21 Captivating Haiku Poems Everyone Should Read.

Haiku Poems: Haiku is a very unique Japanese poetry consisting of three short lines that do not rhyme. Unlike most other forms of poetry, Haiku doesn’t conform to the standard poetry structure with regard to the number of lines and syllables.

This one traditional form of poetry has come to become a popular style used to write poems all over the world. Haiku poems artfully depict so much more in its three lines structure so it is important you experience some of the most beautiful Haiku poems.

21 Captivating Haiku Poems Everyone Should Read
1. Haiku Year

Delightful display
Snowdrops bow their pure white heads
To the sun’s glory.

Fresh green buds appear
Indicating spring will soon
Energize us all.

Lambs gambol in fields
Frisky with the joys of life
Bleating happily.

Bluebells stand so proud
Beneath trees so sparsely dressed
Fresh green leaves unfold.

Much awaited sound
Echoes heard amid dense trees
Cuckoo has arrived.

Parks and gardens burst
With sounds and vibrant colours
Perfect harmony.

Beaches become full
Of families having fun
In sand and big waves.

Ripe golden harvest
Burning sun in azure skies
Labours rewarded.

Swallows congregate
On telephone wires ready
To migrate down south.

Red and gold leaves fall,
Crunchy as cornflakes beneath
Feet on a crisp morn.

Frosty webs sparkle
In the early morning sun
Brightly bejeweled.

First few flakes of snow
Dust gardens like icing on
A chocolate cake.
– Paul Holmes

2. A Rainbow

Crescent of colours
Arching high above our heads.
Sunshine brings us hope.
Paul Holmes

3. Spring

Water runs down stream.
Fish swimming with the current.
Life moving along.
– Tyler

4. Fields

Abundant display
Crops that kiss the happy sun
Feed the world each day.
– Unknown

5. Rivers

Sparkling crystal clear
Foot of mountain, vales, and hills
Green, green grass of hope.
– Unknown

6. Eye Of Fire

Your eyes are fire.
Their image burnt into my soul,
Scarred by beauty.
– Brandon

21 Captivating Haiku Poems Everyone Should Read

7. Ideal Day

Sea breeze blows ahead
The book flows and the sun glows
Perfect summer day
– Suh Joon Kim

8. Jungle

Jump, oh antelope
Sneak with pride huge lioness
Behind that oak tree.
– Unknown

9. Love Is Feeling

Love is a feeling
That you can not let go of
For it is sticky
– Channyr-Paigh Tummings

10. Forest

Towering great trees
Save the lives of in dire need
Inside their own world.
– Unknown

11. Mountains

Rise above the clouds
Like giants reaching the stars
Beauty of this earth.
– Unknown

12. Sweltering Climes

Parched throat, roasted skin,
Scorching sun rays, blazing winds
Soul sizzling within!
– Sushma A. Singh

13. Forever Love

Friends forever in time
Bonded by our hearts and souls
Love forever lasting!
– Sandy Maloof

14. A Fish

A swish of tail fins
Silver scales shining brightly
Down into the dark
– Jamilla Dempsey

21 Captivating Haiku Poems Everyone Should Read

15. Beautiful Summer Rain

Rain danced on tin roof
Play acoustic rhythm and blues
Makes my heart dance too
– Arun Bahadur Gurung

16. Autumn Haiku

A misty morning –
Pumpkins in the air, while boots
Crunch on autumn leaves.
– Lucie

17. Walking Along The Seashore

Picking up pebbles
Or seashells strewn on soft sand
Pure relaxation.
– Paul Holmes

18. The Night Descends

The Darkness descends
nocturnal beast come to feast
craving for lost souls
– Kay

21 Captivating Haiku Poems Everyone Should Read

20. Drifting Leaves

Golden butterflies
float down to the soft, moist ground
and rest till fall ends
– Renee H. Chrysso

21. From Across The Lake

From across the lake,
Past the black winter trees,
Faint sounds of a flute.
– Richard Wright

Haiku poems express a lot in its structure of  5, 7, 5 syllables for each line. The Haiku style of writing poetry is closely linked with appreciating nature and environmental occurrence. These Haiku poems provided here are to be enjoyed and shared with loved ones.

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