Action Mangas

Pages With Punch: 14 Of The Best Action Manga

Without a doubt, the most well-known manga genre, both in Japan and internationally, is action. It is thrilling. It changes. Additionally, it is virtually always ideal for a Netflix film or series, which inevitably increases sales.

Action Mangas

But to make our list of the best action manga, something has to be very exceptional. POW can’t just be added! you think you have our attention in the middle of a sentence. Equally, you can’t just hand our heroes some risqué garb and say, “Job done.” This is a more sophisticated procedure.

The best action manga understands how to strike a balance between a compelling plot and likable but powerful main characters (OP MC). Additionally, it must have breathtaking graphics that you want to lose yourself in.

So what attributes do outstanding action manga have? Conflict is the driving force behind getting something done. No matter where you are reading it, it has captivating art and people you want to root for. They probably found the best action manga within the category of “Shonen Manga.”

The Best Action Manga

Action Mangas

Deadpool: Samurai By Sanshiro Kasama And Hikaru Uesugi

The English translation of a book that was first published in Japanese last year was released this month, however other regions, like Australia, will still need to wait a little while longer.

The Japanese edition of the comic, which is the first collaboration between Marvel and Shonen Jump, sold the most copies of any Marvel publication in 2021.

And Deadpool is without a doubt the best action manga lists out there, so take that into consideration. Deadpool is invited to oversee the Avengers branch Tony Stark plans to open in Tokyo. The result is a hilarious, action-packed manga with one of the best characters in any market, despite the fact that none of it is a good idea.

Of course, having All Might from My Hero Academia as your sidekick is beneficial. If you enjoy both MHA and Deadpool, combine the two and get ready for a mind blowing read!

Action Mangas

Demon Slayer Kimetsu No Yaiba By Koyoharu Gotouge

One of the most popular manga series ever produced is undoubtedly at the top of many readers’ “Best Action Manga” lists. It begins slowly, focusing all the emotion on our main character as he sees his entire family murdered, save for his sister, who has since become a demon.

Tanjiro is not the type of person to sulk and behave like a victim. Instead, he takes on the duty of taking care of his sister while studying to fight demons.

For fans of a classic battle manga, Demon Slayer is a must-read and a well-liked Shonen manga. Visit our Guide to Shonen Manga here if you’re looking for more like this.

Action Mangas

Choujin X By Sui Ishida

The action scenes and stunning artwork in this brand-new manga will appeal to fans of Ishida and Tokyo Ghoul. Although it was initially released in May 2021, the English translation is still very fresh.

Two childhood pals who run into a Choujin—a person with deadly supernatural abilities acquired through a serum—in the novel are two childhood friends.

With no hope of escape, the lads decide to transform into Choujin right away. It’s unusual, weird, and contains a few turns that will make you go back and read certain passages to figure out what really happened. And everything is well because of A Ride.

Action Mangas

Tokyo Revengers By Ken Wakui

Gang warfare, time travel, juvenile offenders, teen romance, and a lot of “yakuza-style” fighting are all present.

Takemichi learns that the Tokyo Maji Gang killed his middle school girlfriend. He is suddenly thrust back in time by 12 years, giving him the chance to save the girl, make changes in his life, and perhaps have an impact on the gang conflict.

Although it was recently made into an anime series, I prefer the original manga because of the highly relatable artwork. The fact that Wakui has a personal background with the gang subculture himself may be the reason why the gang-related violence occasionally feels a little too real.

Action Mangas

Candy Flurry By Ippon Takegushi And Santa Mitarashi

The finest candy in the world is made by Cyndy ToyToy! One hundred different candies were made, and each one grants the eater special abilities to conjure the same tasty pleasure. It sounds harmless enough; I guess.

Until you witness our OP’s MC Tsumugi brandishing a big rainbow swirl lollipop like a sledgehammer laced with demons. Naturally, there were repercussions, one of which was a giant lollipop wielder destroying Tokyo.

But hold on, they said each candy to provide special talents. Tsumugi needs to remain anonymous until she locates the other lollipop bearer. Until then, they littered the battlefield with a lot of enormous doughnuts, flying forks, and soft sugar powder.

