Best Brother Poems Collection that is Worth Reading

Best Brother Poems Collection that is Worth Reading.

Brother Poems: This page you are about reading features a variety of rhyming poems for brothers. Feel free to share it with your wonderful brother(s) if you are privileged enough to have more than one.

Best Brother Poems Collection that is Worth Reading

The poems you are almost reading talks about how a brother is also a dear friend that you enjoy spending time with. I’m sure he’ll appreciate it if you decide to share it with him. The following poems you will find interesting to read:

1. In Memory of My Brother

So much sorrow,
with infinite pain,
The emotions inside,
I could never explain.

My brother has left,
as I stand here and cry.
My burning tears,
are asking me why.

I’ll cherish those memories,
both of us shared.
He was a person,
that genuinely cared.

I miss him so much,
just can’t say goodbye,
I know he’d want me,
to keep my head up real high.

I loved him so much,
my brother and dear friend,
I wish I could wake,
and this nightmare would end.

But now I must let him,
just rest in peace
His memory and image,
I shall never release.

By tree.cards

2. My Brother (insert name)

First verse – Option 1

My brother (insert name),
is a wonderful guy.
Even though,
he’s a little bit shy

First verse – Option 2

My brother (insert name),
is a wonderful guy.
He’s funny and smart,
I cannot deny.

He understands,
the art of the of persuasion.
And is ready to use it,
at every occasion.

He’s one of those guys,
that is interesting and unique.
With his original style,
he’s one cool geek.

Always determined,
to achieve any goal.
Blesses so many,
with his beautiful soul.

My brother (insert name),
is a wonderful guy.
I love him a lot,
I’m not gonna lie.

By tree.cards

3. To My Brother Miguel In Memoriam

Brother, today I sit on the brick bench of the house,
where you make a bottomless emptiness.
I remember we used to play at this hour, and mama
caressed us: “But, sons…”

Now I go hide
as before, from all evening
lectures, and I trust you not to give me away.
Through the parlor, the vestibule, the corridors.
Later, you hide, and I do not give you away.
I remember we made ourselves cry,
brother, from so much laughing.

Miguel, you went into hiding
one night in August, toward dawn,
but, instead of chuckling, you were sad.
And the twin heart of those dead evenings
grew annoyed at not finding you. And now
a shadow falls on my soul.

Listen, brother, don’t be late
coming out. All right? Mama might worry.

By Cesar Vallejo

4. Little Brown Brother

I’ve always wanted to play the part
of that puckish pubescent Filipino boy

in those John Wayne Pacific-War movies.
Pepe, Jose, or Juanito would be smiling,

bare-chested and eager to please
for most of the steamy jungle scenes.

I’d be the one who would cross
the Japanese lines and ask for tanks,

air support, or more men. I’d miraculously
make it back to the town where John Wayne

is holding his position against the enemy
with his Thompson machine-gun. As a reward,

he’d rub that big white hand on my head
and he’d promise to let me clean

his Tommy gun by the end of the night. But
then, a Betty Grable look-a-like love

interest would divert him by sobbing
into his shoulder, saying how awfully scared

she is about what the “Japs” would do
to her if she were captured. In one swift

motion, John Wayne would sweep her off
her feet to calm her fears inside his private quarters.

Because of my Hollywood ability
to be anywhere, I’d be under the bed

watching the woman roll down her stockings
as my American hero unbuckles his belt.

I’d feel the bottom of the bed bounce off my chest
as small-arms fire explodes outside the walls.

By Nick Carbo

5. Brothers

We are brothers,
and a close team.
Together we conquer,
together we dream.

Each other’s minds,
we regularly read.
When one of us is hurt,
both of us bleed.

Without a thought,
we offer a helping hand.
Next to each other,
proudly we stand.

No matter what,
we’ll always be close.
The bond that we share,
everyone knows.

You are my brother,
with joy I proclaim.
Our shared passion for life,
burns like a flame.

