Poems about school

Poems About School (Nostalgic Feel for Kids and Adults)

Poems about school – Many of us feel that our school days were some of the best in our lives. We remember the fun, the laughter, and the silly games we played. 

Poems about school

Poems About School

The memories we make from our school days are not one to forget easily because they make up for some of the best moments we had while growing up.

Poems About School helps us relieve those experiences through the words of these amazing poets.

Here, read our selection of fun and silly Poems About School that is all about school experiences that are perfect for reading with children and sure to bring a nostalgic smile to the face of every adult.

1. Falling Asleep in Class

I fell asleep in class today,
as I was awfully bored.
I laid my head upon my desk
and closed my eyes and snored.

I woke to find a piece of paper
sticking to my face.
I’d slobbered on my textbooks,
and my hair was a disgrace.

My clothes were badly rumpled,
and my eyes were glazed and red.
My binder left a three-ring
indentation in my head.

I slept through class, and probably
I would have slept some more,
except my students woke me
as they headed out the door.

– Poem by Kenn Nesbitt

2. Teacher

Loud shouter
Deep thinker
Rain hater
Coffee drinker

Spell checker
Sum ticker
Line giver
Nit picker

Ready listener
Trouble carer
Hometime lover
Knowledge sharer

– Poem by Paul Cookson

3. Dinner Lady

Today at school
I cut my knee.
The dinner lady
looked after me.

She washed away
the blood and dirt,
then put a plaster
where it hurt.

– Poem by David Harmer

4. Mary’s Lamb

Mary had a little lamb,
Its fleece was white as snow,
And every where that Mary went
The lamb was sure to go;
He followed her to school one day—
That was against the rule,
It made the children laugh and play,
To see a lamb at school.

And so the Teacher turned him out,
But still he lingered near,
And waited patiently about,
Till Mary did appear;
And then he ran to her, and laid
His head upon her arm,
As if he said—”I’m not afraid—
You’ll keep me from all harm.”

“What makes the lamb love Mary so?”
The eager children cry—
“O, Mary loves the lamb, you know,”
The Teacher did reply;—
“And you each gentle animal
In confidence may bind,
And make them follow at your call,
If you are always kind.”

– Poem by Sarah Josepha Hale


5. The High-School Lawn

Gray prinked with rose,
White tipped with blue,
Shoes with gay hose,
Sleeves of chrome hue;
Fluffed frills of white,
Dark bordered light;
Such shimmerings through
Trees of emerald green are eyed
This afternoon, from the road outside.

They whirl around:
Many laughters run
With a cascade’s sound;
Then a mere one.

A bell: they flee:
Silence then: —
So it will be
Some day again
With them, — with me.

– Poem by Thomas Hardy

6. Before I Was a Gazan

I was a boy

and my homework was missing,

paper with numbers on it,

stacked and lined,

I was looking for my piece of paper,

proud of this plus that, then multiplied,

not remembering if I had left it

on the table after showing to my uncle

or the shelf after combing my hair

but it was still somewhere

and I was going to find it and turn it in,

make my teacher happy,

make her say my name to the whole class,

before everything got subtracted

in a minute

even my uncle

even my teacher

even the best math student and his baby sister

who couldn’t talk yet.

And now I would do anything

for a problem I could solve.

– Poem by Naomi Shihab Nye


7. The Young Poets of Winnipeg

Scurried around a classroom papered with poems.

Even the ceiling, pink and orange quilts of phrase…

they introduced one another, perched on a tiny stage

to read their work, blessed their teacher who

encouraged them to stretch, wouldn’t let their parents

attend the reading because parents might criticize,

believed in the third and fourth eyes, the eyes in

the undersides of leaves, the polar bears a thousand miles north,

and sprouts of grass under the snow. They knew their poems

were glorious, that second-graders could write better

than third or fourth, because of what happened

on down the road, the measuring sticks

that came out of nowhere, poking and channeling

the view, the way fences broke up winter,

or driveways separated the smooth white sheets

birds wrote on with their feet.

– Poem by Naomi Shihab Nye


8. Cleaning House In My Brain

I’m cleaning house
In my brain,
Time again.

Shine windows,
Paint doors,
Vacuum rugs,
Polish floors.

Brush away
TV shows,
Picnics, beaches,
Free time goes.

Bring my memory
Back in gear,
Sweep the channels,
Crystal clear.

My brain is
An amazing tool,
And it’s all ready for

– Poem by Kalli Dakos

9. Sleepyhead

Oh, please let me have another half hour in bed.
It feels like the pillow is stuck to my head.

I’m cozy and I’m warm and my dreams are all nice.
I don’t want to face a day of frost and of ice,

My eyes keep on closing, my brain’s in a fuzz.
If I don’t get up soon, I’ll miss the school bus.

Why is the best sleep when it’s time to arise?
I only wish now I could open my eyes.

I’m drifting again; the world’s going dim;
it’s the Land of Nod that I’m entering in.

Then suddenly I’m awake, with a start and a jump.
I say to myself you are a great chump.

School is no-go, at least for today.
Why is that so? Because it’s Saturday-hooray.

– Poem by Paul L. Kennedy

10. Hard Work

They’re all staring at me,
Right through me they can see.
I bet they are judging,
They know I’m not focusing.
“I can’t do this,” I tell myself.
There is no way,
The teacher calls my name,
And there is nothing I can say.

Now they are all looking in my direction.
They act like I have some kind of infection.
Why am I the one who doesn’t understand?
This really isn’t going as I planned.
I am a hard worker, don’t they know?
They are the ones who don’t try,
I am the one about to cry.

The teacher sends me a dirty look.
I am reading everyone’s mind like a book.
They are laughing at me.
I black out and cannot see.
My face has gone completely numb.
I’m the hard worker, not them.
I’m the hard worker, not him.

– Poem by Brianna D. Anderson


11. What Is A Book?

A book is pages, pictures and words
Some have flying witches and birds
A book is like your friend,
But according to me a book never comes to an END!!!

My mom says I read a lot
And that is very good
We have to write about the book we’ve read
Especially while the story is still in our head

I said that I got full marks
Mum said, “Hey, you’re one bright spark!”
I came out first
I was so happy I thought I would burst

My classmates said WOW !
You came out first in the grade
My teacher was so proud of me
She announced me in assembly!!!

You can never go wrong with a book
Because a book is like your friend
And a book as you know never comes to an END!!

– Poem by Liya Khan Ullah

12. My First Day Of School

Weird feelings all around me,
Kids staring right through me.
Who is she?
What is she doing here?
Is she new?
Is it them or is it me?
My stomach is grumbling.
I am so nervous.
Mom, where are you?
Where are my old friends?

I feel like I am nowhere…
A part of me wants to run back.
Why did we move, Dad?
I feel ever so bad.
I hope this is all a dream and I go back.

– Poem by Jivantikka De

Whether you’re still in school, are about to graduate, or have already moved on to the next chapter in life, nearly everyone can relate to what it feels like to be inside a classroom. We can all relive that experience through this Poems About School.

We just hope that as you went through the Poems About School, you had a good remembrance of your school days. Share with your old schoolmates to remind them of the good old days!

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