Poems about Suicide

Poems about Suicide – 15 Poems about Depression and Self Destruction

Life is supposed to be valued because even a blade of grass fights for the privilege of life. It is a thing of grief when our family member decides to commit suicide.

Imagine if someone who is close to you, a friend or relative, voluntarily ends their life; then, all hope that was bestowed on that person is gone. These poems will make you see that when things like this happen, such families become really sad.

No one is happy all the time, but for some people, they feel they can never find happiness. Some feel like their entire life is full of nothing but pain, hurt, and loneliness.

Every day is a struggle, and each breath feels like a fight for survival. Any life not valued is a very painful feeling; it can throw anyone into a state of depression.

As such, we hope that as you read through these poems carefully, they will give you comfort and make life more meaningful to you in the end.

1. Title: “A New Dawn Beckons

Beneath the darkest night, shadows seep,
A dawn awaits, dispelling shadows deep.
Though pain may clutch your soul with might,
Hold on tight, for tomorrow births new light.

Embers of hope in the silent gloom,
Whispers of resilience begin to bloom.
As stars retire, and the sun takes flight,
Hold on tight, for tomorrow births new light.

Through the labyrinth of despair’s cruel art,
A resilient spirit can mend and restart.
In every wound, a story to rewrite,
Hold on tight, for tomorrow births new light.

In the canvas of night, a promise so grand,
A sunrise painting a hopeful strand.
With each sunrise, a chance to reunite,
Hold on tight, for tomorrow births new light.

A New Dawn Beckons - Poems about Suicide

2. Title: “Rising Resilience”

From the pyre, a phoenix takes flight,
You too can soar to newfound height.
Mend your wings, let healing begin,
Strength revealed in every scar within.

In the embers of adversity’s fire,
Lift your spirit, reach higher.
As broken wings embrace the mend,
In resilience, a journey begins to transcend.

From the ashes, strength unveils,
Each scar a testament, each story trails.
Rise, like the phoenix, strong and real,
In every challenge, resilience to feel.

Through life’s storms, fierce and wild,
Embrace the strength, an unyielding child.
In every trial, let resilience be your guide,
For within, a phoenix forever abides.

Rising Resilience - Poems about Suicide

3. Title: “Symphony of Resilience”

In depths where despair may dwell,
Resilience blooms, a potent spell.
Listen close, hear the call,
Life’s symphony, urging you to stand tall.

Through the shadows, find your way,
Embrace the strength that comes to stay.
In every note, a rise and fall,
Life’s symphony, encouraging you to stand tall.

From the depths, let courage swell,
Break the chains, dispel the spell.
Rise above, and through it all,
Life’s symphony echoes: stand tall.

In the melody of hope, stand enthralled,
Resilience rising, unappalled.
With each refrain, let healing install,
A symphony of strength, inviting you to stand tall.

Symphony of Resilience - Poems about Suicide

4. Title: “Brushstrokes of Hope”

Life’s canvas, hues so vast,
Each stroke, a chance to outlast.
In every shade, a tale unfolds,
Hold on tight; let the future be told.

In the palette of moments, bold,
A symphony of stories to be told.
Brushstrokes of resilience, colors bold,
Hold on tight; let your journey unfold.

Through the canvas, a narrative unfolds,
A resilient spirit, the story it holds.
In every hue, a chance to behold,
Hold on tight; let your destiny unfold.

On this canvas of life, as stories mold,
Embrace the chapters, both young and old.
In every stroke, a promise to hold,
Hold on tight; let your legacy unfold.

Brushstrokes of Hope - Poems about Suicide

5. Title: “Hope’s Garden”

Within hope’s garden, dreams unfold,
Resilient petals, a story to be told.
Nurture the seeds, let positivity sow,
In hope’s garden, let your spirit glow.

Amidst the blooms where dreams reside,
Fragrant whispers of strength abide.
Tend to the garden, watch it grow,
In hope’s haven, let your spirit flow.

A sanctuary where aspirations collide,
Petals of courage open wide.
Cultivate the soil, let positivity bestow,
In the garden of hope, let your spirit grow.

