Spiritual Poems

Spiritual Poems – 10 Poems to Uplift and Renew Your Spirits and Mind

There are spiritual poems that can uplift your Spirits and Renew your mind.

Spiritual poems are the expressions of souls who are striving on the upward path, encountering the hurdles that we all face, and looking within to find answers.

I have chosen this selection of poetry as a means for you to explore your feelings towards similar challenges in your life, and to strengthen your resolve to climb higher.

1. Title: “Oh! Lord, Don’t Leave Me Now”

Oh, Lord, stay with me now,
In my need, don’t turn away somehow.
Oh, Lord, reveal to me how
I strayed and got lost somehow.

Had everything within my grasp,
In the grip of greed, I let it clasp.
Lost a dear friend, slipped my grasp,
Oh, Lord, forgive, unclasp.

Almighty God, wise and strong,
You’re all I have, where I belong.
Oh, Lord, admit where I’ve gone wrong,
Guide me to where I truly belong.

Oh, Lord, stay with me now,
In my need, don’t turn away somehow.
I’ll work it out, no matter the cost,
For not all is yet lost.

Oh! Lord, Don't Leave Me Now - Spiritual Poems

2. Title: “No Spiritual Gurus”

God is a concept; so is Hell or Heaven.
Soul is a concept; so is rebirth or ghost.
A concept is the projection of mind.
Some would vouch for it and some oppose it.

God and dogmas thrive in long discourses,
Which is a fertile soil for mind to thrive in,
And where ego’s survival urges feed.
The concept conceived is not a reality.

The only reality known to us
Is the innate experience of the sense
Of I and I’m that we are conscious of
In us in waking, sleeping and dreaming.

Focus your thoughts inwardly where exists
The reality and it is here where you must
Address all inadequacies and contradictions.
Then you will need no spiritual gurus.

No Spiritual Gurus - Spiritual Poems

3. Title: “Life’s Enchanted Garden”

In life’s garden enchanted,
Blossoms abound, all spirits implanted.
At its heart, the enchanted tree stands,
A symbol of life’s eternal strands.

Friendships bloom, blossoms fair,
Guiding us through trials with care.
Triumph over fears, they steer,
Wonders of the center tree, crystal clear.

Roots deep within, a life-giving Source,
Cleansing us from sin’s remorse.
Branches reaching wide and free,
Comfort for souls, setting us free.

In your own enchanted garden, explore,
A breath of life’s air, pure and more.
Calming the mind, a tranquil find,
In nature’s embrace, solace assigned.

Life's Enchanted Garden - Spiritual Poems

4. Title: “New Beginnings”

On lengthy days and windy roads,
We carve our paths as life unfolds.
In search of truths, sometimes bitter,
I kneel in prayer, a hopeful quiver.

God granted me this life to learn,
Destined fate, yet blind to discern.
Through mistakes, lessons bestowed,
A journey of growth, in wisdom’s abode.

Not alone in this journey, you see,
Jesus walks every step with me.
Hand in hand, step by step,
By my side, His presence adept.

Be the good within, let it shine,
A bitter heart won’t redefine.
For those aiming to cause you strife,
Rise above, and walk away from strife.

New Beginnings - Spiritual Poems

5. Title: “Spiritual Cleansing”

When I go and take my shower at night
there is much more that I wish to washed off.
For during the day I tend to brush up against sin
Those sin’s of another, who are in pain and lost.

This is my time for a Spiritual cleansing
In which I offer those sins up to God in prayer.
While soaping up and scrubbing my skin
And shampooing off, dirt caught in my hair.

As I let the waters rinse over me
I envision those who I feel are in need of prayer.
And let my Lord God know
That someone for their sins does care.

Then when my shower is over
I feel more than soap and water clean.
But now have a cleansing of time just spent
In my shower filled with soap, water and steam.

Spiritual Cleansing - Spiritual Poems

6. Title: “If God Says Yes”

No matter your size, stand tall,
The hero within conquers all.
Shift your mindset, embrace the light,
Witness improvements day and night.

Support may lack, but trust in God,
Cast your weaknesses, take each prod.
Courage in steps, goals within reach,
Proud of small wins, lessons each teach.

Believe in yourself, no matter how small,
Even minor victories mend a fall.
Don’t downplay what you achieve,
In each win, a healing reprieve.

Never underestimate your inner wealth,
Spiritual power, a source of stealth.
Doomed by the rest, yet you possess,
You can conquer all, if God says yes!

If God Says Yes - Spiritual poems

7. Title: “Force, In Spiritual Realm”

Potentiated human mind, by nature, carried
at its very core, in purest crystallized state
sharp and hard, diamond like flawless form
are sacrifice, compassion, and wisdom elements

Comprised in unison, in purest spiritual realm
Nonetheless, in mundane life, grossly attenuated
In an ocean of greed, hatred and delusion waters
ever found in morbidity, never in tranquility

None, other than the Enlightened One
could rid of all unwanted, to an unscathed
to illustrate the true nature and power
human mind, in its superlative state, possesses

In the silence of mindfulness, redemption begins,
The turbulent waters calm, as insight within.
A beacon of clarity, the mind transcends,
Unlocking potential, transformation attends.

Force, In Spiritual Realm - Spiritual Poems

8. Title: “The Great Yes”

A day arrives when choices loom,
Declare the Yes or No’s grand bloom.
Those with Yes firm and clear,
Step from honor to honor, without fear.

Refusing, no repentance in his stance,
Asked, the answer’s still a firm No dance.
Yet that No, the rightful one,
Weighs heavy, a burden, never undone.

The clear Yes guides with conviction,
Honor, a path without restriction.
The firm No, a burden he’ll bear,
Through a lifetime, a weight to wear.

Choices shape destinies, futures unfold,
Yes or No, stories untold.
The strength within, the path we choose,
Determines the journey, victories, and dues.

The Great Yes - Spiritual Poems

9. Title: “Spiritual Freedom”

Find contentment through willing service,
Choose Christ as Savior, our eternal purpose.
Deny wickedness, follow His path,
Rejoice in spiritual freedom, escaping wrath.

Freedom from hate, guilt, and all shame,
Anxiety, fear, lust, they lose their claim.
Given to those who submit and believe,
Jesus guides Christians, never to deceive.

Do thoughts weigh you, do they take a toll?
Has society shaped your heart, mind, and soul?
God’s word answers life’s questions whole,
Salvation brings happiness, making us whole.

In the quiet embrace of grace, a refuge found,
Healing wounds, lifting burdens off the ground.
Embrace the journey, let salvation console,
In Christ, find joy, and make your spirit whole.

Spiritual Freedom - Spiritual Poems

10. Title: “Droplets”

Her eyes glinted as sunlight.
Dew drops’ faces reflected rainbows.
Expressions; like points of crystals
Reaching from deep within.

Her hair moved gently as the breeze.
Dew drops let go of their delicate hold.
Like a tear’s joyful journey washing away
Flowing from deep within.

She smiled as rainbows touched her heart.
Droplets let go of their delicate hold.
Like dew drops with faces;
Reflecting from deep within.

She blinked as if waking from a dream.
Ink flowed from her pen
Like a journey of beginnings.
Stories from deep within.

Droplets - Spiritual Poems

Spiritual poetry can be an enlightening way to understand spiritual teachings more fully and to start thinking ‘outside the box’.

Here you’ll find spiritual poems about life, love, inspiration, and happiness. Whether you’re a spiritual person or not, this is where you can present, through poetry, your beliefs about if and what exists outside of our own physical world experiences.

We hope you enjoyed your read.

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