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Your my Everything I Love You Poems that Express Feelings

Your my Everything I Love You Poems that Express Feelings.

Your my Everything  – A man and a woman have different needs being different species. How can we expect, in the way we want to care about each other? The fact is that it’s impossible.

It is unavoidable to have misunderstandings. It’s difficult to resist jumping on each other’s toes. The only thing you can do if you have wronged each other is to be as considerate as possible and apologize.Your my Everything

1. I Like Everything About You

I like the way you look at me, with your perfect blue eyes
I like the way you smile at me, its so beautiful and sweet
I like everything about you
I like when you kiss me, when your beautiful, soft, pink lips touch mine
I like when you touch me, with your soft, warm hands running down my thigh
I like everything about you
I like when you tell me im beautiful, it makes me smile
I like when you say I LOVE YOU, it makes my heart pound
I like every thing about you
I like when i say I LOVE YOU, and you look at me with your perfect face and smile.

by Wendi Collier

2. Your My Everything

I’m sorry i left
I left it all behind
And now that im out here
I see how cruel it is

Momma im sorry
I’m sorry i left
But now i see
I love you

My heart is burning
deep inside
I miss your warm arms
i miss you

Momma im sorry
I’m sorry i left
But now i see
I love you

I’ve been robbed
I’ve been torn apart
They stole everything
But your love…

I’m coming home
I cant take this world
I need you
Your my everything

by Laura Kelly

3. You´re My Everything!

When I found you in a corner of the road,
I knew you were the woman that I had dreamt always.
You were always there,
so close and so far from my walking,
but I was blind, -so blind! –
that I could not distinguish
in the shadows of that street
the sweet look of your beautiful green eyes,
the immensity of your being.

Today you are my sea, my bank, my wave!
Today you are my heaven, my lighthouse, my gull!
Today you are my love, my wife, my children’s mother!
You are my future!
And the most important thing is to know
that I will live eternally with you
for the rest of our infinite lives
until the end of times!


4. My Absolute Everything.

The love that I carry for you
Continuously swells and grows
Blossoming just like the tender
Petals of a red perfect rose.

Your beautiful, bewitching smile
Fills my heart so full of gladness
Erasing all of my doubts and
Ending every trace of sadness.

Your gentle and loving spirit
Feels just like paradise to me
As soothing and tranquil as the
Clear waves of the exotic sea.

The very thought of you makes me
Feel like I want to dance and sing
You are my reason for being
You’re my absolute everything.

by J.A McManus

5. My Everything

You’re my love, my life,
The air that I breathe.
You’re my soul, my happiness,
The all that I need.

You’re my light, my dark,
The stars in the sky.
You’re my ups, my downs,
The reason I try.

You’re my strength, my weakness,
The love from the start.
You’re my heartache, my pain,
The beat of my heart

You’re my tears, my joy,
The love that you bring.
You’re my world, my galaxy,
You’re my everything.

by Dean CoombesYour my Everything

6. Baby you’re my everything

Baby, you’re my world
you’re my heart
my dreams
and in my thoughts
I can’t believe my dreams came true
with a I love you
baby you’re my everything

There were nights when I looked out at the stars
and make a silent plea
a silent wish to myself
that someone would come and mend my aching heart
cold nights the soft rain fell
I would cry inside and hold it all in
but until you came along
you’ve became

Baby you’re my world
you’re my heart
my dreams
and in my thoughts
I can’t believe my dreams came true
with a I love you
baby you’re my everything

by Jackson ogbo

7. You’re My Everything!

It makes me happy, just being next to you,
all these feelings I just can’t hide.
You’ll always be, in my heart,
can’t bear the pain, when we are apart.

Nobody is as special as you are to me,
I hope you’re beginning to see.
Just how much I care for you,
my feelings will always be true.

I can’t describe how much I care,
when you need me I’ll be there.
I’ll wipe those tears when you are sad,
and make you happy, when you are mad.

