Confusing Love Poems

Confusing Love Poems (Meditate Upon for Comfort)

These confusing love poems are about the normal daily confusions among couples. In this article, we have selected the best poems to enjoy your time and help you meditate on for comfort.

Confusing Love Poems

Confusing Love Poems

Romance is the language of love. It is the way that you show your partner that you care about them. Every person has their own idea of what they might consider romantic.

For some, it will be dressing up for the other or buying flowers or jewelry. There is no way to know what is romantic without knowing the person.

Romance is created by the feeling that you are genuinely cared about. All romance has one thing in common; it must show the other person that you care enough to find out what is meaningful to them.

1. Desperate (tritina) by Tracy Decker

I wish I knew how, had ability to turn
away from you and not look back to see if it
affected you, my turning away, walking off.

I want you to miss this, and I fail to pass off
the distance as a gravely unfortunate turn
of events, see truth within desperation, it

blinds, consumes, and (I hate to, but) I admit it
impossible to justify the breaking off
of any contact to once again inward turn.

I want to reach within, find this, and turn it off.

2. Within his Heart by Seren Roberts

He lays there in his own world
Living on memories of the past
life as it is now, is just existing,
memories, are remembered at last

No longer knows who I am
looking at me so scared.
As though I would do him harm
as I gently, help him feed

I know he remembers that I love him
when he forages within his heart’s pages
the word love, carved forever, by his little girl,
Even when he is in his rage, stages.


3. The Best Mistake by Emily Kroeger

You made the mistake and now,
your afraid to face this day.

Your thoughts are racing through
and through.

You wonder if your family looks at
you as a disgrace, but you’er mother
takes you and reasures, your very
much loved in grace.

Even though your much to young
for this breathing little thing this
has become.

You couldn’t just throw it out
like it was a peice of trash.

So you grow up and take the
path that led you to your best
mistake for years to come

4. Dear Me by Winter Wallace

Dear Me,

I need you to be stronger
I need you to never be afraid

swallow your pride,and your flight will be softer
tell her you love her,even if it hurts

Grab onto your dream and live it
Do not be afraid of the sun’s divinity

Be better,love more, hold on.

Dear Me,

Enjoy every stop of the ride.
For when the train finally stops…we die

Until we witness the angels dance after final day…
Dear Me, hide your fears away


5. Silenced By Anger by Jessica Tulcus

Silenced by anger,
I can’t believe my ears,
you told me that you loved me,
but the truth remains clear.

You lied to me, you selfish jerk,
and it is I, who must pay
for all the love and laughter,
that left me in a daze.

I can’t believe that I listened
to the words that you said.
The truth wasn’t missing,
it was dancing in my head.

You used to act like you loved me,
But I guess the angers fed.
So forgive me as I leave this place,
Selfish, cold, and dead.

6. Crazy Things by Anastasia Browning

Its not u, its me
Im tellin u cuz its crazy.
Crazy things happen dont u c
Crazy things happen wit u and me

Its hard to say goodbye
When u know everythings a lie
Its hard to say whats inside
Cuz every word makes u wanna cry

Dont u c whats happening
Im going crazy
I need u in my life cuz
Its eatin me alive

These things happen all the time
Theres no need to lie
Just hold on to your love
Through these…
“Crazy Things”

7. Crazy Sensible Love by Rohith Chand Talla

Crazy Sensible Love

I agree, a person without a story, and ??
I disagree, a person without a love story.

When I was young and cherished, I loved a girl ??
Who hurts me the most for every loopy reason

One day, it caused broke up with me ??
A few days later, she realized that ??

Nobody can love her as much as I do??
She asked me that give her a chance ??

“Be my love; I’ll not hurt you anymore,” she said ??
If I accept her, folks must contemplate me as a fool

She was crying, what to do ??+??=??
Then I took her to me, the only thing I could say ??

I accept you even I am one of the fools in the world
Then she said: “love you, babe.” ??


8. Finger On The Pulse by Edward Ibeh

Tap! Tap! Tap! Tap!

Hard and prolonged,
pressure on
their collective wrists;
feeling for a pulse…

yet he feels nothing.
He’s frozen, confused.

He listens attentively
as close as close
could possibly be, to feel
their breaths in his ear…

yet he feels nothing
and hears nothing.

What is the state of us?
Are we awake or asleep?
Our hearts still beat,
but is our love still alive?

Is it too late to salvage?
Asked he, unsure.

9. For Ruth by Daniel H. Lee

You will never see the ways
that I love you so.

Deeply, madly, unrequitedly.

You’re my inspiration,
you’re the butterflies in my stomach,
you’re my skipped heartbeat.

You are everything in-between and more.
You’re my day’s beginning and my night’s end,
you’re my every moment of yearning.

The inner hell this puts me through,
to say the ways I want to be


10. Never Letting Go by Jessica Henderson

She tells him she loves him, when really she doesn’t care,
all along she plays this game unfair.
He thinks that he loves her, when he can really care less,
he’s just in need of someone to caress.

They go on with this relationship or whatever it might be,
as long as they think each others happy.
Sadness in her eyes, his disappointment deep inside,
they both feel the need to die.

She wipes her tears, as he wipes his own,
they do love each other it’s just their evil clone.
They say to one another I love you so,
and throughout this struggle there’s no letting go.

I’m that girl and my boyfriends that boy,
and now we hope life we can enjoy.
We try our hardest not to fight,
and in the end hold each other tight.

Because love is both wicked and good,
I just wish from the start we understood.
That there’s no letting go, no turning back,
no giving up, of this we lacked.

Love is a powerful feeling, so it’s okay to be confused sometimes when you are in a relationship with someone who isn’t giving you all the attention you need or is not treating you right reading confusing love poems can help.

But when confused it’s advisable to concentrate and ask yourself vital questions. If you really Love the person in question or if you really want to continue the relationship. Endeavour to share this article on confusing love poems if you had a good read.

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