Friendly Poems to express how much you Love your Friend

Friendly Poems to express how much you Love your Friend.

Friendly Poems – Friends and family are important to our wellbeing. However, there are a plethora of poems about family members so I decided to focus on the harder task: poems about friendship.

These poems come from a variety of eras and viewpoints and include themes of friends lost, friends to the world, and also bad friends.
Friendly Poems

1. What Your Friendship Means To Me

What your Friendship means to me

Whenever you or I feel lonely, one of us is always there for the other,
Whenever you or I are sad, We see right through each other,
and we could see what is in a need.

We are the bestest friends, that we could ever have,
The way we always there to cheer up, and the way we make other laugh.

You’re sweet, and kind, you’re someone that I adore,
You’re always there for me I guess that‘s what a friends are for.

The way we always talk, and the way that we relate,
To me, that means so much; to lose your friendship I would hate.

I love you like a sister, ’cause you’re always there for me,
I hope that our relationship, will be eternally.

To me, you are so special, and right here, I’ll always be,
I hope we’re friends forever, and a day.
– Poem by Pam Fraser

2. What You Mean To Me …

You turned my darkness into light;
You made everything all right.
You picked me up when I was down;
You turned my life around.
If I didn’t have you, what would I be?
A blessing is what you are to me.

When I needed you the most, you were there;
Even if it seemed like you didn’t care.
When I didn’t think I could make it another day,
You chased all my doubts away.
If I didn’t have you, what would I be?
A treasure is what you are to me.

The world is full of many people, it’s true;
But there is only one of you.
You fill my heart with love;
You’re a God-sent gift from above.
If I didn’t have you, what would I be?
An angel is what you are to me.

Lost and alone, I will no longer be;
Because you are here with me.
There is no reason to be sad;
You’ve taken away all the bad.
If I didn’t have you, what would I be?
A best friend is what you are to me!!
– Poem by Nikkie

3. You Are My Lucky Star

You are my lucky star
In life you’ve helped me get really far
You were always there when I needed you
And I hope I was always there for you too

You are my lucky star
I know God sent you here for me from afar
You had a way of making me happy when I was sad
And if I did something wrong, you wouldn’t be mad

You are my lucky star
My best friend is also what you are
You helped me realize what I’m living for
But now you’re gone & each day I’m missing you more
– Poem by Meghan

4. My Best Friend

I’m not sure when it happened
But I’m very glad it did
You came into my life when
I really needed a friend.

The more I get to know you
The more I know myself
And this is why I’m thankful
For you are just yourself.

You and I are different
And in many ways the same
Your good ear, compassionate heart
Will always find you fame.

I promise to always be here
Forever and to the end
You are the true definition of
My Very Best Friend!
– Poem By Sheri Goodwin

5. Forever Never Ends

Friends ’til the end, is what was once spoken,
O r is that just what you wanted to say?
R eally, I’d be heart broken
E veryday, I thank God for you in every way
V ery often do I forget to say, “I love you,”
E ven when I don’t feel like it
R emember me when you’re scared and remember I care about you too!

N ever take anything for granted,
E ven if there was a fight or two.
V ery Lucky am I, to have you as my best friend.
E veryday I think about you,
R emembering we’re gonna be forever friends!

E ven if we’re both scared,
N ever will I say Good- Bye.
D idn’t I always say, “Forever Never Ends?”
S o, please believe me when I say, “Forever Friends.”
– Poem by Becky Rattray

Friendly Poems

6. Because you are my friend

Because you are my friend,
my life is enriched in a myriad of ways.
Like a cool breeze on a sweltering day,
like a ray of sunshine parting glowering clouds,
you lift me up.
In good times, we soar,
like weightless balloons
over neon rainbows.
In bad times, you are a soothing balm
for my pummeled soul.
I learn so much from you;
you help me see old things in new ways.
I wonder if you are aware
of the bright seeds you are sowing in me.
I’m a better person for knowing you,
so that everyone I interact with
is touched by your good effect on me.
You relax me, refresh me, renew me.
Your bounteous heart envelops me
in joy and love and peace.
May your life be filled
with dazzling blessings,
just as I am blessed
by being your friend.
– Poem by Joanna Fuchs

7. What It Takes To Be A Good Friend

A good friend is always kind,
Should always speak their mind,
Their compassion should never end,
That’s what it takes to be a good friend.

A good friend is there for you,
They are real, they are true- blue,
Their compassion should never end,
That’s what it takes to be a good friend.

A good friend will be there when you marry,
A heart full of memories, they will carry,
Their compassion should never end,
That’s what it takes to be a good friend.

They’ll be there if your mother dies,
They’ll weep with you when you cry,
Their compassion should never end,
That’s what it takes to be a good friend.

If a good friend you do find,
Make sure they treat you kind,
Understanding they shouldn’t lack,
And they would never stab you in the back,
On top of everything always remember,
A best friend is forever.
– Poem by Jwbrnco1

8. Together

We were one.

We did everything together.
we talked
We sang
we walked
we laughed

All of a sudden,
something so cruel
had split us apart,
It was like a bolt of lightning.

everything we did was done alone.
I talked
she talked
I sang
she sang
I walked
she walked
I laughed
she laughed

Everything was done alone.
we never would be together again.
– Poem by Ruby Buzzell

Friendly Poems

9. Here For You

The past you cannot forget or undo;
The future is all we can look forward to.

I wish I could have been there by your side
For all the times you’ve wept and cried.

Know from my heart what I say is true.
That I hurt for the pain you have been through.

Never alone shall you be.
Someday, freedom you will see.

May your hopes and dreams come true,
No matter where you are, I’ll always be here for you.
– Poem by Nicolette J. Proffitt

Friendship is the bond that keeps many persons together and also friends help each other in times of need, Friends assist us when we are down, ill, depressed, and in need. That’s the beauty of friendship, the tight bond both people share.

These Poems help to interpret that into words. We hope you enjoyed your read.

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