All these things I’ll do for you,
Just remember, you’re my everything!!!

by David Yearwood

8. Our Love

My Beautiful love
The stars shine down on us from above
The wind wraps us in its tight embrace
As we share sweet kisses
The fire deep inside me soul
Comes to life as it melts the ice wall around my heart
The stone chest that seemed to be torn open
Lets my feelings rush out
They surround me in a ball of light
As we share our eternal embrace
Our souls entwine like two branches on a tree
A sweet musical note escapes my lips as the three words form on the air
And whisper in your ear.

by Colby B

9. Birds

You’re a breath of eternity
in a timeless space
the sense of my existence
I’m wandering without You
in the desert of nothingness
I remember Your kiss
light as the sky
love me
with Your eternal touch
and set me free
from the cage
of loneliness

by Anna Banasiak

10. Alternative Existence

snort the glitter to further your shine
swallow the light so you can glow

your eyes sparkle as gems
your lips drip with chrome

the ground you walk upon
simply melts under your existence

by Paige Dyer

11. You And I

When you look up to the stars
Does your mind race like mine?
Asking silently, as your mind races violently,
“How can this be?
How lucky we are, together forever, you and me.”

Seeing, smelling, feeling your touch.
Keeps my heart beating, you are my crutch
That keeps my soul steady and my mind in the clouds
Thinking of seeing you in all of these crowds.
Pushing and passing to find you my dear.
To hold you, to feel you and lose all fear.

by Connor Burkett

12. Love Is A Mystery

Love is a mystery,
with many colors included,
Green, red and yellow,
purple and blue,
orange and violet,
brown, black, white and grey too.

Love is a mystery,
which comes to stay for a while,
Love is important,
without it we would die.

Love is a mystery,
it brings you sadness and pain,
anger, jealousy and fear,
will be with you for years,

But you will also get some thing,
that will make it worth,
to live through those emotions,
without being hurt,
to much and many times.

by Elinga

13. Love What Does It Mean

Love what does it mean
Is it the feeling you get from being kissed
Is it the small things you miss
Is it the laughter two people share
Or is it the care of a lovers embrace

Love what does it mean
Is it the first day of spring
Does it make you come alive

Or is it cold like the first snow fall
Does it make you cry
Or is it the hardships you take along the way

Love what does it mean
Is it sweet like chocolate
Does it melt in your mouth

Or is it sour like a lemon
Does it make you clinch in disgust
Or is it the sweet taste of victory once it’s done
Love what does it mean

by Jessica Stockinger

14. A Promise

I promise my love, to always be here for you
To always be your light when all else grows dark
To always be your guide when you lose your way
To always be your reminder when you lose all hope
I promise my love, to always be here for you

I promise my love, I will never leave your side
You will never wonder where I am
I will always be there when you reach for me
I will always be here when you need me
I promise my love, I will never leave your side

I promise my love, I will love you with all that I am
I will always kiss you when you least expect it
Always look upon you, even when you don’t know it
Never give up on you, even if you give up on me
I promise my love, I will love you with all that I am

by Christopher Gage

15. Hard Made From Stone

Once I had a heart of stone,
For it had surely lost it’s home,
It could not love or wanted too,
But in my life then came you,
The stones began to fall away,
As happiness began to fill my day,
A feeling so sweet and happy too,
Could this be love,
I pray is true.

My heart now sings a song of love,
For all I know it was send from above,
My heart is warm,
There’s no cold hard no more,
Because when I seen you,
You made my heart from,
I soars above the sky so high,
Sometimes I think why and cry,
My heart now sings a loving song,
For the part of me I thought was gone.

by JannierYour my Everything

Your my Everything – The language of love is Romance. That’s the way you show your partner that you care for them. Each person has his or her own idea of what they would consider romantic.

It will be dressing up for some or buying flowers or jewelry for others. Without knowing the person, there is no way to know what is romantic.

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