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You’re My Everything – 15 Poems to Express Love and Affection to Your Lover

Are you wondering how to start expressing your love and affection for the one you love? Or how to whisper to that person, saying ‘You are My Everything,’? Worry no more; these romantic verses will help you easily confess your love and feelings to that lucky person, making your imaginations turn into reality.

These powerful verses are going to inspire and ginger those emotions that your lover has for you and that which you also have for your lover. And they will continue in making your love life brighter.

So use these specially crafted verses to express your deepest emotions.

1. Title: “My Everything”

In my life, you’re the love,
The very air that I breathe.
You’re my soul, my joy,
The fulfillment I need.

In the dark, you’re my light,
Like stars up high in the sky.
In highs and lows, you’re my why,
The motivation I try.

You’re my strength, my frailty,
Love that’s been there from the start.
In heartache and in pain,
You’re the beat of my heart.

In joy and tears, you’re my constant,
The love that you bring.
You’re my world, my galaxy,
Truly, my everything.

My Everything - You're My Everything

2. Title: “Baby You’re My Everything”

Wrapped in your arms, my world takes flight,
Heart and dreams bask in your love’s light.
Thoughts consumed by a sweet melody,
Dreams in a whispered ‘I love you,’ set free.

Beneath the starry night sky, we stand,
A silent plea, a hopeful command.
Longing for a mend to aching hearts,
Raindrops fall, tears in silent parts.

Then you arrived, a soothing song,
My solace, where I truly belong.
Baby, you’re my world, my heart’s delight,
Dreams come true in love’s sweetest night.

In the canvas of time, our story weaves,
A symphony of love, where each note believes.
Through laughter and tears, hand in hand we go,
In your embrace, my love, my eternal glow.

Baby You're My Everything - You're My Everything

3. Title: “Harmony of Forever”

In a street corner’s quiet embrace,
I found you, the dream I couldn’t erase.
Always near, yet distant in my stride,
Blind to the love in shadows that hide.

Now you’re my sea, my shore, my wave,
Today, my sky, my beacon, so brave.
You’re my love, my partner, mother divine,
You are my tomorrow, forever entwined.

Crucial it is, this eternal vow,
In our infinite lives, we live it now.
Side by side, through time’s endless chime,
You and I, until the end of all time.

In the tapestry of fate, our threads align,
A love story written in the stars shall shine.
Through life’s journey, hand in hand we roam,
An eternal bond, our hearts find home.

Harmony of Forever - You're My Everything

4. Title: “Celestial Embrace”

Under the starlit sky above,
Our love bathed in celestial love.
Wind’s tight embrace, our sweet kiss,
Ignites the fire, a soulful bliss.

Within, a flame melts icy walls,
Feelings surge as the heart recalls.
A chest once stone, now torn open wide,
Embraced in a ball of light, love can’t hide.

Soul entwined like branches on a tree,
A musical note, a sweet melody.
Three words linger in the air,
Whispered softly, a love to declare.

In the tapestry of our shared delight,
Guided by stars, our love takes flight.
Eternal whispers, vows we share,
Boundless, timeless, a love beyond compare.

Celestial Embrace - You're My Everything

5. Title: “My Everything

In your presence, joy takes flight,
Feelings unmasked, an open sight.
In my heart, you hold your place,
Parting leaves a painful trace.

No one compares, you’re my unique,
Feel the care that words can’t speak.
My commitment, steadfast and real,
Emotions that time won’t conceal.

Unable to express the depths I share,
I promise to stand, I promise to care.
Tears I’ll erase, when sadness flows,
Turn your anger into smiles that glows.

In the symphony of life, our love shall sing,
Together, my heart, to you, I’ll cling.
Through the echoes of time, let our melody ring,
In each note, my dear, you’re my everything!

My Everything - You're My Everything

6. Title: “Endless Thoughts of You”

Thoughts of you linger, a constant refrain,
Yesterday, today, and the days remain.
In my mind, through good and bad,
Every word spoken, every feeling had.

No jest, no lie, this truth I share,
I’d never hurt you, never cause despair.
If I err and make you truly mad,
It echoes back, leaving me so sad.

You’re the love I cherish, my guiding star,
Hoping our journey extends so far.
You’re ingrained, I can’t let go,
In my thoughts, a constant flow.

You’re my all, my everything,
Knowing you, the joy you bring.
Your presence, a reason to smile,
A deep care that spans a mile.

Endless Thoughts of You - You're My Everything

7. Title: “Guardian Angel of My Heart”

You’re my universe, my all,
Heart and soul, in your thrall.
Once trapped in a grave’s despair,
You lifted me from that dark lair.

In shadows, when I lose my way,
You’re the radiant light, my guiding ray.
Dispelling darkness in dream’s embrace,
You bring solace to my nighttime space.

You’re my strength, a tomorrow’s thread,
Hope replacing sorrows that once bred.
Healing scars, you’re my guiding star,
An angel sent from realms afar.

Free from torment, found in your grace,
An angel sent, my heaven’s embrace.
Meaning more than words can convey,
You’re my everything, my dawn each day.

Guardian Angel of My Heart - You're My Everything

8. Title: “My Absolute Everything”

Love for you, an endless tide,
Swelling, growing, never to hide.
Blossoms like a perfect rose,
In tender hues, affection glows.

Your enchanting smile’s sweet grace,
Fills my heart, a joyful embrace.
Doubts erased, sadness undone,
In your light, a new day begun.