Action Mangas

Sakamoto Days By Yuto Suzuki

The similarities between Sakamoto Days and The Way of the stay-at-home parent cannot be disputed. However, there are minute variations, and guess what? It’s quite okay to take pleasure in both! When he was alive, a famous hitman, Taro Sakamoto, was regarded as the best of all time.

Criminals dreaded him! Assassins respected him! But after a while, he gave up, got married, and had a child. Sakamoto is far more at back and comfortable than the slick and dapper Tatsu from stay-at-home parent, and I can completely relate to him.

As the proprietor of a local shop, Sakamoto is currently leading a peaceful life, but time is running out before his past catches up with him. A wonderful chuckle and plenty of page-filling action.

Action Mangas

Kaiju No. 8 By Naoya Matsumoto

Kafka dreams of one day enlisting in the Japan Defense Force to serve with his companion Mina. As captain of the Third Division, it is her duty to destroy Kaiju.

His responsibility is to clear up the wreckage of her conflicts. Kafka’s dreams appear within reach when an abrupt rule change enables him to try out for the Defense Force—until he transforms into a Kaiju himself!

However, it’s ideal for readers trying to fill the “man turns into monster” gap left by Attack on Titan. With its 30-something adult male lead, it is much more compelling and amusing (a rarity in the shonen manga).

Blue Exorcist By Kazue Kato

Blue Exorcist By Kazue Kato

Rin Okumura was raised by a renowned exorcist, Father Fujimoto, and never knew his biological father. One day, after a crucial debate with Father Fujimoto, Rin is forced to confront a dreadful truth: Satan’s blood flows through his veins!

In order to vanquish Satan, Rin must enroll in the enigmatic True Cross Academy and train to become an exorcist. Boku to Usagi, which was written and illustrated by Kazue Kato and appeared in Akamaru Jump, earned her the prestigious Tezuka Award in 2000.

Flashy action scenes and excellent character development show that the writers have the necessary talents.

Jujutsu Kaisen By Gege Akutami

Jujutsu Kaisen By Gege Akutami

More often known as JJK, and there are a lot of admirers as a result of the anime series! The motion that is taking place on the pages draws your attention in.

Furthermore, if you enjoy monsters, this is the best image for you. It first has the impression of a good-vs.-evil tale, but Akutami has created this incredible world where neither good nor evil is inherent. Everybody has some Cursed Energy inside of them, which is caused by unfavorable emotions coursing through our bodies.

Since most people are unable to manage it, the energy occasionally escapes and gives rise to Curses, a race of super-beings that essentially want to harm everyone. Yuji, our main character, became the new host of the tremendous Curse known as Sukuna after swallowing a decaying finger that contained it.

To the astonishment of more seasoned sorcerers, Yuji is still capable of controlling his own body in classic OP MC fashion. However, Yuji will need to locate (and devour!) more fingers if he is to murder Sukuna. Ew! Here are 10 Manga That Are Like Jujutsu Kaisen For Monster Lovers if you are already a fan of Jujutsu Kaisen.

Gangsta By Kohske

Gangsta By Kohske

Make space on your bookshelves for Gangsta if you enjoy reading about characters who are morally dubious. The two main characters live in a place where there are criminals and gang wars, so it’s a little gloomy and grim.

The two are “Handymen” (a.k.a., mercenaries) with unique capabilities for unique contracts; one is a gigolo and the other is a deaf swordsman.

The men rescue and take in Alex, a former sex worker with an abusive ex, through one of those “contracts,” which are frequently extremely detailed and messy.

Although the series is action-packed, the writing is unique, and the tale is highly fascinating. Although supernatural elements are alluded to, they are not the manga’s primary focus.

Nabari No Ou By Yuki Makatani, Translated By Alethea Nibley And Athena Nibley

Nabari No Ou By Yuki Makatani, Translated By Alethea Nibley And Athena Nibley

An uninterested high school boy who possesses the ultimate ninja power is the epitome of the OP MC. Really, though?

He is a typical 14-year-old boy who desires a straightforward existence filled with plenty of okonomiyaki. Shame that so many ninja factions disagree.

