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Erin Hanson Poems (Elegantly Written Poetry about Self)

Poetry is lovely and Erin Hanson poems are even more elegantly written. It takes skill to articulate words in rhyme and blank verses. We are all moved and inspired by this genre of work.

Erin Hanson Poems


Erin Hanson Poems

Any form of language can be compelling, but poetry has a specific ability to do so.

The Not Poem (Erin Hanson Poems)

You are not your age, nor the size of clothes you wear,

You are not a weight, or the color of your hair.

You are not your name, or the dimples in your cheeks.

You are all the books you read, and all the words you speak.

You are your croaky morning voice, and the smiles you try to hide.

You’re the sweetness in your laughter, and every tear you’ve cried.

You’re the songs you sing so loudly when you know you’re all alone.

You’re the places that you’ve been to, and the one that you call home.

You’re the things that you believe in, and the people whom you love.

You’re the photos in your bedroom, and the future you dream of.

You’re made of so much beauty, but it seems that you forgot

When you decided that you were defined by all the things you’re not.


Let Me Tell the Tale (Erin Hanson Poems)

Let me tell the tale


a girl who didn’t stop,

Who climbed up every mountain

Without a pause upon the top.

She’d dance until each blade of grass

Was clothed in drops of dew,

And the sun knew her by name

But the silver moon did too.

For a fear had settled in her bones;

A fear of sitting still,

That if you’re not moving forward

It must mean you never will.

So in time her dance got slower

And she looked at all she’d seen,

But found gaps inside the places

That she’d never fully been,

For she was a human doing

Human moving, human seeing,

But she’d never taken time

To simply be a human being.


Surrender to Love (Erin Hanson Poems)

I lost myself within your eyes,
Our souls entwined much to my surprise
I fell in awe of your wondrous face
a land of eternal beauty and grace;
My restless spirit and stirring soul
seeking freedom, yet so out of control;
A shelter from the storm in you I found
A kindred spirit, to mine eternally bound.
Everything about you so hauntingly familiar:
Our minds in tune, experiences so similar;
The words you spoke came straight from my heart;
What was yours or mine, I could never tell apart.

Your soul mirrored back the love that I felt
In a blissful reality for a while we dwelt;
But old fears and faces found us anew
Love full of hope, now rejected withdrew.
Not knowing why; our souls withered in pain
In an immense void left by love lost again;
Yet undoubtedly here in my poor bleeding heart
Your reflection stayed: unaffected, unharmed.

Sometimes I find myself giving way to memories
Your image, like the sun, forever in my reveries;
The sky, always blue, reminds me of your eyes
You’re the sound the wind makes when something in me dies;
Your love the perpetual shadow that hovers over me,
suspended in space, forcing my captured heart to flee.

But in time came the acceptance of what I knew all along:
the simplest truth of this love so REAL and strong;
In surrender came the relief I so desperately needed,
As to God in my heart I finally pleaded:
May He fill me with this Love if such is His will,
If there’s a plan for me; this I seek to fulfil.
My mind emptied of loss, of wanting control
I release all which keeps me tied to the old.
Fully surrendered, like the wind gently bending the trees, 
God’s heavenly Mercy brought me down to my knees;
As I yield to my Creator I humbly touch the floor;
As your love comes to me like the waves to the shore.

There is peace in surrender; in submission, there is joy;
A promise, a certainty God wants us to enjoy;
Of things that are meant to be, when it’s only you and me,
Those dreams we once shared… then become reality.
You are the nearest to Home that I’ve ever been,
You live in my blood; always felt, never seen.
And the Heaven I tasted there in your breath,
May as well haunt me, out of reach, ‘til my death:
For I know no one else will take me to paradise;
For you’re the only One with forever in his eyes.

So let me take your hands; those hands so unsure
We will rise in this Love so sublime and pure;
I will reignite the fire inside you, show you what it is to be desired,
What it is like to be God-bound, in love eternally rewired.


You Have Given Me God

You have given me God
And in God I trust
But I don´t know how to read them signs
And read the signs I must

Time is running out here
And on time I depend
But I just can´t see which road to choose
And choose one without an end

I have but one wish
And that wish is so strong
But I would not want to follow that dream
And in following it be wrong

You have given me Faith
And before Faith I kneel
But I just dont know what truth to believe
And believe the truth that´s real

If we pay great attention to what Hanson is saying, it becomes clear that she is urging us to value each other just as highly as we value ourselves.

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