Amongst the blossoms where dreams confide,
Find solace in the beauty implied.
Tend to the seeds, let positivity bestow,
In hope’s garden, let your spirit’s radiance show.

Hope's Garden - Poems about Suicide

6. Title: “Lanterns of Dreams”

Release dreams high, like lanterns in the sky,
Soaring freely, painting tales up high.
In the night’s embrace, let dreams ignite,
A beacon of hope, casting brilliant light.

Within the vast expanse, dreams take flight,
Illuminate the dark, a mesmerizing sight.
Watch them dance, like stars so light,
A celestial ballet, igniting the night.

In shadows deep, let dreams alight,
Guiding the way through the darkest night.
Their glow, a promise, pure and white,
A symphony of hope, dispelling the blight.

Release them now, those dreams so bright,
Let them soar, through the endless night.
In their gentle glow, find strength to fight,
Lanterns of dreams, a celestial delight.

Lanterns of Dreams - Poems about Suicide

7. Title: “Beyond Tomorrow’s Breach

Cross tomorrow’s bridge, courage in your stride,
Shed shadows past, let your story be your guide.
Each step, a testament to your inner strength,
The road ahead, a journey of hope’s full length.

Beyond the arch, where destinies unfold,
Embrace the unknown, let your tale be told.
In every stride, discover newfound strength,
The path ahead, a promise of hope’s full length.

Bridging the gap to a future untold,
Let resilience blossom, let your story unfold.
With each advancing step, gather strength,
The journey ahead, a pathway of hope’s full length.

On tomorrow’s bridge, grasp courage’s hold,
A testament to resilience, a story yet to be scrolled.
With every step, fortify your strength,
The road of hope awaits, its promising length.

Beyond Tomorrow's Breach - Poems about Suicide

8. Title: “Horizon’s Hope”

Life’s vast ocean, a sea of possibilities,
Navigate challenges with hopeful abilities.
Waves may crash, yet you’re not alone,
Sail with courage, let hope be your own.

Amid the sea’s boundless ebb and flow,
Embrace challenges as the winds may blow.
When crashing waves attempt to disown,
Grasp onto courage, let hope be your own.

In the expanse where potentialities play,
Sail with hope through both night and day.
When the tempest roars, and seeds are sown,
Find strength within; let hope be your own.

Life’s journey, an ocean vast and wide,
With hopeful strides, let courage be your guide.
When currents challenge, fears overthrown,
Stand firm, sail on—let hope be your own.

Horizon's Hope - Poems about Suicide

9. Title: “Echoes of Tomorrow”

Whispers of tomorrow, close and near,
A dreamy melody that drowns all fear.
Life’s tale unravels, stories yet to be told,
Embrace each chapter, let hope unfold.

In the hush, the gentle whispers borrow,
A serenade of dreams that transcends sorrow.
The journey of life, an epic yet untold,
Embrace its narrative, let hope enfold.

Listen keenly to the whispers that confer,
A harmonious echo, a tale to transfer.
Each chapter unfolds, a tapestry to behold,
Embrace with certainty, let hope take hold.

In the symphony of time, a soft tomorrow,
A lullaby of dreams, a balm for sorrow.
Life’s narrative, in intricacies unfold,
Embrace its beauty, let hope manifold.

Echoes of Tomorrow - Poems about Suicide

10. Title: “Heart’s Refrain”

Listen to the song of your beating heart,
A rhythm of life, a work of art.
In the quiet moments, let love play its part,
A melody that heals, a song to restart.

In the symphony of your pulsing beat,
Life’s rhythm, a cadence oh so sweet.
Amidst the silence, let love impart,
A soothing melody, a song to restart.

Feel the echoes in the tranquil air,
Your heart’s tune, a melody rare.
In hushed moments, let love impart,
A healing song, a serenade to restart.

So, listen closely to your heart’s sweet song,
A life’s rhythm, where you belong.
In the calm, let love play its part,
A melody that heals, a song to restart.

