Poems About Love
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Poems About Love – 15 Poems about Affection, Passion and Devotion

Love is a strong feeling of warm personal attachment or deep affection, such as for a parent, child, friend, or pet: a profoundly tender, passionate affection, often mingled with sexual desire, for another person.

Here comes a selection of poetic definitions of a strange phenomenon, which is at once more amorphous than art, more single-minded than science, and more metaphysical than philosophy. This collection follows those notable definitions of art, science and philosophy.

Some of the most unforgettable and timeless observations about love, culled from several hundred years of literary history, are gathered here.

1. Title: “I Love You”

I love your lips, with wine’s wet embrace,
Red with desire, a passion-filled grace.
In your eyes, love’s fire ignites,
A fervent glow, our hearts unite.

Your arms, a haven warm and true,
Embrace me close, love’s rendezvous.
Strands of hair, a silken lace,
Kisses cascade upon my face.

In the dance of passion, we’re entwined,
Sipping love’s elixir, so finely aligned.
Your eyes reflect our shared flame,
In your embrace, love finds its name.

Each kiss composes a sweet refrain,
Love’s language, a tender terrain.
Lips, eyes, and tender embrace,
A masterpiece painted in love and grace.

I Love You - Poems About Love

2. Title: “Love is”

Love is a feeling sweet and deep,
A challenge faced that you must keep.
An emotion embraced with grace,
A topic staying on your case.

Love is an issue not ignored,
Around when things get bored.
Like a bird ready to soar,
It’s there when times get bad, for sure.

Love is there when you get sad,
In both good and bad times, it’s clad.
It’s more than just a passing fad,
The feeling you’ve always had.

Love is me, and love is you,
Made not by one but by two.
The essence of a feeling true,
Love is all we ever knew.

Love Is - Poems About Love

3. Title: “To My Dear and Loving Husband”

Thy love, a debt I cannot repay,
Heavens, reward thee in manifold array.
In love, let us persevere each day,
So when we depart, our love holds sway.

While we live, let love be our guide,
In its embrace, let us always abide.
Heaven’s blessings, on us confide,
A love enduring, time can’t hide.

Our mortal days, a fleeting endeavor,
Yet in love, we find solace forever.
In each heartbeat, our love will sever,
Into eternity, our souls will endeavor.

When shadows fall and the day is done,
In the twilight, our two hearts are one.
Love’s flame, beneath the setting sun,
A journey shared, our lives are spun.

To My Dear and Loving Husband - Poems About Love

4. Title: “Satisfied”

When you love me, the world aligns just right,
Guiding me through the darkness of the night.
You seize my fears, tossing them to the past,
Penetrating my soul, hoping our love will last.

By my side, fears fade, and courage is displayed,
You touch my core, rescue my sanity unswayed.
If strength falters in my times of need,
You’ve given me resolve, for I’ll take the lead.

In the mystery of time, we’ll embrace and learn,
Growing together, each moment to discern.
Accepting what life unfolds as we live,
Cherishing every moment that love can give.

Hand in hand, we face what time may bestow,
Our bond strengthening as the days go.
Through the journey, our hearts will weave,
A tapestry of love that time can’t deceive.

Satisfied - Poems About Love

5. Title: “Love is a Fire That Burns Unseen”

Love, a fire unseen, silently burns,
A wound that aches, its presence discerns.
Contentment, yet a constant discontent,
A pain that rages, without relent.

Embers glow, hidden from sight,
Aching wound, concealed in the night.
Contentment’s paradox, a restless peace,
A pain that rages, its turmoil doesn’t cease.

In the shadows, love’s flame persists,
An unseen fire, where passion exists.
A wound that aches, a silent plea,
A paradoxical love, burning in me.

In the dance of paradox, love’s silent song,
A melody of feelings that belong.
A fire within, both fierce and mild,
A wounded ache, a pain beguiled.

Love is a Fire That Burns Unseen - Poems About Love

6. Title: “Wish I Could Find the Words”

Wishing for words, elusive and clear,
To articulate why you’re so dear.
Why I crave your presence near,
And long to hold you, my love, so near.

I need you close, to shower with love,
As clear as skies in skies above.
An angel sent with prayers to share,
Our love soaring on wings so rare.

Sent from heavens to you and I,
On blue skies, together we’ll fly.
A love so pure, it fills my heart,
Enduring forever, never to depart.

This love will last till the end of time,
A bond unbroken, a rhythm, a rhyme.
Forever entwined, you and me,
In the symphony of love’s sweet decree.

Wish I Could Find the Words - Poems About Love

7. Title: “My Blessing in Life”

Each dawn, I wake to find beside,
The man I cherish, my joy, my guide.
Sent from Heaven, a blessing so true,
In his love, I find my daily view.

As a faithful wife, my vow to uphold,
Doing everything, both soft and bold.
Daily affirmations, my heart convey,
Love deeper than words can ever say.

With children as gifts, and God above,
Our family rooted in boundless love.
Guided by faith, our spirits aligned,
In His grace, our love is defined.

Through life’s journey, hand in hand,
United, we firmly withstand.
For every trial, the Lord we implore,
Love everlasting, forevermore.

My Blessing in Life - Poems About Love

8. Title: “I Will Wait for You Forever”

In cold days and nights so long,
My love for you, an unwavering song.
Within my heart, your memory twines,
In my thoughts, your essence shines.

