All of the Best Book Cakes for Book Lovers

What are you looking for in a book design cake? Delicious? Affordable? Unique? Our Book Cakes has it all. This collection of bestselling books will satisfy your sweet tooth and provide hours of entertainment for kids and adults alike.

book design cake

A storybook cake is among the most exciting cakes you could ever produce for a lover of books be it for a toddler, a teenager, or a growing-up person.

Here, we have got a handful of the best book cake designs from around the world to inspire your individual creation, as well as some tutorials on how to make a book cake.

How to Make Book Cakes

Making book cakes can be a beautiful and fun experience. Here are some tips to help you with your first creation.

To make an open book cake, you can use a book-shaped cake pan/tin or combine two rectangular cakes with some clever shaping, as shown in the example below by the very talented Verusca Walker.

To assist you to make your storybook cakes, you will find instructional guides here:

Best Book Cakes

This is a unique collection of cake recipes that are made with love and care. These delicious-looking, mouth-watering, and irresistible book cakes will surely make your guests go crazy for your pretty and delicious creation.

Cake Geek

 Fancy Top Cakes.

Cake Geek’s favorite method for creating storybook cakes is very cleverly illustrated, in the picture on the right, by Fancy Top Cakes.

This genius technique simply involves making and filling four small round cakes, halving them down the middle, and laying them flat in the shape of an open book.

Then trim the outer page edges flat (as in the picture on the bottom left). It’s a terrific method that saves an awful lot of time on shaping!

Disney Cake

Disney Cake

Disney cake was created by Cake Central. This cake was a brilliant idea for a little girl who couldn’t decide whether she wanted a Lion King birthday cake or a Nemo birthday cake. 

So the cake designer decided to make her a storybook cake featuring both stories, with one on each page!

Laura Jane Cake Design

Laura Jane Cake Design

Laura Jane Cake Design is a cake and pastry shop in Marigny, New Orleans. Our goal is to provide its customers with the best desserts and service in town, which they consider a family affair.

They are open year-round so you can enjoy our baked goods anytime.

Rosebud Cakes

Rosebud Cakes

Lastly, the amazing Rosebud Cakes of Beverly Hills have made the incredible fairytale book cake above that is breathtaking in its detail and creativity, fit for any royal lass aged 3 to 30!

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