Poems About Life's Struggles
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Poems about Life’s Struggles – 15 Poems about Hustle and Bustle

As we go through life, we are the sum of encounters we encounter. All the creatures of the universe undergo day-to-day challenges and triumphs.

As human beings, we have the right to choose how to react when we face a challenge. Every decision we make leads us down another direction.

We’re never going to come to the very same crossroads. There is meaning to any choice that we make. Throughout the entire world, the smallest option we make reverberates.

1. Title: “Rise”

I’ll rise from every fall I face,
Stand tall with steadfast grace.
Over walls, I’ll ascend,
Above all, my strength won’t bend.

Like the sun that sets each night,
Yet rises with morning light.
Ocean tides may ebb and fall,
But, like them, I’ll rise through all.

From seeds, the trees ascend high,
Reaching heights into the sky.
After every fall, I’ll find,
Strength anew, my spirit aligned.

Through trials, I’ll rise again,
Defying limits, breaking chain.
After every fall, large or small,
In resilience, I’ll stand tall.

Rise - Poems About Life's Struggles

2. Title: “Hold On Through the Night”

When the sky turns black as night,
And the earth wears a shade of blue,
Fiends howl, chasing in your plight,
Yet, hold on, for strength renews.

Courage falters, hope grows thin,
Dreams ablaze beneath dark skies,
In the face of trials, hold within,
Just hold on, let resilience rise.

Through the darkest, bleakest night,
A glimmer brings the fairest day.
Hold on, for the good, the right,
Will find their way, come what may.

When hopes lie dead, fate wears a frown,
And the world seems to revile,
Lift your head, don’t let it drown,
Just hold on, endure a while.

Hold On Through the Night - Poems About Life's Struggles

3. Title: “Life is Transient”

Life, my friend, is transient and shifting,
Trials come, our spirits uplifting.
When dear ones fall or sorrows press,
Heaven whispers, our eternal address.

In prosperity’s smile, find gratitude,
Look beyond, lest souls be deluded.
Through clouds and storms, in winter’s dome,
The guiding Star lights the way home.

If winds of change bring trials anew,
Hold fast, for a steadfast heart is true.
In life’s journey, as we freely roam,
The guiding Star leads us safely home.

So, embrace the transient, the ebb and flow,
Heaven’s call in joy and sorrow we know.
In every moment, wherever we roam,
The guiding Star lights our way home.

Life is Transient - Poems About Life's Struggles

4. Title: “Find Your Drive”

Push yourself to rise from bed,
2 am, wishing you were dead.
“Why can’t it be someone else?” you’ve said,
Tired of thoughts in your weary head.

Lose sight of who you aim to be,
Blame yourself, cry, “Why am I me?”
Yearning for a soul unbound and free,
Open your eyes, the truth to see.

Life’s what you make, sometimes it’s tough,
Battered, bruised, treated rough.
We forget what truly matters,
Our drive, our hopes, our heart’s flutters.

Find your passion, find your drive,
Something that makes you feel alive.
In the fight, you’ll not just strive,
But truly thrive, and joy revive.

Find Your Drive - Poems About Life's Struggles

5. Title: “What Life Should Be”

To grasp life’s essence as a child,
Beyond oneself, a purpose compiled.
Surviving tragedies, enduring strife,
Kindness prevailing in moments rife.

A fighter for those in silent woe,
Sharing light where shadows grow.
Standing strong, facing alone,
Each new day met, courage sown.

Understanding the overlooked,
Granting value where hearts were forsook.
An anchor steadfast, loyal, and true,
A beacon of hope for the chosen few.

Living a life of decency,
Sharing heart and soul generously.
Apologies offered for wrongs bestowed,
In harm to friend or foe.

What Life Should Be - Poems About Life's Struggles

6. Title: “Soul’s Resilience”

When peace flows like a gentle river’s song,
Sorrows rise, relentless and strong.
In every circumstance, my heart to console,
“It is well, it is well with my soul!”

Though trials assail, and Satan may buffet,
Assurance within, a steadfast bay.
Christ, with mercy, my helpless estate stole,
“It is well, it is well with my soul!”

My sins, once a burden, now blissfully erased,
Nailed to His Cross, no more to be faced.
Praise the Lord, my spirit extols,
“It is well, it is well with my soul!”

Through life and death, in Christ, I reside,
In dark hours, His peace will guide.
No fear in the shadows that around me stroll,
“It is well, it is well with my soul!”

Soul's Resilience - Poems About Life's Struggles

7. Title: “The Strength in You”

Within you resides a hidden might,
Yet undiscovered, out of sight.
Life unfolds in mysterious ways,
Revealing strength on challenging days.

A reservoir deep, waiting within,
Untapped potential, where to begin.
Life’s design, a gradual unveil,
Strength emerges when courage prevails.

In the face of the world’s demand,
Discovering strength, firm and grand.
Life’s test, the force to behold,
Reveals resilience, brave and bold.

So, embrace the journey, the unknown,
Strength surfaces, steadily grown.
Life’s revelations, an unfolding art,
Displaying the power within your heart.

The Strength in You - Poems About Life's Struggles

8. Title: “Life’s Scars”

In this world, they say, round and yet,
I often sense a square mindset.
Little hurts, from corners sneak,
A truth profound, in journeying speak.

Those despised may rouse our wrath,
Annoyance at strangers on our path.
Transient ills from passing foes,
But the deepest wounds, love bestows.