By tree.cards

6. Big Brother Syndrome

Burning! Burning! Whole world is burning
Erased ghettos, razing down skyscrapers
Mowed out farms, fields and meadows
Smoldering woods, thickets and vines
Thawing glaciers and boiling polar waters
War-fire far and wide; wild and torrid
Melting earth into oceans

Asia and Australia in shambles
Africa reduced to hot ashes
And South America under mercenary cap

Screaming, shouting and crying everywhere
Whole human world looking like God’s acre
In the bloody gore, pillage, mire and pyre
Scurrying kith and kin, in rubble, gathering
Scattered limbs of their near and dear ones
Tragedy reigning; hungry cinders remaining
In ravaged homes and ruined lives

“Ha! Ha! Ha! What a scene! How picturesque! ”
Dream broke! Big Brother awoke!
With cold sweat on his face and
Cold feeling sweeping his fetish mind
Smiled he in wild ‘sadist’faction at his reverie
Muttered he to himself in glee
“I will! I will! Fulfill this dream!
And slake this thirst! This hunger and this lust!
With hysterical urge reach those orgasmic crests
And stand there laughing my heart out
And shout, shout and shout like a lunatic
I am Lord! I am God! I am the Almighty! ! ! ”

By Sathya Narayana

7. To My Brother

Autoplay next videoGive me your hand, my brother, search my face;
Look in these eyes lest I should think of shame;
For we have made an end of all things base.
We are returning by the road we came.

Your lot is with the ghosts of soldiers dead,
And I am in the field where men must fight.
But in the gloom I see your laurell’d head
And through your victory I shall win the light.

By Siegfried Sassoon

8. Brother and Zoo

Sit back my dear brother,
this poem is all true.
Sometimes I think,
you belong in a zoo.

Not as an employee,
but rather a member.
How would you stay warm,
in the month of December?

I’m sure you’d be fine,
you have plenty of gas.
You’d quickly learn,
how to eat dirty old grass.

All those kids,
in amazement would stare.
Why does that monkey,
have almost no hair?

I’m sure you’d make lots,
of friends at the zoo.
Walking around bare foot,
through piles of pooh.

Look at the bright side,
dear brother of mine.
The zoo is a great place,
where you’ll prosper and shine.

By tree.cards

9. To My Brother George

Many the wonders I this day have seen:
The sun, when first he kissed away the tears
That filled the eyes of Morn;—the laurelled peers
Who from the feathery gold of evening lean;—
The ocean with its vastness, its blue green,
Its ships, its rocks, its caves, its hopes, its fears,
Its voice mysterious, which whoso hears
Must think on what will be, and what has been.
E’en now, dear George, while this for you I write,
Cynthia is from her silken curtains peeping
So scantly, that it seems her bridal night,
And she her half-discovered revels keeping.
But what, without the social thought of thee,
Would be the wonders of the sky and sea?

By John Keats

10. And His Brother Sleep (‘morphine’)

There’s a mirror likeness between those two
shining, youthfully-fledged figures, though
one seems paler than the other and more austere,
I might even say more perfect, more distinguished,
than he, who would take me confidingly in his arms –
how soft then and loving his smile, how blessed his glance!
Then, it might well have been that his wreath
of white poppies gently touched my forehead, at times,
and drove the pain from my mind with its strange scent.
But that is transient. I can only, now, be well,
when the other one, so serious and pale,
the older brother, lowers his dark torch. –
Sleep is so good, Death is better, yet
surely never to have been born is best.

By Heinrich Heine

11. African Brother

Who was the villain
When it all began
Some fair-haired stranger
From a faraway land

Or the African brother
Selling his neighbor away
In exchange of whatever
The fair-haired stranger would pay

For the brutal betrayal
Of his own damned kin
Has anything changed
Since the original sin

Who was the villain
……..When it all…began

By James B. Earley

12. Wedding Wishes

My loving brother,
I’d just like to say,
A few words,
on this memorable day.

I’m so happy for you,
Congrats on your wedding.
A wonderful new path,
you two are now heading.

Wishing you both,
happiness and wealth,
But most importantly,
abundance of health.

You’ve been blessed,
with a beautiful wife.
Together you’ll live,
a wonderful life.

It shall be filled,
with joys and pure bliss.
It all began,
from a simple short kiss.

Just one more wish,
allow me to share,
Love one another,
with passion and care.

By tree.cards

13. Brother Africa

He lies near to death
Dying in the dust
Broken and forgot.

Now his children
Once mighty tribes
Fall before the setting sun.

His women – – young and old
Dead and dying
Host the killer AIDS.

He calls for help
To rich brothers in the West
But his cries fall upon stone-deaf ears.

For they find no profit
Supplying HIV drugs
To those who cannot pay.

By Colin Ian Jeffery

I just believe the above poems helps express your feelings. I hope it was helpful and you found a poem for your brother. Kindly share it with your friends after reading.

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