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Poems About Self – 10 Poems Build Confidence and Love for Yourself

Poems about self have a way of reminding someone of their true identity. It’s a wonderful thing to fall in love over and over with yourself.

Remind yourself that you are worth it and that sometimes, before you think about someone else, it’s okay to think about yourself first.

These poems we collected, if you need a little reminder, will certainly give you a fresh perspective on the true meaning of self-love. Enjoy doing it with the ones you love, please don’t forget.

1. Title: “On a Columnar Self”

Upon a self, both firm and high,
A steadfast tower ‘neath the sky.
In tumult’s grip, in direst need,
Certainty becomes our deed.

No lever wields the strength to pry,
No wedge can force a firm goodbye.
Conviction, like a granite base,
Stands strong in any lonely space.

Amidst the chaos, resolute,
The self endures, an absolute.
In extremity, it abides,
Where certainty in strength resides.

No matter if the world derides,
The columnar self in grace confides.
Against the odds, it will not sway,
For on its own, it finds its way.

On a Columnar Self - Poems about Self

2. Title: “Invictus”

In the shadows that cloak my being,
Darkness deep, from pole to pole, decreeing.
Thanks to gods, whatever their decree,
For my soul, unconquerable and free.

Within circumstance’s relentless clutch,
No wince, no cry, no plea to touch.
Beneath chance’s bludgeonings, fierce and wild,
My head bears scars, yet remains unbowed.

Through the night that veils with ebony,
I stand, unyielding, firm, and free.
In the face of fate, I take my stand,
A resilient soul in a tumultuous land.

So, in this realm of shadows and strife,
I navigate with a resilient life.
For in the darkest pits, I find my way,
A soul unbroken, come what may.

Invictus - Poems about Self

3. Title: “Rhapsody”

Like a mother bird to her nest at rest,
Like the reigning moon to the sea’s bequest,
As joy to the heart that’s truly blessed,
So is my love to me.

Sweet as the lark’s song in freedom’s spree,
Sweet as the morning the songbirds see,
In blossoming grace, a rose so free,
So is my love to me.

As a well that springs in a desert’s plea,
As the rose untouched by the canker’s glee,
In matchless beauty, for all to see,
So is my love to me.

Burning bright as the sun’s golden ray,
Igniting warmth, chasing shadows away.
In every heartbeat, a melody,
A love that’s boundless, forever free.

Rhapsody - Poems about Self

4. Title: “The Black Queen”

Hail the honest maiden of dusk,
Let others prostrate fall;
Bring the global diadem,
Crown her queen of all.

In womanly grace, she stands tall,
Above average, queen of all.
No sluggard in any place,
Answering duty’s call.

Come, people, small and great,
Crown her queen of all.
Standing firm by her men,
Tip your hat for her gall.

In valor, she remains steadfast,
Facing challenges with a strong mast.
So, join the acclaim and the call,
Crown her queen, deserving of all.

The Black Queen - Poems about Self

5. Title: “Indian Summer”

In youth, a path I sought to tread,
To please, my utmost aim,
Adapting for each new kinship bred,
To match their transient claim.

But now, I hold what truths I’ve known,
In actions, my own course I chart;
If my true self is not your own,
Farewell, my love, depart.

For youth’s caprice has found its end,
Maturity brings a steadfast view;
In self-awareness, I transcend,
To bid adieu if I must to you.

No longer swayed by every breeze,
I stand grounded, firm and true;
If my essence fails to appease,
Farewell, my love, I bid to you.

Indian Summer - Poems about Self

6. Title: “Beauty”

Speak not of goodness in her grace,
Nor aught but beauty fair;
Her wings, a sleekness to embrace,
Like doves’ wings in the air.

Name her not wicked, for that term,
Consumes her in a curse;
Yet, love her not with hearts too firm,
For that may be even worse.

Oh, she dwells not in good or bad,
Innocent and untamed;
Enshrine her, she fades, once clad
With the hard heart of a child.

A paradox, this elusive sprite,
Wild innocence within her smile;
Hold her gently, lest she takes flight,
In the thorns of love’s beguiling guile.

Beauty - Poems about Self

7. Title: “Foreboding”

I won’t seek storms in glowing skies,
With summer hues in sunset’s lore;
When life’s tides flow in gentle sighs,
No need to heed the breaker’s roar.

I’ll not gaze into the unknown’s morrow,
No search for lions on the path’s array;
No tears for possible future sorrow,
Enough to face the troubles of today.

In the canvas of now, I’ll paint my glee,
With colors borrowed from the present’s light;
Embracing each moment, wild and free,
Casting worries aside, taking flight.

For life unfolds in its own sweet way,
No need to borrow trouble from the dawn;
Let’s cherish the present, come what may,
In the symphony of time, let’s be drawn.

Foreboding - Poems about Self

8. Title: “I Believe in Myself”

Haters claim I’m bound to fail,
Discouragers insist I’ll derail.
Regardless of their words’ display,
I hold firm in self-belief each day.

In pursuits where my mind takes flight,
I’m aware of my inner light.
Despite opinions that may sway,
I trust in myself without dismay.

No matter what the critics convey,
I stand strong, come what may.
In my abilities, I find my way,
For in myself, belief holds sway.

Anything within my mental grasp,
I approach with a steadfast clasp.
Amidst the noise that comes my way,
I believe in myself, day by day.

I Believe in Myself - Poems about Self

9. Title: “I Am Like a Rose”

At last, I am truly me; now, I find
My essence, with wonder’s gentle bind.
Radiating warmth, I emerge clear,
Distinct, separate from my peer.

Here, wholly as myself, I stand,
No rosebush, in full bloom, as planned.
More purely revealed from the green,
In stark clarity, than ever seen.

In the fullness of being, I reside,
Achieved self, no longer to hide.
No shadows obscure the view,
Distinct, I emerge in morning dew.

Like roses in the light’s delight,
I blossom, distinct, out of night.
A singular me, no longer in the shade,
In self’s warmth, my journey laid.

I Am Like a Rose - Poems about Self

10. Title: “The Crystal Gazer”

I’ll gather myself into my self, make whole,
Scattered pieces unified, a harmonious soul.
Fused into a crystal, polished and bright,
Reflecting the moon and the sun’s radiant light.

Sitting as a sibyl, with intent gaze,
Watching the future unfold, present’s haze.
Little pictures of people in self-made strife,
Rushing in tiny importance, the pace of life.

In the crystal ball’s clarity, stories unfold,
A kaleidoscope of tales, both new and old.
The moon’s gentle glow, the sun’s fiery dance,
Captured within, in a mesmerizing trance.

As the sibyl observes, hour after hour,
The ebb and flow, the human power.
In the quiet sphere, where insights flow,
I find my center, in its gentle glow.

The Crystal Gazer - Poems about Self

It is difficult to love yourself. Waking up each day can feel overwhelming, or even difficult, with a proud sense of who you are.

Yet we all know deep down, when we love ourselves fiercely and honestly, we can be the strongest versions of ourselves.

To make a self-love stick, it often takes mantras and prayers and sticky notes on the wall and chats in the mirror. Poetry can also assist.

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