To strangers, grace and charm we lend,
Our own may see a frowning blend.
Flattery to those unknown,
Blows to those we call our own.

Love, a rare and precious bloom,
Yet not every heart makes room.
The painful truth, through sorrow’s test,
Those we love hurt us the best.

Life's Scars - Poems About Life's Struggles

9. Title: “Resilient Transformation”

Facing challenges, you didn’t retreat,
But pressed on, refusing defeat.
Obstacles viewed as adventures untold,
Wildflowers bloomed where weeds took hold.

From caterpillar to butterfly’s grace,
You transformed struggle into a flighty chase.
Self-love chosen, not denied,
In goodness and grace, you took pride.

Dark days could have shaped your view,
Yet through them, your inner light grew.
A story told in strength and might,
Defining yourself by the resilient light.

So, celebrate the journey, the highs and lows,
For in every challenge, your resilience shows.
A testament to the spirit that holds so tight,
You turned obstacles into life’s adventures.

Resilient Transformation - Poems About Life's Struggles

10. Title: “Reflections of Struggle”

Mirror, Mirror on the wall,
Why can’t I be thin, pretty, or tall?
Reveal the perfect me, I plea,
The one everyone pretends to see.

Why must you highlight my flaws,
Dragging me to the lowest lows?
Your words cut deep, slowly killing,
A relentless voice, unfulfilling.

Arrogant mirrors, so blind,
Worshipping public figures, unkind.
TV’s models, the standard we chase,
Yearning for that picture-perfect grace.

Mirror, Mirror, can’t you see,
The reflection you cast is haunting me?
Every day and night, no escape,
A mirror in sight, a relentless tape.

Reflections of Struggle - Poems About Life's Struggles

11. Title: “Reality’s Embrace”

Life, a splendid dream, so it seems,
Yet reality eludes, only in death it gleams.
Dreams of new lands and kingdoms we chase,
Illusions embraced in life’s relentless race.

Conquer continents in our daily quest,
Kingdoms sought, a mirage at best.
Unaware, we weave dreams so grand,
Reality lurking, casting its final stand.

Enveloped in illusions, day by day,
Unveiling the truth on life’s unfolding display.
Finality, the silent, inevitable decree,
True reality, in death, we shall see.

Yet, amidst illusions, life’s struggles persist,
A journey fraught, where trials persist.
In the dance with dreams, reality’s call,
Echoes the wisdom, cherishing moments small.

Reality's Embrace - Poems About Life's Struggles

12. Title: “Life’s Inescapable Realities”

Through ups and downs, some stay, some fade,
Their care, or lack, in life’s parade.
Accepting it as the way it should be,
Life unfolds as I wish to see.

Give your all or try to refrain,
When they depart, what will remain?
Build it up, watch it slip away,
This is life, as of today.

Days pass by, true hearts endure,
Without joy, love feels insecure.
You’ve drifted far, hard to embrace,
Life unfolds in this sadly true space.

Leave behind a feeble mind,
Seek what’s real, no longer confined.
My goal is clear, in time it’ll reveal,
Life shaped by how I truly feel.

Life's Inescapable Realities - Poems About Life's Struggles

13. Title: “Unbroken Strength”

She faced life with unwavering grace,
Each burden, a challenge she’d embrace.
The weight it brought, a strength ignite,
It didn’t break her; it made her light.

Through every trial, she stood tall,
Life’s storms couldn’t make her fall.
Adversity, a teacher profound,
In its lessons, strength was found.

Not weighed down by life’s demands,
She soared above like desert sands.
Every challenge only fueled her fire,
Life’s weight, her strength’s supplier.

She navigated with resilience untold,
Each obstacle, a story unfold.
Life’s burdens, not a chain,
But steps in a journey, strength to gain.

Unbroken Strength - Poems About Life's Struggles

14. Title: “Through it all”

Friends enter, then depart,
Life’s swift journey, a fleeting art.
Losing loved ones, pain endured,
Yet love for life, ever assured.

Alone, you fight with a masked smile,
Hiding pain, yet someone knows the while.
Putting on a front for those around,
Satisfying, yet an inner battleground.

Walls built to ward off the hurt,
Heart locked, key tossed in the dirt.
Few open you up, yet you cherish it all,
Despite struggles that make you stumble and fall.

Through it all, no desire for a change,
Life’s twists and turns, an unyielding range.
Not trading for fame or a glittering ring,
Through it all, your life, a unique offering.

Through it all - Poems About Life's Struggles

15. Title: “Question for Wisdom”

Within me stirs a greatness deep,
A quest for self, my secrets to keep.
Days and months slip through my hand,
Struggling to step, to understand.

In the shadows, insecurities hide,
A silent battle, side by side.
Yet with every touch, they break free,
A captive soul, longing to be free.

So, in these lines, my heart unfurls,
A plea for wisdom in life’s swirl.
May these words, a balm, convey,
Guidance for me along the way.

Amidst the echoes of my silent plea,
I yearn for whispers that set me free.
In the symphony of life’s disarray,
May wisdom’s notes guide my way.

Question for Wisdom - Poems About Life's Struggles

These shows how people overcome the challenges that come their way really tells a lot about their personality, and that shows who they truly are on the inside.

Many sail through difficult times as a result of the strength and motivation they get from others’ experiences or past life. Through the powerful words of famous poets, which has gone a long way to inspire many to overcome life’s struggles.

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