I’ll wait for you, through every storm,
Love, unyielding, in its purest form.
You’re not just a lover, you’re a friend,
My everything, enduring until the end.

Through the waiting, time may sway,
Yet my love for you will never decay.
You are my anchor in the endless sea,
Waiting for you, my eternity.

In the silence of this patient space,
Love remains, a steady embrace.
You’re the rhythm in my heart’s rhyme,
Endlessly waiting, throughout time.

I Will Wait for You Forever - Poems About Love

9. Title: “You Are the Penultimate Love of My Life”

The garden we plant, intertwined,
Tunneled through by voles unkind.
The vowels we speak, not vows professed,
Yet something holds me here, not less.

Your eyes, a mystery, hazel or brown,
Anchor me in our shared ground.
Challenges come, like voles in the soil,
Yet love endures, despite the turmoil.

Uncertain hues in your gaze I find,
A connection that keeps us entwined.
Not vows, but a silent understanding,
Holding us close, love commanding.

For now, I linger in this shared space,
In your eyes, finding a comforting embrace.
The complexities of love, like a garden’s tale,
Unfurling, evolving, even when winds assail.

You Are the Penultimate Love of My Life - Poems About Love

10. Title: “Winter’s Embrace, Love’s Unraveling

In December’s embrace, our paths did align,
New school nerves, your greeting, divine.
A mile away, joyfulness on display,
You made me at ease, as we began to sway.

Months unfolded, a narrative of fate,
Deciding to date, our love took its state.
Dreaming together, a life full of grace,
Painting pictures, a future to embrace.

Yet, dreams unravel, reality unfolds,
You changed, a story of love it withholds.
Hurt echoed, a face unrecognizable,
You, my worst nightmare, love so fragile.

Missing the version I thought I knew,
You were not my light, a fact so true.
A journey of love, bittersweet and rare,
In December’s memory, the pain we bear.

Winter's Embrace, Love's Unraveling - Poems About Love

11. Title: “Yours”

I am yours, like evening air in summer’s grace,
Captured by the scent of linden blossoms’ embrace.
The snowcap gleams with moonlit delight,
Borrowed radiance, a celestial light.

Without you, I’d stand an unleaved tree,
Lost in a starkness, devoid of Spring’s decree.
In the fragrance of love, my essence thrives,
A blooming connection that endlessly survives.

As summer’s breath, our union prevails,
Lingering like moonlight on snowy trails.
In your embrace, a warmth unfurls,
A love that sustains as the season twirls.

A symphony of love, like the evening air’s tune,
Echoes of linden blossoms beneath the moon.
You are my essence, my perpetual Spring,
In your love, I find eternal wing.

Yours - Poems About Love

12. Title: “Poetic Heights of Love”

To hear “I love you” from your lips,
A highlight, a life’s most tender eclipse.
A feeling’s zenith, a peak so high,
In my emotional graph, a radiant sky.

The Chrysler Building, though not the tallest,
Is the best, the most beautifully installed.
Exquisitely spired in New York’s embrace,
Like your love, standing with timeless grace.

Your words, a landmark in my heart,
A declaration that sets my world apart.
The feeling graph, with each uttered phrase,
Rises like the spire in a loving daze.

To be loved by you, a cherished feat,
A pinnacle where emotions and love meet.
In the skyline of my life, you’re the sublime,
A love story echoed in every rhyme.

Poetic Heights of Love - Poems About Love

13. Title: “Longing Whispers of Love”

I miss you when you’re by my side,
Longing lingers, a silent tide.
Dreaming of you as you peacefully rest,
In my arms, feeling truly blessed.

The words “I love you” strive to convey,
Yet fall short in what they truly say.
Even when spoken with the deepest bluff,
Love’s essence is never enough.

Beside me, your absence I feel,
A longing that time cannot heal.
Dreams weave a tapestry so fine,
In your arms, my heart aligns.

Even in proximity, a distance remains,
A quiet ache that gently restrains.
Sleeping soundly, you’re still a part,
Of the dreams that dance in my heart.

Longing Whispers of Love - Poems About Love

14. Title: “I Love You”

I melt when you
unleash that radiant smile.
I can’t breathe when you
speak, every word worthwhile.

Everything else fades away when you
grace me with your tender touch.
I think I might fly when you
immerse me in a kiss, oh, how much!

All I know when you’re around is
the overwhelming truth so true.
I love you, in every breath and sound,
A declaration of love, forever renewed.

In your smile, a warmth divine,
In your words, a melody fine.
Your touch, a dance of sweet delight,
In your kisses, love takes its flight.

I Love You - Poems About Love

15. Title: “Love So Amazing”

My love for you, an endless sea,
Raging, deep, and wild, forever free.
Through storms that howl, winds that wail,
It withstands every trial, every gale.

In heavy rain and darkest night,
Our love prevails, a steadfast light.
Hearts so pure, in love’s sweet trance,
With every beat, a rhythmic dance.

The tempest roars, the waves may rise,
Yet our love endures, a sweet surprise.
Through every joy and every defeat,
I love you more with each heartbeat.

In the quiet moments, when stars align,
Our love, a constellation, divine.
Through moonlit nights and sunlit days,
It blooms and thrives in countless ways.

Love So Amazing - Poems About Love

The language of love is Romance. That’s the way you show your partner that they care for you. Each person has their own idea of what they would consider romantic.

For some, It will be dressing up; for others, it could be buying of flowers or jewelry. Without knowing the person, there is no way to know what is romantic.

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