Poems about Faith
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Poems about Faith – 9 Poems about Your Believe System

Poems about faith will boost your faith, It is to defy logic to have faith. To think positively needs trust. To believe that there is a caring God who cares deeply for our suffering needs trust.

After many defeats, to believe in creation, the world, or yourself is to have courage.

Faith is an act of valor. It’s a decision to get up and face our fears in the morning and trust that God will help us.

Here are some poems about faith you can meditate on.

Faith prefers to believe that the next time we will succeed, even though we might have failed one hundred times before that.

1. Title: “My Victory Song”

God’s love grants me freedom’s key,
A victory song, my melody.
His grace, sufficient, surrounds me,
A source of strength, eternally.

Imperfect, I stand, a flawed man,
On my own, not the best I can.
Striving, even when efforts may fail,
Yet resilience prevails, and I set sail.

Determined, I forge ahead,
God’s work in me, where love is spread.
Flawed, yet fiercely loved, I see,
His masterpiece, still in the making, is me.

God’s plan, a mystery I embrace,
Trusting, obeying, finding solace and grace.
In His loving hand, I am held,
A journey through His plan, beautifully compelled.

My Victory Song - Poems about Faith

2. Title: “There’s a Way”

There’s a path unknown to fowl,
Unseen by the vulture’s eye’s prowl.
No lion treads upon this ground,
Unclean shall never there be found.

For weary mortals, a pathway unfolds,
Release from sin and strife it holds.
An everlasting way, truth, and life,
Blessed refuge from turmoil and strife.

Beside still waters, the path extends,
Peaceful trails where serenity blends.
Resting amid green pastures, sorrows cease,
A haven where troubles find release.

Take this way, walk humbly with God,
In meekness, along the path trod.
They shall run and not grow weary,
Hidden with Christ, in God’s sanctuary.

There's a Way - Poems about Faith

3. Title: “Lost in Emotion”

At times, I’m lost in an emotional maze,
Where every turn feels like a dead-end phase.
Alone in my quest for answers to find,
I may blame God, thinking needs are maligned.

Yet God never pledged life’s path would be smooth,
Trials emerge in varied forms, a truth.
Yet, His vow stands, never to forsake,
In stormy moments, peace He’ll make.

Deeper than oceans, God’s love prevails,
Unaltered by our emotional trails.
For every issue, He holds a key,
Consistently working, unseen by you and me.

When the battle seems lost, defeat at hand,
Bow not your head, don’t misunderstand.
With God, you’re the victor, never beat,
By your side, with Him, success is sweet.

Lost in Emotion _ Poems about Faith

4.  Title: “Sure Anchor”

Descend from Heavens, O Lord, to me,
Hear my prayer, earnest and free.
Above the life I see, on life itself,
Fix my soul, guard it, Lord, with great wealth.

Earthly joys, though rich, seem poor,
The fairest forms, their beauty impure.
On what is pure and peaceable, I declare,
Place my heart, O Lord, keep it there.

Pride on shifting sands constructs its home,
Ambition climbs a precarious dome.
On solid ground, where foundations bear,
Set my feet, Lord, and keep them there.

Life, a fleeting breath with troubles fraught,
Love, a synonym for care, dearly bought.
Lord, anchor my hope and faith with care,
In things eternal, steadfastly declare.

Sure Anchor - Poems about Faith

5. Title: “Rest, My Soul”

Rest, my soul, within God’s love,
As each day unfolds from above.
Relax in His unwavering grace,
Guiding you along life’s trace.

Embrace others’ joy, generously share,
Extend a hand to those in need, show you care.
Seek peace with neighbors, in word and deed,
Foster unity and understanding, plant love’s seed.

Direct your focus toward God’s embrace,
Less on others, find solace and grace.
In His hands, your times do lay,
Trust, for that’s all that matters, come what may.

Relax in God’s goodness, divine and sublime,
His ways are patient, standing the test of time.
In no rush, always perfectly aligned,
For He is never late, but precisely timed.

Rest, My Soul - Poems about Faith

6. Title: “Faith”

Lord, how couldst thou so much appease
Thy wrath for sin, as when man’s sight was dim,
And could see little, to regard his ease,
And bring by Faith all things to him?

Hungry I was, and had no meat:
I did conceit a most delicious feast;
I had it straight, and did as truly eat,
As ever did a welcome guest.

There is a rare outlandish root,
Which when I could not get, I thought it here:
That apprehension cur’d so well my foot,
That I can walk to heav’n well near.

I owed thousands and much more.
I did believe that I did nothing owe,
And liv’d accordingly; my creditor
Believes so too, and lets me go

Faith - Poems about Faith

7. Title: “In Jesus I Abide”

Through life’s ups and downs, come what may,
In joy or sorrow, be it sunshine or rain,
No matter what unfolds in my life,
In Jesus, my refuge, I’ll remain.

Under His presence, sheltered and secure,
Guarded from dangers, true and sure.
As a lamb carried over hill and sea,
In His embrace, I find serenity.

Amidst pain and confusion, feeling stirred,
Turn to Jesus, find solace in His Word.
He keeps me from veering off the way,
Forever following in His love each day.

In His love, eternally secure and safe,
Stand firm, embraced by amazing grace.
No matter what life may toss or turn,
In Jesus, steadfast, I’ll forever discern.

In Jesus I Abide - Poems about Faith

8. Title: “Mistaken”

In her room, a girl sheds silent tears,
Longing to escape this world, fueled by fears.
A razor marks her wrist with pain,
Blind to her worth, hidden like rain.

Each night, a boy dreams of courage,
Yearning to speak to his crush, love to encourage.
Fearful of judgment and cruel names,
Yet, he’s human, just the same.

A man drives, his secrets tightly held,
Hoping his lies remain veiled.
Covering up past mistakes and strife,
Forgetting we share one sky in this life.

Above them all, a God’s loving gaze,
Watching with pride, in countless ways.
Arms open wide, a welcoming dome,
Hoping they realize they’re loved for what’s at home.

Mistaken - Poems about Faith

9. Title: “What Faith Can Do”

Fueling your faith in what lies within,
Your God-given gift, a treasure to begin.
It ignites the will, encouraging flight,
To try and explore, embrace the light.

Nourishing your determination, renewing the strive,
Rising after a fall, taking challenges in stride.
A beautiful journey with rewards so grand,
Quelling doubts, letting faith expand.

In the depth of your soul, a powerful force,
Guiding your steps on life’s uncharted course.
Fuel your faith, let doubts dissipate,
For in belief, life’s wonders await.

So, embrace the gift bestowed from above,
A beacon of hope, an unshakable love.
Let faith be the flame that brightly glows,
Illuminating your path as life unfolds.

What Faith Can Do - Poems about Faith

Faith is a belief and for as many who believe it works, it has worked for them. These poems will boost your faith if you believe in it, if you don’t they will encourage you to believe in faith.

Faith prefers to believe that the next time we will succeed, even though we might have failed one hundred times before that.

You can try it today. Have a little bit of faith and that makes the difference.

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