Thankful Poems

Thankful Poems to appreciate someone or something in Your Life

Thankful Poems to appreciate someone or something in Your Life

Thankful Poems – Its important that we appreciate the importance of people or persons in our life. Being Thankful or Grateful is something that we have to learn in our daily Lives as we move on.

Being thankful is very important. It can also trigger more blessings to come your way. These poems are specifically for that to appreciate everything around you.

Thankful Poems

1. Lucky to Have Found You

I feel lucky to have found you-
A friend that is so kind and true;

To lift me up when I am down,
and make me smile when I frown.

It’s hard to find the words to say
just how much I care.

But these will have to do:

Thank you
Thank you
Thank you,

(From the bottom of my heart.)
– Poem by Anonymous

2. Thank You!

I really appreciate you,
Your helpful, giving ways,
And how your generous heart
Your unselfishness displays.

I thank you for your kindness,
I will not soon forget;
You’re one of the nicest people
I have ever met.
– Poem By Joanna Fuchs

3. For so long, I wished for the day.

The day that our love would find its way.
From my heart and into your soul,
The feeling so strong, I had no control.

When that day came, when I found you again,
I vowed never to make the same mistake.
I knew I would never let you go,
For my life is now complete in a way I cannot show.

For eternity I will spend making you believe,
You are the sole reason that I breathe.
My life is yours, my hopes and desires too.
Until my dying day, my heart is reserved just for you.

You are everything I could ever need and more,
More than I deserve or would dare wish for.
You are my baby, my angel, my dream girl.
I’m thankful every day that you are my whole world.

For the time I spend with you, my heart truly sings.
My one, my only, my EVERYTHING.
– Poem by D Lancaster

4. I Want To Thank You Again

To me, you’re like an angel, sent by God above,
To cleanse my soul of sadness and fill it with love.
You are my inspiration, and I want to thank you,
For without you, I don’t know what I would do.
You’ve changed my life around
And turned my frown upside down.
You have shown me the way
So that I will never stray.
For this I want to thank you again,
For staying close by and being a friend.
And to end this off, I just wanted to say
That if you need a friend,
I’ll be there till the very end.
– Poem by Janelle J. James

5. You Gave So Much To Me

Mom and Dad, I wonder if
You know how much I care.
I got the good things, all I have,
Because you both were there.

I thank you for the time you spent,
Doing all you did.
You help me now; you helped me then,
When I was just a kid.

Unselfish, giving, loving, more…
You gave so much to me.
Without you, Mom and Dad, I don’t
Know what on earth I’d be.

Thank you for the way you are,
Like angels from above;
I thank you both for everything,
And give you all my love.
– Poem By Joanna Fuchs

Thankful Poems

6. You Should Know

I don’t know how to say this,
but I thank you very much
for always being there for me,
your gentle, friendly touch.
Thank you.

You helped me to get better
and stop what I regret.
You helped me through the hard times
that I can’t forget.
Thank you.

You listened to my problems
in a kind and caring way,
and without you,
I may not be smiling today.
Thank you.

I trust you with my secrets
that no one has been told.
I trust you with my feelings, and I’ll remember your words
until I’m grey and old.
Thank you.
– Poem by Abby Heard

7. You’re Always There For Me

You’re always there when I need a hand,
Pushing me, helping me.
You’re there when I need a shoulder
To cry on, to lie on.
You’re there when I need to talk,
At sunrise, at sunset.
You will never know what you mean to me.
We will never know how our friendship became so deep.
They will never know all the secrets that we keep.
Our friendship will always be
Because you’re my best friend.
You’re always there for me!
– Poem by Crysta M. Davis

8. Friends

You make me happy
when I feel sad.
You make me feel good
when I have done something bad.

I don’t know how,
but you do.
I feel amazing
when I talk to you.

You are my friend,
and hopefully that will never change,
whether it is long distance
or short range.

Remember this please,
for I want you to know:
You are my friend,
and I love you so.
– Poem by Eric Pribyl

9. A Promise Between Friends

When you’re in the middle of nowhere and wondering why,
When you just don’t know what to do and start to cry,
Remember there’s someone who’ll be there when you’re burdened,
Who will dry your tears when you’re uncertain.

When you have been hurt and can’t believe what they’ve done,
If you need somebody to comfort you, I’ll be the one.
Burdens are lighter when carried by two.
I want you to know I’m here for you.

To all of my friends, I love you so dear.
I want you to know, I want you to hear,
I’ll never forget you; that’s so hard to do.
I want you to know I’ll remember you.

You’ve changed my life in so many ways,
And this is how I thank you today.
You are my best friends and always will be.
I want to thank you for being there for me.
– Poem by Sara A. Quilidro

Thankful Poems

10. Memories Of Friendship

Somewhere in a distance
I see pigeons fly
Sharing wonderful moments
When they are above the sky

Thinking all the memories
They made on yesterday
Sitting on the branches
Of experience, agonies and gay

Listening to the music
Of a solemn day
All the fun they made
In the sand will lay

Memories of friendship
I know it will never end
As pigeons fly high
And protect their relationship
– Poem by Michaela Tatualla

Thanksgiving or being thankful is expressing gratitude and appreciating the people or the things that are around us. The above poems help us in Thanksgiving. We hope you had a good read.

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