Cinquain Poems for Kids
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Cinquain Poems for Kids (Best Five Line Poems)

Cinquain poems for kids are a simple to compose form of poetry with only five lines and few words per line. This collection is for your kids, ensure they read.

Cinquain Poems for Kids

Cinquain Poems for Kids

There is a variety of how you can compose poetry, this is one of them. Get your kids to read Cinquain poems.

Ice Cream (Cinquain Poems for Kids)

Ice cream.
Cold and yummy.
I love its sweet richness
as it finds its way into my

My Messy Room

My room
is such a mess.
Toys all over the place.
Mom says, “Clean up!” But I like it
like this.


My Love (Cinquain Poems for Kids)

my love
to you I give,
nor could I less bestow
then that which you have given me,
dear heart

dear heart,
you are my life,
my voice, the air I breathe,
the center of my universe,
my sun

my sun,
fill me with light,
and all my life I’ll give
to orbit ‘round you will be my

my soul with praise
your praises I will sing
as if it were enough to show
I care

I care,
and so I’ll go,
to leave you for a day,
until the day when I can show
my love

my love,
you are my life,
and all my life I’ll give,
as if it were enough to show
my love

By, Abigail Gronway


Soulful Husbandry (Cinquain Poems for Kids)

Two wolves
live in each of
us to make us what we
are, though we train them how to serve
our goals.

They both
compete to make us what we are.
So train them well and choose
the wolf that you
will feed.

By, Lancealot

One in a Million (Cinquain Poems for Kids)

My love,
You are my all,
My heart, it beats your name,
All I can think about is you,

You are
The sun, the moon,
And all that’s in-between,
The person who lights up my life,
My all.

I am
All that I am
Because of you my dear,
I shine when I am around you,
My love.

Lost an angel
On the day you were born,
I’m the luckiest girl alive,
In love.

Dear love,
You complete me,
There is no one like you!
My one in a million, you’re
The ‘One’.

It Works!
that you have choice.
Clouds, leaves, and fingernails
all have no voice and are programmed.
Not you.

You know
smiles beget smiles
and frowns and grumpiness
pollute your social atmosphere.
So smile.

Try to
remember that
and karma is a force
that might affect what comes your way.
Take care.
yourself that most
people respond to smiles
then act accordingly each day.

Give grins
and friendly tones
most gratuitously
with up-lifting intent, my friend.
You’ll win.

smiles beget smiles
and karma is a force
then act accordingly each day.
You’ll win.

By, Lawrence Alot

Demons of Darkness

She stood on the bridge
In silence and fear,
For the demons of darkness
Had driven her here.

They cut her heart
Right out of her chest,
Making her believe
That the demons knew best.

They were always there,
Sometimes just out of sight,
Waiting in the background
Till the time was right.

These demons were destructive,
Knocking down the life she knew,
Hating everything about her;
She hated herself, too.

These demons can’t be seen,
But they’re far from fairy tales.
They live inside your mind;
Their evilness prevails.

So on the bridge she stood,
About to end the fight.
Then she stopped and thought
I’ll fight them one more night.

By, Olivia B


Here on my arm lies a mark that I made.
When I was so low, I cut with a blade
To punish my body for being a mess,
Though here is my testament, I must confess…

That seeing these scars left on my arms, legs, and chest
Makes me realize I was in a place of no rest;
I feel guilty inside for leaving this token.
Now I will see and remember that I was so broken.

But seeing these scars helps me see
That I survived so much trauma and now I am free.
So I ask you now to stand with me and fight,
To show all these demons what they’re doing is not right.

You won the battle of good versus bad.
You are still alive and are no longer sad.
Here on my arm lies a mark of survival.
I got through my hate and beat my self-rival.

By, Laura R


The Darkness

You would never know it,
The constant pain I feel,
Because in the light of day
It almost isn’t real.

Sure, I’ll play, I’ll laugh,
I’ll sing some songs,
But that pain is always lurking
Because it’s been here all along.

And when the darkness comes
With its all-consuming power,
It slowly takes my soul
Hour by dreadful hour.

But they tell me that I’m strong enough.
They swear that it gets better.
They say, “If you can just hold out
and bear this stormy weather.”

They tell me, “You will be happy one day.
All you need do is fight.”
But what they seem to forget
Is after each day comes the night.

And so I act along.
I play my part
While this crushing darkness
Slowly breaks my heart.

By, Dallas E. Krystof

Lost In Pain

Anger. Pain.
It’s getting harder to hide
All the feelings I’ve built up inside.

It’s hard to explain
Without being considered insane,
So I’ve kept to myself
Until I realized I need help.

Even the weekends seem to be a chore.
Putting a smile on my face as I walk out the door.

Wanting to run away,
But where can I go?
Around people or not, I still feel alone.

I cry all the time now.
I used to think I was strong.
Now it’s a struggle just to hold on.

To make it through the day
Without an odd look my way
Or someone asking me if I’m okay.

But maybe it will do me good
To let someone help if they could.
Just one hug is all I need.
Just one person that cares is all I plead.

And then I might get through another day
Of waiting for my anger and pain to fade away.

By, Steff

Cinquains are simple to write because they only have five lines and a limited number of words on each line.
The middle lines finish up with a  , resembling the lyrical form known as the diamante, whereas the beginning and last lines only contain two syllables each.

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