Your spirit, gentle and kind,
A paradise in heart and mind.
Tranquil as exotic seas,
Bringing calm with every breeze.

Thoughts of you, a joyful fling,
A dance, a song, your love’s the spring.
Reason for being, everything,
In your embrace, my eternal wing.

My Absolute Everything - You're My Everything

9. Title: “Boundless Love”

You are my world, both night and day,
Brightening my path in every way.
With your presence, joy takes flight,
In your fragrance, love ignites.

So happy and joyful, you make me feel,
Your essence, a love so real.
Falling for you, each and every day,
Captivated by the words you say.

Forever and ever, my love, I swear,
An angel from heaven, beyond compare.
Silent promises to love and to hold,
Our story unfolds, a tale to be told.

I pledge to cherish, now and forever,
Through every endeavor, always together.
In the rhythm of our hearts’ sweet tether,
Our love, an eternal bond to weather.

Boundless Love - You're My Everything

10. Title: “Harmony of Hearts”

Lonely days find their close,
Life’s quest led me to you, I suppose.
Your kindness, a beacon in each mile,
Brightening my days, wearing a smile.

Best friend and lover, in you I find,
A partner in every step, in heart and mind.
Your joy brings laughter, an endless spring,
To me, you’re everything, my everything.

In this embrace, a sense of belonging grows,
Together, our strength in love overflows.
Kneeling in prayer day by day,
Thankful to the Lord for you, I say.

In the book of us, a chapter unfolds,
A tale of love, where beauty molds.
Through ups and downs, our story weaves,
In your arms, my heart believes.

Harmony of Hearts - You're My Everything

11. Title: “In Your Absence”

Awaking with unease, anxiety’s embrace,
A dream without you, a vacant space.
Kira, my love, my everything true,
In your absence, a nightmare I rue.

You, my Angel Queen, my heart’s sole delight,
Separation’s thought, a relentless fight.
In your arms, solace, sweet and clear,
Best friend and love, forever near.

Filling heart and soul, my sought-after prize,
True love, awaited beneath the skies.
Your absence echoes, a soulful song,
You’re my everything, where I belong.

Each moment missed, your touch’s trace,
Devotion unwavering, in every case.
Yearning for the day with you near,
My everything, whom I hold dear.

In Your Absence - You're My Everything

12. Title: “You’re My Universe”

First and last, love with you is cast,
Alone, like a flower in morning’s vast.
You’re my sun, my stars, both night and day,
Daffodil, rose, in my heart’s array.

Sunrise to sunset, enduring and pure,
My world, my life, forever secure.
Connection divine, our union’s design,
Reason, being, in your shrine.

You’re my universe, love eternal,
General, Admiral, Major, and Colonel.
Last Autumn leaf, when others fade,
Girlfriend, woman, since life was laid.

Light in the dark, warmth in winter,
Inspiration, hope, my steadfast center.
Opera, orchestra, the song I sing,
Energy, soul, the strength you bring.

You're My Universe - You're My Everything

13. Title: “I Found My Everything Within You”

Within you, I found my everything,
An angel sent, upon lonely prayers’ wing.
Love resides in the chambers of your heart,
Pure and true, a masterpiece of art.

Comfort, in the softness of your kisses,
Warm and secure, each one reminisces.
A haven of tenderness, exquisite and sweet,
In your embrace, love’s melody complete.

In your arms, a lifetime of happiness unfolds,
Our future strong, promising stories untold.
Holding me tightly, into your soul I’m drawn,
Walking into tomorrows, with love reborn.

Within you, my everything is found,
An angel’s presence, love so profound.
Since the day we met, in this divine view,
I’ve discovered my everything within you.

I Found My Everything Within You - You're My Everything

14. Title: “Essence of My Everything”

Love of my life, my everything so true,
Deep inside, these feelings I accrue.
Without you, life incomplete, a void so wide,
Pride fills me wholly, in love’s sweet tide.

A floodgate of love, with you it begins,
You’re the topping on my cupcake’s spins.
Without you, heartache, an ache so deep,
Love measured in grains, a secret to keep.

More than grains of sand, stars in the sky,
Impossible measures, our love so high.
Cherry on top, a golden treasure rare,
With you, my love, life beyond compare.

For all these reasons, you’re my everything,
Without you, pain crumbles, my essence’s string.
Skin withers, blood dries in its tracks,
Without you, empty veins, love lacks.

Essence of My Everything - You're My Everything

15. Title: “In Your Love’s Embrace”

You are my everything, my heart’s delight,
In the soft glow of day and the gentle hush of night.
With you, life’s canvas paints a love so rare,
In your embrace, I find solace and care.

You’re the melody in my every song,
In your presence, where I truly belong.
In your eyes, I discover a universe divine,
You are my everything, my love’s lifeline.

Through joy and tears, hand in hand we tread,
You’re the reason my heart is endlessly fed.
In the tapestry of life, our threads entwine,
You are my everything, forever and thine.

With you, my love, each moment is sublime,
In your love’s embrace, transcending time.
You are the sun that brightens my day,
In your everything, my heart will forever stay.

In Your Love's Embrace - You're My Everything

The language of love is romance, and that’s the way to show your partner that they are your everything, though it can be expressed in many different ways. We can attest that these magical words are one of the ways to tell our lover, ‘you are my everything.’

If you truly enjoyed these romantic verses, don’t hesitate to share them with your lover, and as you do so, it will be a clear picture to your lover that indeed he/she is definitely your everything.

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