Rupi Kaur Love Poems

Rupi Kaur Love Poems (Amazing, Lovely Poem Collection)

Rupi Kaur Love poems: The author of Milk and Honey and The Sun and Her Flowers, are in this article and have been carefully selected to be shared with you.

Rupi Kaur Love Poems

Rupi Kaur Love Poems

The bestselling author of Milk and Honey and the Sun and Her Flowers is Rupi Kaur. Her poetry covers a variety of topics, including racism, sexism, family, and love.

People adore her writing because it tackles sensitive subjects that are difficult for most people to express.

Additionally, she offers many people who lack a voice by virtue of being a woman, particularly one of South Asian origin.

About Rupi Kaur

In 1992, Rupi Kaur was born in India. She and her family relocated to Canada when she was 4 years old to escape Sikh persecution. Kaur completed her studies at the University of Waterloo and graduated with a degree in professional writing and rhetoric.

Her family wanted her to become a lawyer, but she chose to pursue her passion for performing poetry. Kaur originally gained notoriety on Instagram as a youthful, contentious feminist speaker.

She’s like a poetry prodigy, a poetic Neil Degrasse Tyson, and her posts were not only compelling for the exquisite poetry but also for the emotive and artistic painting she included.

Rupi Kaur Poems

Rupi Kaur speaks on a variety of topics, including love, gender, trauma, healing, and migration, as was previously said. Each one has its own distinct beauty even though they all exhibit her taste and personality.

Her love poems convey love in a beautiful, sophisticated manner. She expresses love as tender and courageous in her words. It may be straightforward but delicate. It has the potential to be both as intense as range fire and as sweet as honey.

The best love poems by Rupi Kaur were selected from her first and most well-known book, Milk And Honey.

1. Most Importantly Love by Rupi Kaur

most importantly love

like it’s the only thing you know how

at the end of the day all this

means nothing

this page

where you’re sitting

your degree

your job

the money

nothing even matters

except love and human connection

who you loved

and how deeply you loved them

how you touched the people around you

and how much you gave them

2. One Day You Will Learn

One day you will learn

That we all bleed the same

And when we do

Nobody should tell us

To wipe the blood off

Our faces

Because it is ours

And it is beautiful

3. We Have Been Taught To Live

We have been taught to live
With our heads in the sand
And we have been taught
Pain is only for the weak

I say take your heart
And rip it from your chest
Let us breathe in your sorrow
Let us eat your flesh

4. Anger

Anger —
It is the silent one

The one that holds
Its tongue

A punch
To the face

When words are

When words are


5. Flat Sun, The Hour When

Flat sun, the hour when

The morning has died

And left us in a grey world

Grey as a lover’s face

When they told you

They want to move on

6. I Sit On A Chair That Isn’t Mine

I sit on a chair that isn’t mine
And I feel it

I know that I am a guest
In someone else’s home

So I don’t complain
When they tell me

It is not yours
You do not belong

7. A Feather Falls Into The Space

A feather falls into the space
Between you and me

It hangs there in the air
Wanting to be noticed

Waiting to be captured
Waiting for eternity

8. My Heart Sinks

Like an anchor

Into the depths
Of my belly

My eyes sting
But they do not cry

They burn as if filled
With salt water


9. My Heart Is This

My heart is this:

A narrow road
Scattered thorns
“Do Not Enter” signs

Not a sidewalk
No handrails

And only the strong
Ever make it through

10. I Remember What It Feels Like

I remember what it feels like

To be a stranger

To lose my breath

In the arms of a city

I remember how it feels

Before the heartbreak

11. Love Will Come

love will come

and when love comes

love will hold you

love will call your name

and you will melt

sometimes though

love will hurt you but

love will never mean to

love will play no games

cause love knows life

has been hard enough already

12. Your Art

your art

is not about how many people

like your work

your art

is about

if your heart likes your work

if your soul likes your work

it’s about how honest

you are with yourself

and you

must never

trade honesty

for relatability


13. The Next Time You

the next time you

have your coffee black

you’ll taste the bitter state he left you in

it will make you weep

but you’ll never

stop drinking

you’d rather have the

darkest parts of him

than have nothing

We hope you enjoyed our collection of these Rupi Kaur love poems. Her poems are short, but they can touch your heart. If you like them, don’t forget to share them with your friends.

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