Heart's Refrain - Poems about Suicide

11. Title: “Promise at Dawn”

With each sunrise, a promise reborn,
A canvas of hope in colors adorned.
The dawn whispers, “You’re not alone,”
Embrace the day, let your strength be known.

Morning’s promise, a palette so vast,
Hues of hope, a day to outlast.
The whispering dawn, a comforting tone,
Embrace its message, let strength be shown.

As sunlight breaks, dispelling the night,
A canvas of possibilities takes flight.
Whispers echo, “You’re not alone,”
Embrace the day, let your strength be known.

With dawn’s embrace, a promise to share,
A canvas of hope, beyond compare.
Whispers persist, “You’re not alone,”
Embrace the day, let your strength be known.

Promise at Dawn - Poems about Suicide

12. Title: “Starlight Whisper”

Beneath the starlight’s soft and divine hum,
A promise celestial, you’re not overcome.
In the vast night, where fears may assail,
Seek solace in hope, let your spirit prevail.

Amidst the cosmos, whispers cascade,
A celestial vow, in darkness, not to fade.
When shadows linger and doubts assail,
Trust in the promise, let your spirit prevail.

Under the starlight, a cosmic design,
A whispered assurance, everything aligns.
In the vast expanse where fears assail,
Find solace in hope, let your spirit prevail.

Through the night’s canvas, the promise trails,
A celestial symphony where hope prevails.
In the vast unknown, when fears assail,
Let starlight whispers make your spirit sail.

Starlight Whisper - Poems about Suicide

13. Title: “Phoenix’s Flight”

From ashes aloft, the phoenix ascends,
Resilience embodied, the night it transcends.
In despair’s grip, heed this tale,
Rise from the ashes, let hope set sail.

On wings of renewal, the phoenix soars,
A symbol of strength, adversity it deplores.
When shadows loom, remember this tale,
Rise from the ashes, let hope prevail.

Through the darkest hour, the phoenix glides,
Conquering the night with unwavering strides.
In moments bleak, cling to this tale,
Rise from the ashes, let hope unveil.

A story of rebirth, the phoenix’s flight,
A beacon of hope in the darkest night.
When all seems lost, recall this tale,
Rise from the ashes, let hope prevail.

Phoenix's Flight - Poems about Suicide

14. Title: “Rain’s Resilience Dance”

Beneath the gentle cadence of rain’s refrain,
A soothing melody, dissolving every pain.
In the storm’s embrace, where challenges assail,
Dance with resilience, let hope’s harmony prevail.

Amidst the showers, a reminder so strong,
You’re a part of a symphony, where you belong.
As winds of adversity relentlessly assail,
Dance with courage, let hope’s harmony prevail.

Feel the rhythm of raindrops, a comforting call,
A resilient spirit, rising after every fall.
When life’s storms rage and emotions assail,
Dance through the rain, let hope’s harmony prevail.

In the downpour of challenges, stand tall,
A resilient dance, surrendering to the fall.
With every step, let hope and strength unveil,
Dance in the rain, let harmony and hope prevail.

Rain's Resilience Dance - Poems about Suicide

15. Title: “Willow’s Embrace”

Beneath the willow’s branches, solace finds,
A sanctuary of peace where dreams unwind.
Let tears cascade like a gentle rain,
Wash away the hurt, invite joy again.

In the shadowed haven of the willow’s boughs,
A refuge for dreams, where serenity allows.
As tears fall, a cleansing, soothing rain,
Renewal begins, embracing joy’s terrain.

Within the willow’s gentle, comforting sway,
Solace resides, where troubles fade away.
As tears descend in a tranquil rain,
Embrace the healing, welcome joy’s refrain.

Beneath the willow, a haven tried and true,
A sanctuary where dreams find their due.
Let tears be a tender, cleansing rain,
Washing away the hurt, inviting joy to reign.

Willow's Embrace - Poems about Suicide

We hope these poems can make us see that despite the situation, we are not always alone and that expressing your feelings is okay but not to an extent of committing suicide.

During difficult times like this, why not reach out to a trusted friend in your life who can provide support, a mental health professional, or better still, a counselor. There’s joy in helping and supporting one another.

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