Poem to My Son in Heaven (Poetry for Grieved Mothers)

A poem to my son in heaven must be very emotional piece. Something that mostly comes as a dirge and a constant reminder of how a parent misses their dead son.

Poem to My Son in Heaven (Poetry for Grieved Mothers)

A “Poem to My Son in Heaven” Collection 

Read through these lines of deep emotions of a parent who miss their dead son. These very poetry collection allows you connect with the sadness of a parent who have lost their son.

I Love You, Son (Poem to My Son in Heaven)

My dear son, I miss you so much.
It keeps hurting; I can’t stop crying.
My eyes always search for you in the sky.
My heart longs for finding you in the heavens.

My dear son, I love you so much.
I feel so empty without you.
I am so scared of my future without you.
My heart longs for being around you for my safety.

My dear son, you are my angel.
I still feel that you are caring for me from above.
I tell my broken heart that you are still watching me.
My heart longs for your care even from heaven.

My dear son, you are my protector.
I remember you when I feel lonely.
I talk to you when I break into pieces.
My heart longs for your support even from heaven.

My dear son, I was thinking I gave you life.
The reality is that you had given me life.
Without you and your presence, I can’t exist.
My heart longs for your company in my heart until I exist.
Please be there in my heart.

By, Ambika Adhikari Tiwari


Until I Hold You Again (Poem to My Son in Heaven)

I should have held you longer,
I should have held you tighter.
When you were a baby, I rocked you to sleep
and put you down because there was work to be done,
I should have held you longer,
I should have held you tighter
because I can’t hold you anymore.

Then you were a toddler;
you wanted to squirm and run,
so I put you down because you wanted to go have fun;
I should have held you longer,
I should have held you tighter
because I can’t hold you anymore.

You grew and became a little boy,
and the times I could hold you became less and less
but still so dear.
I should have held you longer,
I should have held you tighter
because I can’t hold you anymore.

You grew to be a young man.
I wanted to hold you near
but you just wanted to run clear.
I should have held you longer,
I should have held you tighter;
I had no idea I wasn’t going to hold you anymore.

Now I hold you longer, tighter in my heart for all eternity,
wishing and wanting more…until I hold you again.

By, Annette G. Mahan

My Green-Eyed Soldier Boy (Poem to My Son in Heaven)

Cherubic cheeked, an explosion of curls

Even as a toddler, you had all the girls

Milk teeth so perfect, like tiny white pearls –

My green-eyed soldier boy.

A milk-mustached face and a chocolate-smeared chin

A twinkling, mischievous, heart-melting grin

I can’t believe I’ll never see you again –

My green-eyed soldier boy.

Big footed, knob-kneed, a changeling, a teen

Yearning for places you’d heard of, not seen

Greener were pastures and spaces between –

My green-eyed soldier boy.

Though the battles you fought weren’t in foreign lands

You fought against time, against life’s strange demands

And when I was turned, you slipped right through my hands –

My green-eyed soldier boy.

Now your battle is over, your time here too short

Your ship sailed away, God said “Mission abort!”

But my heart remembers yours, and I’ll meet you at port –

My green-eyed soldier boy.

By, Angela D. Ebanks


Leaving Tears (Poem to My Son in Heaven)

The mourning, misty oak leaves weep.
Warm dew drops falling from them sweep
Across cold stones in salty streams,
Spent tears for Steven’s broken dreams.
Wolves howl under a death pale moon.
Dark sirens from the forest gloom.
Black winds carry the raven’s cry.
Steve’s severed spirit crossed the sky.

Strong oak forest groans and grieves
For red drops dripping on its leaves
From a son who lies beneath the sod
In peaceful rest from loving God.

The mourning oak tree sheds its tears,
For laughter it no longer hears.
Clear drops hang from limbs in sorrow
And drowns all dreams of hope tomorrow.

Each night a father hangs his head
Against the dark; he cries, eyes red
While Steven dreams in still-heart sleep.
The oaks, they haunt yet nightly weep.

By, Lawrence J. Bach


Poem to My Son in Heaven (Poetry for Grieved Mothers)

Loss (Poem to My Son in Heaven)

It makes no sense,
not in the normal cycle of life.
“A child should never in death
precede the parents,” they tell me.
“Time will heal,” I hear.
“He’s in a better place,” I hear
from family,
from friends,
from colleagues.
They sound like nursery rhymes,
naïve refrains sung over and over.

I am angry,
for I am his mother, his friend,
his protector.
“Get out of the sun.
Don’t forget your umbrella.
Don’t swim where I can’t see you.”

I even wallow in the thought
of time passing without him.
Is that all that remains?
My anger, my sorrow, my pain?
How can the loss of time together
become less of a loss tomorrow?
How will I ever live again?

A sudden reflex motion,
I open my wallet,
a photo falls out.
In one hand he is holding
a red balloon,
in the other hand
his well-used blanket.
He is laughing.
I can see that.
I can hear that.

And I let go of my anger,
perhaps not forever,
but for now, he is beside me,
and I am laughing too

By, Richard Kalfus

When you lose someone close to you, a part of you usually dies. You must be able to make peace with yourself. But there is nothing wrong with reminding yourself how hopeful we can be when you read poems lie this.

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