There are some definite Naruto overtones, but Miharu, the main character, exudes such a sense of ambivalence that you are unsure of how things will pan out for him. The combat scenes have lovely, fluid graphics, and you can see the story developing naturally.

Deadman Wonderland By Jinsei Kataoka

Deadman Wonderland By Jinsei Kataoka

Get ready for some extremely dramatic fight sequences involving powerful humans who are frequently placed in “fight to the death” situations. The show centers on Ganta Igarashi, who is wrongfully accused of murdering his classmates from middle school.

They gave him the death penalty at the Deadman Wonderland jail, a theme park where, despite what visitors would think, convicts are actually forced to participate in Battle Royale matches until one of them dies.

Although it seems simple to understand, the delight of this manga is the feeling of absolute “WHUUUUUT?!?

You benefit from every chapter. I frequently find myself turning back and reading earlier pages in an effort to fully appreciate the fantastic and comprehend the most recent revelation. Worth every mental assault.

Noragami: Stray God By Adachitoka

Noragami: Stray God By Adachitoka

Come for the historical allusions to religion; stay for the action-packed battle sequences. Yato, a minor Shinto god who is climbing the pantheon by doing odd jobs for humans, is our primary character.

He commits the usual error of getting engaged with Hiyori Iki, a human girl, who then causes her own spiritual muddle. Before realizing he has no idea what is happening, Yato makes a pledge to solve it.

The action is gripping, and the characters are well-written, but the socio-commentary on godhood is what really sets this apart for me. Both a fighter and a thinker in one.

Zom 100: Bucket List Of The Dead By Haro Aso And Kotaro Takata

Zom 100: Bucket List Of The Dead By Haro Aso And Kotaro Takata

Nothing inspires your bucket list like a stunning disaster. Akira is an incredibly relatable figure. Akira’s life has lost its appeal after years of toiling hard for a business that crushes the soul.

However, when a zombie apocalypse decimates his village, he is inspired to live for himself. Akira is currently on a mission to cross off everything on his bucket list before he passes away.

Zom 100 should be on your list of must-read manga. Except for the undead, hopefully, the action scenes are interesting enough to propel you out of your seat and back into life.

Brief History of Manga 

Hokusai, a well-known woodblock artist, referred to his creations as a manga in the 18th century. Although Hokusai used the name to describe “whimsical drawings,” which is the word’s exact definition, his creations are not the oldest manga in existence.

The scrolls that Japanese Buddhist monks produced in the 12th century are the earliest instances of what we now refer to as manga. These scrolls showed animals acting like people and running constantly like chapters.

Kibyshi, or “yellow covers,” were novels for adults featuring a picture accompanied by dialogue and text. Kibyshi was a manga-like medium that reappeared in the 18th century. Many of the subjects covered in these kibyshi were contentious, and finally, the government outlawed them.

As printing methods improved in the 19th century, Japanese cartoonists continued to produce comics, including ones that discussed politics and offered government criticism. The publishing sector thrived well into the 20th century, but the Japanese government started to severely restrict the work of artists and close down publishing businesses.

The manga was utilized by the government to disseminate Japanese imperialism and propaganda in the years before World War II. The modern manga first appeared after World War II and quickly rose to prominence.

American-style comics were introduced to Japan during the American occupation, and this had a big impact on the manga art form.

Tezuka Osaku, an artist best known as the “Father of Manga” and the “Walt Disney of Japan,” started publishing his works in 1947. The most well-known and popular of these is “Astro Boy.”

Along with his contemporaries, Tezuka Osamu initiated a further significant transformation of manga from wartime propaganda to the enchanting amusement that we know and enjoy today.

Action manga is frequently dismissed as being violent merely for the sake of being violent and underestimated. While there is some subpar action manga out there, the finest ones include sympathetic protagonists who fight against powerful opponents.

Even the strongest characters must battle a more formidable foe (sometimes a reflection of themselves). The best action manga piques your interest in the narrative. Each of these is unexpected but deserving of being on our list.

Share with your fellow ‘action manga’ fans! Cheers.

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