Poems about Music

Poems about Music – 10 Poems About the Art of Sound and Lyrics

Poems about music inspire people. People frequently turn to music in search of inspiration, hope, or a method to express their most intense emotions.

Writers have always been captivated with creating poetry on the power of music, from 19th-century authors to contemporary poets. Poems about music serve as examples of how it has been a source of comfort, joy, and memories.

Poetry and music used to go hand in hand, with many “poems” being sung to music for amusement at feasts and royal courts, as well as in neighborhood pubs.

It should come as no surprise that so many poets have attempted to create poetry that is “musical,” since, as Walter Pater said, every art always strives to achieve the state of music.

The top 10 poems on music, singing, dancing, instruments, and related topics are listed below.

1. Title: “Come in”

Approaching the forest’s edge I stood,
Thrush music – listen!
While outside, dusk began to cast,
Inside, darkness contrast.

The sun’s last light in the west,
Faded, but in a thrush’s breast,
It lingered for one song more,
As darkness crept, its tune to explore.

Deep in the columned dark,
Thrush music soared – a heartfelt mark,
A beckoning, a call to enter,
To embrace the shadows, to feel the center.

But no, I craved the starry night,
I would not yield to the dark’s invite.
Not even if summoned, I’d resist,
For in the shadows, I did not exist.

Come in - Poems about Music

2. Title: “Music, When Soft Voices Die”

When soft voices fade away,
Echo in memory, gently sway;
Sweet violets, when they ail,
Linger in senses, never frail.

Rose leaves on the lover’s bed,
Once the rose itself has fled;
Your thoughts, when you depart,
Love will sleep in the silent heart.

In the echoes where memories lie,
Soft voices linger, silently sigh;
Violets’ scent, as blooms decline,
In the senses remains, a timeless sign.

Petals on the bedspread spread,
Where the rose has laid its head;
Your thoughts, when you are gone,
Love will endure, lingering on.

Music, When Soft Voices Die - Poems about Music

3. Title: “Music”

When music plays, my world dissolves,
Melodies evolve, problems resolve;
Flaming flowers, trees find ease,
Branches lifted, sweet release.

With music’s notes, water gives birth,
Naiads emerge, filling the earth;
Dreams ignite enchanted faces,
Echoing stir in their dwelling spaces.

As music sounds, I revert to past,
Before this world amassed;
Time’s woods echo a distant song,
Swift-winged hours break, I journey along.

In this symphony, time suspends,
A harmonious journey, spirit transcends.
A realm of music, joy never ends.
In the melody’s embrace, my soul amends.

Music - Poems about Music

4. Title: “The Bell”

I adore your music, mellow bell,
Iron chime I love so well,
Be it life or death, to heaven or hell,
It beckons the sons of Time, its spell.

Upon the deep, your voice is heard,
By the sea-boy homeward spurred,
Charms his cares to sleep, cheers his sail,
A melody that will forever prevail.

To God’s abode and heavenly joys,
Our forefathers heard your voice,
Believing it disarmed thunder’s fires,
Summoning sacred, divine desires.

And soon, somber death-bell, you will play,
Lifting notes once more to convey,
Mixing my requiem with the wind’s lore,
As it sweeps my native shore.

The Bell - Poems about Music

5. Title: “The Chords of My Escape”

Chords strumming my getaway,
A rhythmic beat, emotions convey,
Vibrations touching my soul,
Taking me to a soaring goal.

Love the emotions it can reveal,
Yet, it’s a sensation hard to seal.
Closing my eyes, ceiling-bound gaze,
Pure pleasure in its flowing maze.

Graceful moves upon my feet,
In this escape, no expectations to meet.
Freedom to express myself,
Dancing, singing, twirling, in stealth.

But alas, happiness finds its end,
Eyes shift to the ground, a sigh to send.
Time to part from my loyal friend,
The music’s embrace, a bittersweet bend.

The Chords of My Escape - Poems about Music

6. Title: “A Helping Musical”

A blank canvas lies inert,
Till a pen weaves life’s concert.
A song, timeless and divine,
Blossoms with a sweet, harmonious line.

Musicians hold life’s essence,
Grasping truths, their presence immense.
Not in taking, but in giving,
Youthful spirits, in harmony, are living.

Convert the notes into a life’s aim,
Discover the magic, not just a game.
Feel the enchantment unfold,
As you touch a child’s soul, pure gold.

Music, a secret in history’s mist,
Unlocking emotions, existentially kissed.
No matter the era or scene,
In music’s embrace, life’s journey begins.

A Helping Musical - Poems about Music

7. Title: “Get Lost in the Music”

Music’s my daily companion,
Making life feel vivid, never barren.
In every genre, its influence prevails,
Guiding me through diverse tales.

Melodies teach with each note,
Words echo, emotions they promote.
Without music, a void would brew,
In sorrow, it’s where solace I pursue.

A vital spark, igniting my desire,
Playing, it lifts my spirit higher.
Rock, country, or rap, all have flair,
None of it is declared as despair.

Emotions unfold, joy, sadness, or fear,
Crank up the volume, let music draw near.
In its rhythm, nothing can go wrong,
A symphony I relish all day long.

Get Lost in the Music - Poems about Music

8. Title: “Sing”

Sing till your heart’s free,
A common belief, let it be,
But what’s left once music’s spun,
Claims all, leaving none.

Sing till your lungs give,
Yet, what breath to relive,
Feelings profound and true,
Closure before you flew.

When you sing, let it sway,
Above clouds, all dismay,
In music’s embrace, enthral,
Forget everything, stand tall.

Hearts break, lungs crave air,
Yet reassure, soaring through the air,
Forgetting words, in the vast wing,
Music’s realm, where emotions sing.

Sing - Poems about Music

9. Title: “Playing a Tune”

Listen close, surprise in the air,
Notes wide, at my age, declare.
Octaves high, lows dogs know,
Scales, major and minor, finely stow.

Perfected scales, musicians say,
Tunes I start may clear the way.
Guess the melody, in some way,
Right notes played, not in your array.

In my tunes, highs and lows blend,
Musical journey, start to end.
A room may clear, notes find their say,
In playful chaos, my melody at play.

Dog-whistle highs and room’s dismay,
Yet, in my notes, a playful ballet.
A melody that dances, joy untold,
In the chaos, a tale unfolds.

Playing a Tune - Poems about Music

10. Title: “My Music Lesson”

On that fateful day I came,
To the room, my path aflame.
Pectin packet, spoon in hand,
Berries, jars, sugar, like a band.

Opened the door with confidence in flight,
Inside, a scene, music’s delight.
Trumpet and drums, rhythmic play,
Bass with thumbs, a unique array.

That night, my first lesson so sweet,
In the art of jams, where rhythms meet.
Learning the essence, a session grand,
Understanding the magic, a musical strand.

The room alive with music’s grace,
Jamming together, an eclectic space.
From wooden spoon to rhythmic bass,
A day etched in my memory’s embrace.

My Music Lesson - Poems about Music

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