Poems about the Future
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Poems about the Future – 10 Poems to Help You With What to Expect

An unknown Danish individual (likely not Niels Bohr) is quoted as saying, “Predictions are always tricky, especially regarding the future.” Read further for poems about the future.

Poets have frequently reflected on the past, whether with nostalgia or with greater objectivity; they have addressed the present events they have experienced; but they have also occasionally turned their attention to the (yet unimagined) world of the future.

Here are some of the best poetry to think about.

1. Title: “Destinies of Life”

Be aware, my soul, in God’s firm hold,
Fear not, for He is near!
Around you, in harmonious fold,
His whispers, calm and clear.

The future, veiled in shadows deep,
A phantom play unfurls,
Past time, a silent, tranquil sleep,
Where grass and blooms swirl.

Destinies entwine, a woven thread,
Linked in sympathy vast,
Like the keys of an organ spread,
Each note, each moment cast.

In life’s journey, in death’s embrace,
In shadows and in light’s glare,
God’s caring hand, an unwavering grace,
In the abyss and deep of night, He’s there.

Destinies of Life - Poems about the Future

2. Title: “Thinking and Doing”

In daily musings, my actions chart,
A future shaped by a mindful heart.
No redemption but through conduct refined,
A destiny crafted by my thoughtful mind.

No guardian, no intervening scene,
Life’s tapestry is mine, a journey unseen.
Wisdom prompts me to begin the art,
Building a truer world from within my heart.

No echoes of past or future’s decree,
Life’s symphony, conducted solely by me.
With each note played, a chance to refine,
The melody of existence, uniquely mine.

Within self-discovery’s hall, I find the power,
To rise, stand tall in life’s defining hour.
No savior, no puppeteer to twirl,
In this dance of life, I shape my own world.

Thinking and Doing - Poems about the Future

3. Title: “The Future Never Spoke

The Future stays in silence,
Like the mute, its secrets held,
No gesture, no word conveys
The depth of what’s foretold.

When the News is ready,
Unfolding in the present,
No chance for preparation,
Escape or switch is absent.

Indifference defines His stance,
A bequest and a decree,
His role to execute
Fate’s telegram, his duty free.

Yet, in the quiet of tomorrow,
Whispers hint at the unknown,
A mystery wrapped in time,
A tale in shadows, yet to be shown.

The Future Never Spoke - Poems about the Future

4. Title: “The Future”

The future, a specter of time’s design,
In its vastness, hearts incline.
No hesitations, all gravitate,
Facing the unknown, embracing fate.

A colossal project, hearts’ unease,
Morsel too large, yet it appease.
No waiting for the hands to cue,
Each forging a path, a journey to pursue.

Delve into the void’s profound,
Where absence echoes without a sound.
Future’s realm, a realm one tries,
In the unknown, where every heart lies.

Yet in this enigma, courage be,
A force that sets the spirit free.
For the future, a canvas yet unfurled,
A tapestry woven in the hands of the world.

The Future - Poems about the Future

5. Title: “Cool Breeze”

A breeze so cool, air so fresh,
Comfort embraces, hair in a mesh.
Body at ease, sound sleep near,
Novel ideas, insight to peer.

Nature’s gift, a newfound drive,
Ideas nurtured, a life to revive.
Leaving the past, future in view,
A fresh life page with a signature true.

Heart and courage, never to lose,
Nature’s gift, a message to choose.
New paths and passages unfold,
Feelings assuaged, memories old.

Live with eyes wide open, explore,
New discoveries always in store.
A symphony in the wind’s sweet sound,
Fragrance sweet from the earth’s profound.

Cool Breeze - Poems about the Future

6. Title: “I Thank God”

Grateful to God for placing me here,
Bare body, no wear, nothing to peer.
Senseless, sightless, just sounds to hear,
Eyes open slowly, gentle, a hint of fear.

Womb’s rotation, like a spinning spindle,
Breathing inside walls, but still nimble.
Counting days for life’s grand arrival,
Inborn, untouched by time’s survival.

Half-open, half-closed like a flower,
Future unknown, answers to uncover.
A bright star or lost in the black night?
Only the future holds what’s right.

Are we here by chance or blessings rare?
HIM’s call, a message for all to bear.
Clear and open, the path we tread,
No return, His call to be followed instead.

I Thank God - Poems about the Future

7. Title: “Finding Hope”

Life viewed from sidelines so long,
A spectator, just watching the throng.
Fear held me back, too hesitant to embrace,
Fatigue lingers, efforts I efface.

Envy towards those immersed each day,
Hid away, finding ways to stray.
Belief my purpose was to aid another,
Now clear, just an excuse to bother.

Through wisdom age imparts,
Truth about our interconnected hearts.
Regardless of paths, choices we make,
In the end, we all just want to partake.

Time to conquer fears, face a new day,
Let the past disappear, tears wash away.
Cease allowing life’s moments to stall,
Embrace the chance before it all.

Finding Hope - Poems about the Future

8. Title: “Live in the Now”

Don’t dwell on yesterday’s trail,
Leave behind what you must unveil.
Today is yours, this moment prime,
Claim it now, it’s your fleeting time.

Forget not what’s been or missed,
Yesterday’s a chapter, firmly dismissed.
Opportunities beckon with each sunrise,
Look ahead with hope, where blessings lie.

Keep faith aglow within your heart,
Live each day fully, play your part.
Do good for all, a guiding creed,
To those you meet, sow kindness as seed.

Yesterday’s beyond your grasp,
Tomorrow’s not in your clasp.
This moment is your realm, it’s true,
Use it wisely, in all you pursue.

Live in the Now - Poems about the Future

9. Title: “All Because of You”

Life transforms, a shifting tide,
The familiar fades, no need to hide.
No sadness, it’s time to explore,
A fresh beginning, open the door.

Leaving the nest, taking flight,
Through turbulence, finding my height.
Bumps may come, a turn awry,
Lessons learned as I touch the sky.

Change unfolds, a dynamic dance,
A new chapter, a fresh chance.
In this evolution, hope you’ll see,
The architect of my life is thee.

So as my journey continues to weave,
Credit to you, in whom I believe.
For the path I tread, the choices I make,
It’s your influence, a life we shape.

All Because of You - Poems about the Future

10. Title: “Today is Yours”

Today is yours, chance’s dance,
Opportunities unfold, a brief romance.
Penalties, rewards in life’s glance,
Restrictions and immunities enhance.

Yesterday’s gone, tomorrow’s haze,
In the now, seeds for future lays.
Hold moments, swift in their sway,
Nightfall brings reflection, a backward dismay.

Shape today wisely, sculptor’s hand,
Tomorrow’s tale in moments grand.
Minutes wrecked, markers on life’s road,
More strife than peace in retrospect’s abode.

Embrace today’s canvas, true,
A portrait with moments you accrue.
Seize the richness in each advance,
In today’s realm, opportunity’s dance.

Today is Yours - Poems about the Future

We hope this gives you a better (sometimes fictional), description of the future in each author’s opinion. Do well to share this for discussion and leave us a comment in the section below.

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